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Ronzio Oleodinamica is a hydraulic manufacturer company based in Milan in Italy. Ronzio Oleodinamica and Ronzio family have supported Smrikva Bowl since its foundation.

One of the first gifts that they brought from Milan was a special ice cream made by Zela. This was the spirit of the tournament since the beginning. Their desire was to allow the kids to try the top ice cream. I remember that this ice cream was brought with a lot of ice in the bag to conserve it in the car trip from Milan to Pula :).

Smrikve Tennis Club was registered in 1996, the same year when Smrikva Bowl was founded.

Smrikve is the place where Smrikva Bowl is played and is the place where Smrikve Tennis Club is located. It is also the place where Smrikve wine and olive oil are produced. Every Smrikve tennis player in a small way contribute to the Smrikva Bowl by playing in our Tennis Club.

Many people take vacations to be part of the Smrikva Bowl Staff and a special thanks is due to each of them.

Most of our players are also Smrikva Bowl sponsors, some of them are Golden Honorary Smrikva Bowl Members and some are part of the Smrikva Bowl Staff.

Istria from Smrikve is an e-book about Istrian culture that aims to provide the reader with some useful information about the places that should be visited in the Istria region and also aims to promote Smrikva Bowl.

In Istria from Smrikve you will, among other, find information about the Istrian architecture, history, people, music, cuisine, olive oil, wine and major cultural events. Hopefully you will find Istria interesting vacation destination and decide to visit it or to come back again.

Luca Appino is a long term Smrikva Bowl friend and Golden Honorary Member since this title was established. In 2009 Luca Appino decided to start, in collaboration with Toni Nadal, to share his experience through TENNIS TALENTS advisory service that later on developed into TENNIS TALENTS. The main service is focused on helping junior talented players and their parents in building their professional tennis career. On his website you can learn more about it.

Mouratoglou Tennis Academy is #1 tennis Academy in Europe.

I am very glad that Smrikva Bowl friend Luca Appino introduced Smrikva Bowl to Mr. Patrick Mouratoglou and since 2008 thanks to their friendship Smrikva Bowl winners are staying at the Academy for a week training.

This prize allow the kids to live an extraordinary experience that for sure contribute to their tennis growth and give them energy to continue to train and dream for the future.

Wilson could be defined as #1 tennis racquets and accessories company in the World. Players such as Roger Federer, Serena and Venus Williams are some of the famous tennis players currently using Wilson racquets.

Since 2008 Wilson is one of the Smrikva Bowl supporters and the Smrikva Bowl winners get the Wilson sponsorship contract.

There are tennis balls and small gifts that Wilson provide to every Smrikva Bowl Ambassador.

I am pleased to say again thanks to the Smrikva Bowl friend Luca Appino who introduced Smrikva Bowl to Wilson.

Duravit is a trading company based in Pula that operates in a food business.

Every year Duravit find the way to support us either with a bottle of water or something the players can eat and make children's six day experience in Pula as a birthday party moment.

Izo "iz Balici" is a company that operates in a food business. They produce bread, biscuits, pastry, cakes and machines for food industry.

Balici is the village located nearby the village where my grandfather Mate was born and this people, Roce family, are our old family friends.

During the tournament we traditionally offer free sandwiches and drinks to the players and their help allow us to make Smrikva Bowl like a big six days birthday. Every sandwich we give to the kids is made of Balici bread.

Svijet Biljaka is another company dedicated to the Istrian Lavender production and products distribution that was founded in the last few years. The company is based in Vodnjan and for years every Smrikva Bowl players brought home one memory gift.

Svijet Biljaka is the company that promotes and develops the Istrian Lavender project and the first products of the Istrian Lavender have been produced in 2008.

Ledo is a Croatian ice cream brand and is the regional leader in the production and distribution of ice cream and frozen foods.

Several years ago Donna Vekic played Smrikva Bowl and her father Igor was at the time a manager at Ledo. Donna played Smrikva Bowl several times but after the first Smrikva Bowl experience her father Igor Vekic decided to donate to every Smrikva Bowl player an ice cream.

Since than, every year, Ledo provide us with an ice cream and is already a traditional Smrikva Bowl sponsor.

Vlado and Marija Babic were the owners of Komot, one of the leading companies in Croatia for the production of tennis blende.

Vlado and Marija are also the parents of Zvonimir Babic that played Smrikva Bowl twice several years ago. Since the first time their son played our tournament they decided to support Smrikva Bowl. They sponsored Smrikva Bowl with various articles they produce.

Vlado Babic is also the person that gave the idea to plant an olive tree during the tournament. He enjoyed Smrikva Bowl and said that olive tree would be a nice idea and the year after we started to plant centuries old Olive Trees. It was decided to plant an old olive tree to add to the traditional message of the olive tree the message of intergenerational responsibility that is an important message for the kids of today.

Balun Vodnjan is a dancing group run by the brothers Danijel and Goran Vrtacic. Danijel and Goran are both Smrikva Bowl players and for years during the Smrikva Bowl closing cerimony they dance a traditional Istrian dance called Balun for our guests.


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