Smrikva Bowl Tournament

27th Smrikva Bowl 2022

27th SMRIKVA BOWL 2022 Presentation with Application Instructions (pdf ~1.86 MB)


Due to COVID-19 pandemic the 25th Smrikva Bowl 2020 edition and 26th Smrikva Bowl 2021 edition were not held. As of 21st of September 2021 we are not able to foresee if there will be safety conditions required for the Smrikva Bowl to be held. The pandemic evolution will be monitored with hope that the 27th Smrikva Bowl 2022 will be held.

The application form – included in the above presentation – must be completed in full with Capital Letter’s and be sent by e-mail (in PDF or jpg format) indicated in the presentation. It is important to complete all the information requested in the forms and to provide all the other relevant information requested.

Due to pandemic the number of players have been preliminary reduced and is limited to 64 in total (32 boys + 32 girls) => there are few places available per country. Top players from each country will be preferred. 27th Smrikva Bowl 2022 is reserved for the players born in 2012 ONLY.

Deadline for applications: 30th March 2022 (we reserve the right to bring forward this deadline date if the number of applications received from qualifying TOP players exceed the total number of 32+32 players we can invite)

Each player will receive by e – mail confirmation that the application form has been received… Invited players and players from outside Europe ranked #1 in their country, which provide all the required information, may receive confirmation of their acceptance before the deadline date always subject to pandemic development. Other players will receive confirmation as to whether or not their application has been successful no later then 8th April 2022.

Accepted players are eligible to present their candidacy for the 6th Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week 2022.

For any additional questions you may have regarding the Smrikva Bowl or your application, after reading with attention the presentation, please address those to: [email protected]

Accepted players are eligible to present their candidacy for the 6th Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week 2022.

6th Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week (SBTTFW) with Luca & Mio (23/4-30/4, 1/5-8/5/2022) Introduction (pdf ~0.57 MB)

SBM+FHW is a holiday opportunity dedicated to past SB players & families which have interest in getting some wealth management basics.

Smrikva Bowl M plus Family Holiday Week (SBM+FHW) (pdf ~0.54 MB)

( Villas: SMRIKVE LOUNGE, Smrikve Charme, Smrikve)

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