Cosmopolite idea... an old utopia


Who can guarantee the peace?

There are several crisis areas in the World and there is always a huge work that need to be done to maintain peace. Peace could be defined as an instable equilibrium. It is an artwork to maintain the peace even in the places were peace already exist.

European Union is an example were the historical complexity of the relations among the Nations have many times ended into wars. The future generations’ challenges will be to avoid this to happen again.

You will find in the book several big challenges for the future generations and there are many factors that need to be managed to maintain this instable equilibrium.

The knowledge and the communication are some of the pillars that can guarantee the peace. People usually have fear of unknown and the knowledge is a tool that can help them to overcome the initial fear.

Today journalist are important for creating bridges among differences. They can exaggerate the differences or can smooth them. They have the choice and the responsibility.

What are the major future generations challenges?

I would like to underline that one of the biggest challenges for the future generations, especially in the developed countries, will be the energy problem. In less developed countries the threats will be similar to those described in my book.

If in the following decades people do not find the way to replace the petroleum and gas with a new and clean energy than the Western civilization as we know it today will hardly survive. If this scenario happen than the civilization slowdown will need to be managed by highly experienced and responsible leaders to avoid possible wars for the scarcity of resources.

We take many things for granted, in reality, the material wealth people enjoy is product of immense human work combined with huge energy transformation.

Why should you take as credible my book?

In the Introduction of my book I explain how this idea developed over time. The book is mostly based on my personal experience and is influenced by it.

At the end of the book I compare the whole idea with an incomplete painting. It should remain incomplete to last over time because everything around as always change.

In my opinion this idea can spread if people like it and add some colours into it according to their own experience by respecting its style which is made of wish to learn, human rights and the minorities respect.

You will see both in the Premise of the book and about the author section that my background experience is physically linked to former Yugoslavia, Italy, Spain and to the United States.