The Smrikve Oil and Wine are very important part of the Smrikve and Smrikva Bowl story.

We have a tradition of planting an Olive tree during every Smrikva Bowl. The Olive tree needs to be older than the oldest man living on the earth today.

At every Smrikva Bowl, during the ceremony of the Olive tree planting, every Smrikva Bowl player put a lamp of earth close to the root of the Olive tree and say his or her name. This way every year the new tree got new names and new souls from all over the World.

Smrikva oil and wine

We always believed that one day we will be able to produce unique and limited collections of the Olive Oil that have been planted by some future tennis Legends

Smrikva Bowl Heritage Olive Oil - Seeds of the Legends - Limited Edition

In March 2019 we bottled for the first time a very special collection of Smrikve olive oil named: Smrikva Bowl Heritage Olive Oil - "Seeds of the Legends" Limited Edition. To learn more about the story of this bottles please visit the page dedicated to this very special and unique bottles: Smrikva Bowl Heritage Olive Oil "Seeds of the Legends" Limited Edition.

Today we are producing very limited collections of Smrikve wine. Every Smrikva Bowl player's family receive a bottle of Malvasia Smrikve wine and every player receive a small bottle of Smrikve olive oil. Smrikve Malvazija bottles and Smrikve olive oil bottles have already reached all the continents and almost 100 countries.

Many people used nice words to describe our wine but I am pleased to share with you the words that Avv. Gianni Nunziante used to describe it:

5. maggio 2008.
Caro Miodrag,

sono stato a Vignamaggio questo week end appena trascorso ed ho trovato la tua bottiglia di Malvasia che ho bevuto con grande piacere.

Il vino é semplice ma profumato, gradevole come tutte le malvasie istriane...

Un caro saluto.

Avv. Gianni Nunziante

He used three words:

The words used by Gianni effectively describe the Istrian Malvasia.

Note: Avv. Gianni Nunziante is an important Italian wine maker and is also the owner of Vignamaggio. His wines used to get three glasses mark from Gambero Rosso that is one of the most important authorities for the Italian wines rating. Vignamaggio is a beautiful property located in Tuscany, in Grave in Chianti, and is, together with Antinori and Frescobaldi properties, among the oldest wine making properties in Tuscany. A written document, dated 1404, consists of a letter signed by Amido Gherardini, at that time the owner of the estate, which talks about "vino inbotato a Vignamag(i)o" (literally "wine placed in barrels at Vignamaggio"). In 2004, Vignamaggio celebrated six hundred years of winemaking.

Vignamaggio is also famous for the daughter of Anton Maria Gherardini. The famous Mona Lisa - "La Gioconda", painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, was born at Vignamaggio in 1479.