Cosmopolite idea... an old utopia


Considering the level of civilisation that we have today I did not believe till the beginning of the war that people would enter the war. Especially people that until yesterday called themselves “brothers”.

I learned from our experience how a small group of people with the abuse of media can create hate amongst people and soon after the legitimate Governments start to manage the situation and send people to die in the war for the “national” interests.

Many of them did not have time to say their last good bye. All these people died for the future and freedom of those who continue to live but each person that survived any war should question himself if there was a way to avoid the war.

Is the war a failure of politics?

Many people define the war as the failure of the politics.

If this is true my only hope is that those people who died for the freedom in all the wars around the World could inspire with their spirits, today’s, and future politicians in every country to try to learn from the history and to invest all of their best knowledge and culture for the future stability of the generations to come.

In democracy people elect the politicians and this is the reason way every single vote is potentially responsible for either peace or war…

People voted their nationalist leaders in former Yugoslavia. They elected people that lead them over the years.

The politicians should spend all of their knowledge, ability and talent to create friendships with other politicians that have been elected to represent them.

Every good father and mother on the Earth would like to be with their family as long as possible and the way people are able to create friendships and strong family relations in the same way illuminated politicians should create friendship relations among the countries.

Intergenerational responsibility…

In end of my thinking I came to a simple conclusion that 1990 were only the years that we count from Jesus’ birthday but actually the oldest man on the Earth at the time was about 100 years old, the same as today.

The oldest living memory we had it was and is about 100 years. Every person is born without knowing anything about the life on the Earth and every time each person starts from the beginning to build his own knowledge. Each person gain its own experience. It is the circle of life.

The circle of life is made of intergenerational responsibility and I found out that in end it is very easy that a new generation repeat the experiences of the previous generations. The circle of life rule was responsible for the fact that every generation repeated similar errors and this has happened almost all the time through the man kind history.