Cosmopolite idea... an old utopia


Is the intergenerational responsibility a natural law?

I do not know if it is a natural law but it is interesting how the old people do not remember their recent past but have the extraordinary memory of the times when they were young. In my opinion it is another gift of the nature. It is a way for the older to transfer their memory to the younger generations.

In the meantime people learned to write and part of the memory have been conserved in the last millenniums but new generations do not have to be lazy because the heritage received from the past generations can be easily lost.

Today the amount of information people can get thanks to the internet make the big picture less clear to almost any observer of the contemporary world and young people should be able to make the difference between knowledge and available information. Knowledge and information is not exactly the same thing.

People know that the war is something horrible for the majority of people but almost every generation goes trough this experience again and again.

How many people left too early their dears due to the war violence during the last century? Who was “ the destruction Champion”?

According to the statistics, during the 20th century over 110 millions people died in the wars, of which 75 millions deaths, almost 70%, have occurred in Europe. The number is even more impressive if we consider that European population is less than 10% of the World’s population.

Most of the people that have put the basis of today’s European Union have died and it is something we should think about. Most of the people in Europe today do not know the fact that Europe was built mainly to avoid future wars among Europeans.

In my book I dedicate several pages describing the background of EU foundation and this might become part of every EU’s citizen education in order to help to preserve the heritage that the founders have left to them and to their children.

Which social virus caused the majority of the victims?

Nationalism was the main cause of European wars in the last century and Nationalism was also one of the key elements that politicians have used to break up the former Yugoslavia.

How should we look at the future treats?

It is a great responsibility for the politicians to avoid the wars and there is no guarantee to any generation that they will not experience the war. It is hard to predict what could be future Nationalisms but it is important to remember that with democracy the war will depend on our selves because with our votes we elect people to represent each of us and if those people decide to enter a war this will be also our responsibility because we voted them.

Every person in a democratic state has this right and every person should bare in mind that today every single vote could decide the course of the history. Every person has an important responsibility.

The vote has become for the majority of the States in the World a way to elect the representatives but also an important responsibility for every citizen. Democracy is not a perfect system to organize the society but for the moment we do not have any better one. Democracy works only if every citizen works hard to preserve the civil society. Otherwise there is always a possibility that democracy get used in a way it was used against Socrates.