Smrikva Bowl Tournament

Smrikva Bowl Guest Book 1996-2020

… 26 editions (2 were not played for world pandemic)… around 2220 “seeds of the Legends” spread in 98 countries of the Planet… with selected 522 + memory comments left by them, their families and coaches…


25th Smrikva Bowl 2020 was not held due to COVID 19 pandemic but there are selected family letters received after the confirmation acceptance letter was sent to the players who passed the selection process that might be published in the future.


Dear Mio,
Thank you for creating SMRIKVA BOWL. I will never forget this week of my life. All the ceremonies were a lot of fun and I enjoyed them thouroughly. I hope I can send some gifts back in 10 years from now. Thank you again for this wonderful experience.

Pula, 2019

Dear Smrikva Bowl family, dear Mio and Chin .. what a wonderfull adventure! Thank you for you inspiration, your hospitality, your neverending love and energy .. thank you for your stories and advice .. wishing you love, joy and happines in the years to come with new Smrikva ambasadors .. till we meet again .. your’s

Pula, 2019
Rašan-Buha family

Miluji tenis a dekuji Smrikva Bowl, že tady mužu hrat. I love tennis and thanks to Smrikva Bowl to play here.

Pula, 2019

Sreća, Mudrost, Radost, Iznenađenje, Kvaliteta, Volja, Energija, Borba, Otkrivanje, World, Lakoća.

Pula, 2019
Nea Jercog iz Umaga!

Veliko hvala za ugostiteljstvo.

Pula, 2019
Viktoria Hrvatin

Dear Mio and Chin,
What a family you are. Once again we’ve had great time and unforgettable lifetime memory for Kaavi. One of the best organising we’ve ever witnessed in our life. Very proud and honour knowing you and family. Look forward to receive you in London. Thank you very much for everything… Please convey our regards to all.
Kind regards,

Pula, 2019
Loga, Suba and Kaavi

Dear Smrikva,
The experience has been absolutely wonderful!!
All the player interaction and condolince when a player lost a match has just been amazing!!!!
Thank you so much for the opportunity to play and learn.
I’m proud to be an ambassador of the Smrikva Bowl!!

Pula, 2019
Dehan van Deventer (South Africa)

Una experiencia muy buena tanto para los chicos como para los accompanantes.
Quesigais por muchos anos y que vayas creciend aun mas.
Un fuerte abrazo,

Pula, 2019
Javi –

Dragi Smrikvoljupci,
Ovaj turnir je nadmašio sva naša očekivanja. A nismo pobijedili na njemu. Vrlo visoka razina organizacije, druženja, posvećenosti, osjećaj ljubavi za detalje.
Hvala vam na svemu, biti ćemo vaši ambasadori.

Pula, 2019
Ivano Ilić s obitelji, Zagreb, Hrvatska

Dear Smrikva,
I am so very happy that i come here! It was a fantastic experience. I had fun playing, I cried a bit too. I made a great friend and I will remember Smrikva 2019 all my life!
Thank you for the opportunity

Pula, 2019
Kayleigh from Malta

Sirci’s family, grazie per l’amore per lo sport e per i ragazzi. La sostanza e’ molto importante nella vita e nel tennis come ruolo di vita. Ne abbiamo tutti un grande bisogno!!!
Bravo Mio e famiglia,

Pula, 2019

Izuzetno organiziran turnir koji nije samo turnir. Naša djeca su puno naučila i iskustvo Smrikva Bowl-a će zauvijek pamtiti.
Hvala na svemu.

Pula, 2019
Obitelj Maraković iz ZG/CRO

Hvala vam za najljepši turnir na kom sam bila u mom dosadašnjem životu. Šteta što je samo jednom u životu, pa se nadam da će u budućnosti Smrikva možda zaživjeti i u starijem godištima.
Vaša ambasadorica

Pula, 2019
Milana Rašan – Buha (TK MOVENS) – I LOVE TENNIS

Dear Miodrag i team,
I had an amazing tournament (probably the best!) I hope to be back at Smrikva. Lots of Love.

Pula, 2019
Novak Jacimovic – Australia (Serbia)

Dear Miodrag & the family,
Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. For all the love you have shared. And all the advice you have given us.
I felt like being part of the family and will cherish memories for the resft of the life.
We will be back :)
Lots of love

Pula, 2019
Snežana Pokrajac Jačimović

By Kaaviyan to Mio and the team.
Thank you for hosting an amazing tournament for me and I feel that it has given me a great experience of playing against people from all around the world.
I hope that I can giv you a signed shirt sometime in the future.

Pula, 2019
Kaaviyan Pradhaban (Great Britain)

Thank you ever and ever for a delighter week. Mio + team you do a marvellous job. May your breed increase.
God bless your every effort.

Pula, 2019
Pat Remedios – India

Dear Miodrag!!!
Thank you so much for such a tournament. The feelings will let us die :))))
Unbelievable!!! Every day was so interesting, it gave us such an experience.
As a coach, took so much from it and hope to come again with my youngest son that it 8 months old new :)))
Good luck and best wishes.
Best regards,

Pula, 2019
Julia and Ksenia EFREMOVA

Draga Smrikva bowl!
Hvala van na svemu što ste nam organizirali ovako lijep turnir kojeg ću pamtiti do kraja života.
Želim vam puno uspjeha i još puno uspješnih turnira!

Pula, 2019
Nika Čakarun

Thank you for this tournament :)
It was very interesting and excelent organisation :)
From Kazakhstan with love

Pula, 2019
Mikhail Michshenko

Dear Miodrag.
Thank you for a wonder ful tournament!!! <3
Itamar Verthaimer from Israel <3
Go Smrikva Bowl...

Pula, 2019
Itamar Verthaimer

Dear Miodrag and the team!
We took place in wonderful tournament!!!
Thank you all for your great work, attention and respect for all the players from all over the world. We will remember the Smrikva Bowl forever!!!
We are always your friends!!!

Pula, 2019
Veronika Gubasheva and her family (Russia)

Dear Smrikva Bowl!!!
Dear Miodrag and your great family!
We liked your tournament so much. It was the best tournament we ever participated even we haven’t managed to show our best tennis in 1/8. It was a great pity for us. But it is a great experience which will help us in future career to become stronger mentally!
Thanks a lot for such great organization!!!
Dubik family (Minsk, Belarus)

Pula, 2019
Katsiaryna, Olga and Artur

Caro Smrikva Bowl,
Questa settimana e’ stata una delle piu’ belle settimana della mia vita, saro’ per sempre un’ambasciatrice orgogliosa di questo torneo.

Pula, 2019
Matilde Dall’Antonia

Thank you so so much Smrikva Bowl and thank you Miodrag on amazing adventure. We are so happy to be here.

Pula, 2019
Nikola Skokna – USA

Buongiorno sig. Miodrag, sono il papà di Giorgia Simonetta Ceciliot,

Le scrivo per ringraziarla di aver dato l’opportunità a Giorgia di partecipare al bellissimo torneo da voi organizzato. L’esperienza che Giorgia ne ha tratto le sarà molto utile nella sua vita, tennistica e non.
Faccio i complimenti a lei e le chiedo di riportare i ringraziamenti a tutto il suo staff, persone cordialissime e sempre disponibili…

La saluto cordialmente confidando nel fatto che sicuramente avremo modo di vederci ancora in futuro.

Pula, 2019
Davide Ceciliot

Dear Miodrag

We want to tell you thank you for such great experience at your tournament!
It is so great organized tournament and such great experience for children and parents.
We can tell you that till this moment it is the best tournament we ever visited even if we unfortunately haven’t managed to show our best tennis in the third round, we really do not know what was happened with us that day. Then Katerina understood that the things could’t come back and showed really great tennis in Igra game to have some opportunity to win the prizes, but it is really difficult for two girls to play against two boys and one point decided that match((((. It makes us stronger and today we are again on the courts in Minsk to prepare for next tourmnament in Moscow, but with regular balls now…

Thank you in advance and best wishes to you and your wonderful family!

It’s a pity that we cannot return to such great tournament next year!

Best regards

Pula, 2019
Dubik Family

Afternoon Miodrag

I just want to take the opportunity to thank you personally for a wonderful tournament and week.

It has been a great experience for Rose Clifton and a great insight into the world of tennis for us as parents.

Your energy, passion, kindness and knowledge of children’s feelings really is a lesson to us all and I will go away with very fond memories of this event.

Please keep us informed of any training weeks as we would be interested to attend future events and grow our connection with Smrikva Bowl.

Kind regards

Pula, 2019
Luke Clifton

Dear Miodrag,

Thank you for the accepting me to play in the Smrikva bowl, I was very nervous in my first game, but really enjoyed the experience and I hope to play more tennis and improve.

I made some new friends and we are having one of them over to train at my club in England in November

Pula, 2019
Rose Clifton

Dear Miodrag,

We would like to thank you so much for this wonderful time. It was absolutely fantastic week for our family. We are extremely impressed with the organization of the event. We do not never forget the warmth, friendship and fun, which we experienced on Smrikva Bowl 2019. Your hospitality and organisation was with the highest quality. Everything was excellent, inspiring and amazing .

We never forget this great time. We would like to come back to the Smrikva Bowl tournament every single year. We are going to recomend this event in Poland for sure.

We wish you all the best and hope see you soon :)

Best regards from Poland,

Pula, 2019
Juliusz “Cezar” ;) and the rest of Stańczyk Family

Dear Mio

What an awesome experience. Levi and I learned so much and met such great people and children.

Thank you for all your efforts and vision. Very inspiring

Best regards,

Pula, 2019
Anthony Marks


Puno vam hvala za sve tekom tedna. Nika je bila navdušena nad vami in vašo dobro voljo in ves vaš trud. Res vam hvala za sprejem Nike na turnir. Želim vam vse najbolje. Pozdravlja vas Nika in družina.

Pula, 2019
Petra Fajfar

Hi Mr Bozovic,

It was a magical experience for Tad and all of us to be in Pula and to be part of Smirkva Bowl. For sure Tad took with him one of the best memories of his life. Everything was organized in a very high level and I am both all the players and parents enjoyed the days they spent in beautiful Pula. I want to thank you for giving Tad chance to play this wonderful tournament which made Tad be more hard working and motivated every time he steps on the tennis court…

Thank you very much!

Pula, 2019
Meri Tad’s Mom

Poštovani Miodrag,

još jednom želim zahvaliti što ste omogućili našoj Teni i našoj obitelji nezaboravno iskustvo koje se zove Smrikva Bowl!

Svi ćemo zauvijek s radošću pamtiti niz lijepih i uzbudljivih trenutaka koje smo doživjeli s Vama, vašim timom, djecom sudionicima, drugim roditeljima…cijelom Smrikve obitelji.

Svakako ćemo pratiti događanja putem web-a te svakako opet posjetiti Smrikve.
Lijepi pozdrav

Pula, 2019
Obitelj Žižek

Dear Mr.Bozovic,

I would like to thank You once again for the great week that we spent in Smrikva. It was really an amazing time not only for the kids, but also for us. I really admire your organization and the atmosphere You manage to create . So thank You from all my heart for Your labor, efforts and passion…

Be healthy and God bless You!

Pula, 2019
Mihail Bobev

Dragi G-dine Božoviću,

Veoma nam je drago da Vam se dopala knjiga o Leonardu Da Vinčiju. To je jedan mali poklon Vama i Vašem turniru od Relje i iskreno se nadamo da će ih u budućnosti biti još više (kao pokloni nekim novim klincima za igru “Srećni Broj”).

Ja lično već duže vreme želim da Vam napišem mail zahvalim na svemu i kažem Vam jedno veliko HVALA. Predivno iskustvo za nas kao roditelje,prave smernice za decu i njihov dalji razvoj, prevashodno ljudski,a onda I sportski,gostoprimstvo, druženje,nova prijateljstva…

Sedam prelepih dana.

Hvala što ste nam ukazali čast da budemo deo svega toga.

Vama i Vašoj porodici želimo puno zdravlja i sve najbolje.

Do ponovnog susreta,


Pula, 2019
Ninoslav Hubert


Pula, 2018
Silvia Caliman, Tatiana Cantos Siemers, Selena

Pula, 2018
Vito Darderi, Ela Giergia, Marta Dobrić, Petra Škokić

Moja želja je osvojiti Wimbledon, Roland Garros. I želim da sva djeca svijeta ostvare svoje snove.

Pula, 2018
Astrid Joha Bilić

This is a very good tournament and I love it. Is the best tournament. And that you continue like this.

Pula, 2018
From: Paolina

This tournament is perfect. I love it. This is the best tournament!

Pula, 2018
Naz Ada Eligur

Nikad se ne treba bojati, ali uvijek treba pratiti put svojih snova kao i ja.
Lopta je okrugla, rezultat se mijenja ali uvijek moramo ići dalje bez obzira na sve. I ja sam nešto naučila iz tenisa da se postiže rezultat kad se trudiš i kad se ne ljutiš nego se fokusiraš na loptu.

Pula, 2018
Astrid Joha Bilić

Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Pula, 2018
Jenny Seville

Grazie di tutto. Torneo Stupendo!!

Pula, 2018
Luca Bolognino

J’aimerais devenir la meilleure joueise de tennis au monde comme Serena Williams. Merci pour l’experience!

Pula, 2018
Justine Tardif

Thank you so much I have learned so so much different styles and clay.

Pula, 2018
Georgiana Mititelu <3<3xxx

My wish is to be #1 tennis player

Pula, 2018

Pula, 2018
Maja Wrobel

I wish I would be the first top five Japanese player to win a GRAND SLAM!!!

Pula, 2018

I sogni iniziano sempre con un piccolo passo. Basta provarci!!!

Pula, 2018

Je bent de best dubbe parter je kan heel gced, voleren. Ik heb goed ervarung.

Pula, 2018

I’ve been here 5 years ago and I am so happy to be the part of this amazing event again. I’ll never forget how Mio does this with heart and passion!

Pula, 2018

I am Calvin Gnjidić I hope we see us in several years.

Pula, 2018

Estoy contento de venir porque mi hermano vino en el 2012.

Pula, 2018
Luciano Darderi

We would like to thank you to all all the SMRIKVE BOWL 2018 staff, we are enjoying it as family team with Kryštof K. Especially we would like to thank to Mio for such great organisation fo this great event and all his enthusiasm and personal efforts he invest into this event.
All the best for the next events :):):) <3<3<3

Pula, 2018
KOMINEK family

It was wonderful to be part of this Smrikva Bowl Tournament. Thank you for having us!

Pula, 2018
Marcell Kovacs and his family

Ja se zovem Ela meni je Smrikva Bowl jako dobar turnir zato što možemo se zabaviti, a uz to i nešto naučiti. I čast mi je biti ovdje jer znam da ja nisam uzalud ovdje i znam da je ovo turnir gdje dolaze samo najbolji zati mi je drago znati da sam i ja među tim najboljima.
Također je i jako zabavno i nikad nije dosadno.

Pula, 2018
Ela Giergia, Hrvatska

Thank you for such a great tournament and I wish this will be my first step to achieve my dreams.
Love you.

Pula, 2018
Karim Bebars, Egypt

Ja sam Astrid.
Meni je ovo najbolji turnir ikad, nikad se nisam tako provela i zabavila se.
Na ovom turniru su samo najbolji do 10 g. Ja sam među njima i čast mi je biti ovdje. Hvala organizatoru, svima koji su mu pomagali i hvala što ste mene odabrali da budem jedna od njih.

Pula, 2018

Pula, 2018
Matic Sitar


Pula, 2018
Sara Pogorevc

Jaz sem Alja Senica. Turnir SMRIKVA BOWL mi je zelo všeč. Bilo mi je super, na ta turnir se bom spomiljanla z lepimi misli. Dobila sem tudi lopar od G.Dimitrova, ki mi je zelo všeč.

Pula, 2018
Alja S.

Dragi Mio i obitelj i svi suradnici,
Hvala vam puno za sve šta vi radite djeci i budućnosti tenisa Vas rad je divan i daje inspiraciju svima za tenis i skola zivota.
Mi ćemo uvijek sjećati ove dane kod vas kao nesto ljepo i veliko.
Mi se nadamo neka će mo se vratiti i doci sa starijim sinom Johnom neka i on vidi i oseti duh Smrikva!
Hvala i sa ljubav
God bless you. Peace be with you <3

Pula, 2018
Obitelj Gabelic iz Švedske

Great tournament, we enjoyed a lot! Very useful and motivating for the kids!

Pula, 2018
Yordan, Bulgaria

Zovem se Fatih Halilagić. Rođen sam u Bihaću, Bosni i Hercegovini. Smrikva Bowl mi je dobra jer ima puno dobrih igrača i puno prijatelja.
Smrikva Bowl :)

Pula, 2018

Moje ime je Emir Muezinović. Jako mi je drago što ste me primili na Smrikva Bowl. Imao sam odličan provod ovdje i na moru. Upoznao sam jako puno drugara.

Pula, 2018

Dolazim iz Banjaluke i bosne i Hercegovine i zovem i prezivam se Ian Boloban. Ovo mi je zasad najljepši i najorganizirovaniji turnir. Upoznao sam puno djece i lijepo je to što ima puno lijepih događaja za sve učesnike turnira, a i da ako izgubiš nemoraš odmah da se vratiš odakle si došao. Sledeći učesnici će imati još mnogo toga da nauče. Vidimo se SMRIKVA BOWL <3

Pula, 2018

Dear Mio, Chin & family <3
Thank you so much for the love and passion you have shown & put into Smirkva 2018.
We are so greatful that Trian was able to take part in such a prestige, family oriented tournament, set in such a lovely, beauiful natural setting.
Thank you for the kind and generous hospitality you have shown us and for the sharing of your mother freshy and beautiful garden produce.
We will nove forgest this experience.
Much love

Pula, 2018
Trian Lakha and family <3

Para Mio y toda su familia, que nos han abierto de nuevo su casa con todo el corazon.
No hay palabras suficientes para agradecer lo que significa lo Smrikva Bowl para ninos y adultos.
Gracias y un enorme abrazo.

Pula, 2018
Familia Azurza Frade<3

From Alex Borgomi / Switzerland 30.6.18
It was great to be here and it was a great experience too.
Ienjoyed Pula and it is a beautiful place. I wish the tournament all the best for many more years.

Pula, 2018
Alex Bergomi

Thank you very much for your love and perfect organisation.
We feel like home :)

Pula, 2018
Jane Chestovaliev

C’etait super Merci beaucoup. I will keep on enjoying life!

Pula, 2018
Victor Mazerie

Ten turniej jest perfect! Zapmiatam go do konca žycia!

Pula, 2018
Antek Kasperski <3

Pula, 2018
Vitorio Stankov 2018, Bulgaria

Ciao Mio,
Dopo l’estrazione di Claudio siamo partiti perché il viaggio e’ lungo e abbiamo lasciato l’altro bimbo a casa. Purtroppo non abbiamo potuto salutarti perché’ eri impegnato con la consegna dei premi.
E’ stata un’ esperienza bellissima che porteremo sempre nel cuore.

Complimenti a te e al tuo staff per la splendida organizzazione. Se un giorno dovessi organizzare un altro torneo tienici in considerazione e…. chissà’ se ci rivedremo tra 7 anni con l’altro figlio!!!!!

Un abbraccio grande ed un saluto affettuoso a tua moglie.

Pula, 2018
Emiliano Maria e Claudio Paolini

Dear Mio,

My congrats for another successful edition of your wonderful tournament.

I am so happy to have been part of it twice.

We really had a great time and enjoyed every moment of it and of the whole wonderful holiday.

The first part of our stay was dedicated to Tati and SB, on Thursday she had a nice little training match with her doubles partner Eva from Russia, and then we only went out and explored your wonderful country and showed it to our children.

We had the firm intention to pass by and say good-bye to you and Chinn, but you won’t believe it, we forgot space and time and were not aware that we had only booked the apartment til Saturday, while our flight back was on Sunday. So we had to pack everything in a terrible hurry on Saturday and just left towards Italy to spend our last day in Trieste which was also new to us and which we liked a lot.

Thank you once again, Mio: I hope you like the book and I could not say more that what we wrote wholeheartedly as a dedication on its first page. “About a genius (Dalí) to another genius(Mio)”.

I just wanted to say thank you and let you and Chinn know that you have friends here in Barcelona.

When you need something we can do for you from here, please do not hesitate! And if you want to come and visit, you may come to stay at home!!

Hope to see both of you again in the future.

Stay in touch!

Pula, 2018
Maren and Co

Dobar dan Miodrag,

Here we are, back to France with in mind so many good memories and the music of “Dances with wolves”, and I must confess that I feel like I have the baby blues… About 9 months for Victor and us working on preparing this event and it’s already over.

But we realized that we had thought about this tournament as a goal but actually it is not ; it has been a step; a great and amazing step to go on better in the future.

Being part of this international meeting reminded me when 20 years ago I was in Sweden as exchange student with the Erasmus program for my international business studies; I mean meeting people from different countries, with different cultures, behaviours, gives you a more widen view on what things can be and avoid remaining narrow-minded, thinking that you own the truth. We are all different; we are all the same…we learn from each other.

So we as family have learnt very much during this week regarding tennis, but also regarding ourselves. Smrikva Bowl is definitely more than tennis!!

So for all these reasons and even more, we thank you again a lot for having making it possible for Victor and for all the family who took part to this trip and shared these moments (Victor, my husband and daughter Sarah, my parents, parents-in-law and brother-in-law, his wife and baby son!!!).

Victor was very stressed before the beginning of the competition (and so we were as parents too…); I feel him being now happy, more self confident and willing to work harder tennis; willing to travel and also willing to learn English as he realised that how important it is as communication tool.

Well, I’m sure you must be very busy so I don’t want to make you waste your time in telling you our life, but it was important for me, for us, to share once more this emotion with you; since without your involvement, and the spirit you gave to this tournament, it wouldn’t have been the same.

So thanks again for having made it possible.

Many thanks to you, your wife and staff, for all the organisation and kindness.

Maybe we’ll meet again in the future. It’s a small, small world…

Wish you all the best in your lovely Istria area. Take care.


Pula, 2018
Virginie on behalf of Victor and the Mazerie family

Zdravo Mimi, samo da se zahvalim za jako interesantnu i za mene i za Milu i za njenog oca nedelju na divno organizovanom eventu. Hvala i za pomoc oko organizacije kuce, sve je bilo kako treba i Damir je
bio sjajan. Pozdravi iz Stuttgarta, nadam se da cemo sledeci put imati malo vremena i za malo price.

Pula, 2018
Zoran M

Dear Mio and Chin

How are you both? Very well I hope.

Thank you for a wonderful experience at Smirkva, none of us will forget it.

I can still imagine myself at your lovely place :)

We hope to visit you again soon. Until then I wish you both the very best.

Much love

Pula, 2018
Sharon xx

Good day Miodrag!
I am writing to say you many thanks for being accepted and having possibility to take part at such great tournament.
Despite Vladimir did not pass much matches we really enjoed the time and atmospthere at this tournament that I think is unique.
Vladimir met a lot of good friends and stays in tuch with them and even decided to play in future some TE tournaments togethre in doble that is really very good.
Thank you very much from our side like from parents that such tournaments may be in life of tennis kids:)

Wish you all the best in future Smrikva bowl tournaments and remain as positive, unique, friendly and kind as we could be part of it.

Thank you and send hello from Vladimir.

Best regards,

Pula, 2018
Aliona Dombrovska

Dear Mío

I’m Ángel Carballal, father of Darío Carballal from Spain. We ‘re very proud of him to have taken part in your fantastic story. Smrikva Bowl, like you say, is more than tennis. I think it’s a life experience that he’ll never forget.

We hope these 11 days sharing training and playing with boys and girls all over the World, will help him to be a better player and the most important thing “a better person “.

Thanks a lot for your hard work and the kindly treatment with all the participants and their families or trainers.

Best regards!

Pula, 2018
Ángel Carballal

Dear Mr. Bozovic,

Thank you one more time for the unforgettable experience and great week spend in Pula.

We enjoyed very much and met a lot of new tennis friends from all over the world.

I hope also in the mean time you and your wife have recovered from the very intensive and long tennis week of e 23rd Smrikva Bowl.

We hope and look forward to have the chance to meet you again in the future and next time we will visit this beautiful place the entire family.

If you are having a trip to Switzerland and especially Zürich or Teasing, please make sure you contact us. We will be very glad to meet you.

Kind regards ( also to your lovely relatives that were so kind and welcoming ) and further all our best wishes.

Pula, 2018
Elena and Alex Bergomi

Spoštovani g. Bozović!

Najprej naj se vam zahvalim za poslan DVD Smrikve Bowl 2018, ki smo ga prejeli pred kratkim. Za celotno našo družino bo to še dodaten lep spomin na Sarino udeležbo na tem turnirju.

Po tem, ko je od dogodka minilo že dva meseca, so naši vtisi še toliko močnejši in smo vsi navdušeni nad tem turnirjem in sploh vzdušjem, ki ga ta turnir daje udeležencem in staršem, ki smo spremljali svoje otroke igrati. Dejstvo, da je okoli celotnega turnirja še polno dodatnih dogajanj, daje celotnemu turnirju pridih domačnosti in ne moreš, da tega ne bi cenil in si zapomnil vsakega posameznega dne.

Ključno in kar je pomembno za nas starše, pa je okoliščina, da je mogoče narediti primerjavo s svetom, na kakšnem nivoju je tenis in kakšen je način razvijanja tekmovalnega tenisa v posamezni državi. Ob tem sem bil zelo presenečen, koliko dela je že vloženega v 10 letne otroke in sem pridobil veliko zelo koristnih informacij, ki bodo vsekakor pomembne pri nadaljevanju razvoja teniške igre Sare in tudi Lare. Ob tem ne želim zveneti kot starš, ki »forsira« svoje otroke, vendar jima želiva z ženo dati nekaj od te teniške igre, ki je po sami vsebini prispodoba za življenje in če nama bo uspelo, da se jima ta prispodoba usidra v vsakdanje življenje, potem, se mi zdi, jima bova dala dobro popotnico, da bosta v primeru težav in življenjskih problemov znali odreagirati tako, kot se za borca spodobi.

Še enkrat se vam lepo zahvaljujem za res lepo doživetje in vas lepo pozdravljam.

Pula, 2018
David Pogorevc z družino


SB 2017
Ovo je najbolji turnir.

Pula, 2017
Andrej Petrović

Ovde mi je jako lepo. Našla sam puno drugova i drugarica skojim igram i vežbam tenis. Ovde je mnogo lepo organizovano i sređeno.

Pula, 2017
Aleksandra Stevanović, Bor-Srbija

Ovde je prelepo. Ovde se igraju najlepši i najzanimljiviji mečevi. Jako lepo sam se provela za ovin nekoliko dana na ovom turniru.

Pula, 2017
Mia Milisavljević, Sokobanja-Srbija

Thank you for this great tournament. I liked it. I wanna thank you for your great effort <3.
We are love story. SB + T <3

Pula, 2017
Toffee <3

Najviše mi se sviđaju parovi (IGRA)

Pula, 2017
Dora Biondić <3

Najviše mi se sviđaju parovi (IGRA)

Pula, 2017
<3 Dora Mišković

Thank you very very much!
Great people, great tournament, unbelievable hospitality. And a special thanks to Miodrag and Chin. That without you it wouldn’t be possibile.

Pula, 2017
Sam Gelman and Tim Vaisman


Merci pour tous merci, pour l’organisation merci au superviseur c’est vraiment un excecellent tournou je ne l’oublierais jamais merci encort <3 <3 x

Pula, 2017
Shanice Roignot

I had a lot of fun. Real chalenged experience that I’ll never forget.
Thank u all of u – Miodrag, Chin, father…

Pula, 2017
Sapir & Sharon

Smrikva Bowl je bio jedan veoma dobar turnir i imala sam odlično iskustvo!

Pula, 2017
Gloria Jovic iz Australije

Smrikva Bowl je najljepši turnir na kojem sam učestvovala. Počastvovana sam prilikom da igram na ovom turniru.

Pula, 2017
Nejla Selimanović – Bosna i Hercegovina

Smrikva Bowl was a really nice place and kind. Wish best of luck to other players.

Pula, 2017
From: Milana Australia, Sydney

Smrikva Bowl was really nice place. I hope I will visit the place once more.

Pula, 2017
From: Australia, Sydney

Alana Subasic

Smrikva Bowl je najbolji turnir koji sam igrala zato što ima mnogo proslava i zanimljivih igara!

Pula, 2017
Lana Petković! Iz: Bosne i Hercegovine!!

Esta ha sidu una experiencia impresionante, me lo he pasado genial.
Muchisimas gracias smrikva bowl

Pula, 2017
Aranai (ESP) *** <3

Gracias Smrikva bowl esta ha sido una experiencia inolvidable gracias a vosotros hice muchos amigos de todo el mundo me lo estoy pasando genial. Gracias!

Pula, 2017
Africa <3 :) (ESP)

Thank you very very much great tournament and people . Special thanks for miodrag and chin. I learn a alot in this tournament.
Smrikva <3 Farah

Pula, 2017
Farah Tamer

Smrikve Bowl has really changed how I play tennis and it has really me feel very heart and I will never forget it in my life.

Hopefully I will make it into professional tennis. But if I do, I am definitly going to thanks Mio-drag and the others.


p.s. I hope my brother Adam comes in a couple of years. Hope the best for you, Chin and everyone else.

Pula, 2017
Dina Lipovski, 2017 22nd June for girls born in 2007

Pula, 2017

Mir hat es hier in Smrikva Bowl sehr gefallen und ich fraue mich, dass ich da bei sein durfte.
Ich ha be leider nicht viel gebracht aber ich werole nicht Aufgeben, und weifer trai niren.

Danke :) (AUT)

Pula, 2017
Isabel Markovic

Taiyo, Kurara, Isao, Mai


Pula, 2017
Kanita Selimanovic (BiH)

Thank you for a wonderful tournament for our little sisters!

Pula, 2017
Teodora Jovic – AUSTRALIA

It was a great tournament! I had a lot of fun and made some nice friends. I had a lot of fun playing here, too bad I can’t play here next year.

Thank you for organizing this tournament and for having me!!

The Dutch team
Annemieke v. Sanbeek
Britt Schrender

Pula, 2017
Mees Rottgering family

Dear Mio,

Thank you for giving our son the opportunity to this great experience. We wish you all the best and a lot of Smrikve players who will make it tot he ATP/WTA :D. We love your Club and if we are in Istria again will pay you a visit for sure.

Pula, 2017
Rottgering family

I am Anna Shkutova I don’t win but I go to win Orange bowl.

Pula, 2017
Anna Shkutova

Zahvaljujem se za priložnost igranja na Smrikva Bowl. Zame je to zelo lepa izkušnja.
Hvala za vse.

Pula, 2017
Michelle Pernat – Slovenija


Pula, 2017

Hvala za odlično organizacijo, vse je bilo perfektno.

Pula, 2017
Family Retelj.

Hvala na odličnoj organizaciji i nezaboravnom tjednu prepunom dobrog tenisa, novih poznanstava, iznenađenja i zajedničkog druženje! :)
Bilo nam je prelijepo!

Pula, 2017
Željka Brkić – Vinkovci

Ovaj turnir mi je super. Nikad neču zaboravit.

Pula, 2017
August Jack Allen

Pula, 2017
Ben Ayse Yagmur Baylan – tennis player Turkey <3

Pula, 2017
Ben Zeynem Esmenlar – tennis player

Me ha encantado la experiencia vivida durant estos dias. Ahora seguir trabajando duro, gracias por todo. <3

Pula, 2017
Laura Tapia Gonzales – Junio 2017 Espana

Hvala za prelijepo iskustvo!

Pula, 2017
Teodora Jovic – AUSTRALIA – sestra Glorie!

Elena Sofia Minelli – ITALIA

I loved it, it was wonderful.

Pula, 2017

The week was PERFECT!
I will be your AMBASSADOR!

Pula, 2017
ELIZARA! FROM BULGARIA – love smrikve <3<3<3

The level of tennis was great and I really enjoyed meeting people from different countries. I wish I could play again. It was a great experience.

Pula, 2017
From England

This was one of my not so good weeks and I just got annoyed because I played better in Igra just to make sure my Igra partner wouldn’t get annoyed.
Loved this week so much!
I <3 Smrikva Bowl 2018 and play it again if I could in a heartbeat.

Pula, 2017
Jody Neveling <3 from England, Go Great Britain!

I like your Smrikva Bowl very much. Contineon to do!!!

Pula, 2017
Love Beni <3

ITALIA giocatori: Elena Sofia Minelli, Alessio Marcantognini, Andrea Cadeddu, Cina’ Federico, Rizzetto Greta, Nosei Aurora, De Matteo Francesca, Mecarelli, Yannic Ngantcha.
Grazie per tutto

Thanks for a very good coach in Smrikva Bool. I am so happy to be here this is a magical tournament thank you chen and all the coaches.

Pula, 2017
By Yassin Radawan from Egypt

Grazie per tutto quello che avete fatto.

Pula, 2017
Elena Sofie

This is the most wonderful and friendly tournament I have ever participated!
Thank you very much!
Your ambassador for Bulgaria!

Pula, 2017
Rositsa Dencheva 24.06.2017

Dear Miodrag, dear Smrikva Team!

We would like to thank you for this beautiful week and this great event. We had a great time, a lot of fun, found many nice new friends and enjoyed your nice country. The Smrikva spirit reached us. We will never forget this wonderful time.

Thank you

Pula, 2017
Yannik Stockmann from Germany :D

Dear Miodrag,

I would like to thank you and your lovely family again for the wonderful hospitality. It was a great experience for Sapir – professionally and socially. I wish everybody in tennis will learn from you how to organize tournaments and event so precise but still with a lot of love and enthusiasm to what they do.

We would love to join the camp whenever it is available.
We are your Ambassadors for ever.

Best regards,

Pula, 2017
Cohen family

Thank you so so much for taking a good care of my little Faroha , you will be our guest of honor , whenever you decide to visit Egypt.

Once again greatly appreciate the wonderful hospitality & the extremely professional tournament , we will be marketing it where ever we go :)

Pula, 2017
Tamer Abdel Raouf

Dear Miodrag ,

Thank you very much for such amazing time at Smirkve Bowl this week ! Dina and I enjoyed every minute of our time with you .

We learned a lot and it was very sad when time came to leave for England .

For Dina this was first time experience competing overseas and I am so pleased that she had such great time . I do realise that future international tournaments are not going to be as great , but Dina has been shown the most inspirational experience , which will drive her forward . Trip to Smrikve Bowl let Dina “sink” into the dream life of a tennis pro , which she only heard of before .

We are now back at home in the U.K., ready to put into practice all new learns straight from today .
And , please , pass our very best greeting and “thank you “ word to Chin , who is so hospital and kind !

I am now looking forward to seeing both of you in 3 years time , when Dina’s brother Adam gets (I hope) his turn to play at Smrikve !

Many thanks for everything again ,

Kind regards

Pula, 2017
Dina and Maria Lipovski

Poštovani g. Mio

Nakon što su se valjda gotovo svi dojmovi slegli, ne mogu, a da još jednom ne ponovim neke riječi koje sam Vam prilikom rastanka rekao, a, također, želio bih reći i nešto novoga.

Poštovani g. Mio još jednom Vam od sveg srca čestitam na besprijekorno organiziranom turniru SMRIKVA BOWL 2017. Čestitam Vam, te Vam se zahvaljujem u sinovo, suprugino i svoje osobno ime na svemu što ste nam pružili u proteklom tjednu. Zahvaljujem se također i cijelom Vašem Timu koji je izvrsno obavljao sve zadaće koje nisu bile nimalo lake. Jer, primiti i ugostiti 111 desetogodišnjakinja i desetogodišnjaka, kao i njihove roditelje, braću, sestre, trenere, dakle više stotina ljudi, uopće nije jednostavna i laka zadaća. Stoga, još jednom svima, na čelu s Vama, veliko BRAVO!!!

Iskreno i od srca primite pozdrave iz pretoplih Vinkovaca

Pula, 2017
Mario Brkić

Hello Mio and team! Thank you once again for the positive emotions and unforgettable moments you gave us last week. Greetings from Bulgaria!!!

Pula, 2017
Sanya Yaneva

Gentile Miodrag B.

Volevo cogliere l’occasione per ringraziare da parte mia e di Michele per la bellissima e proficua esperienza che ci ha fatto vivere in Croazia.

W Smrikva!

Un caro saluto

Pula, 2017
Vincenzo Mecarelli

Hi Mio,

I just want to say thank you so much !

The Smrikva Bowl is the best tournament we have ever been to and the organisation from you and your family is amazing !

Sofia had a fantastic time and does not stop talking about it. She even made the newspapers!

Sofia misses it that much she made me download the “Man in the Mirror” so she can listen to it before training.

We would love to see you again sometime. Hopefully for the next Tennis Talent Family Week!

Thanks for everything !

Best regards

Pula, 2017

Ciao Miodrag,

ti scrivo per ringraziarti per l’ottima ospitalita’ presso il tuo torneo, e’ stata davvero una esperienza
molto particolare ed istruttiva…

Ti saluto e ti ringrazio ancora

Pula, 2017
Pierfrancesco de Matteo

Hello Mr. Bozovic,

I would like to thank you and the whole Team for your fabulous personal engagement and the perfekt and diversified organisation of Smrikva Bowl 2017!

Although Louis was a little bit disappointed about his performance, we made great experiences and learned a lot about training, tactics and techniques of his generation.

We will keep your tournament in our hearts and will recommend it to everyone who has the ambition to play tennis on a high level.

I hope you will keep on engaging in the organisation of Smrikva Bowl and give our kids the opportunity to love and live their passion for tennis.

Kind regards

Pula, 2017
Christian Richard

P. S. Even our little son Tim (4 years) liked the week in Smrikve so much, that he starts training for Smrikva Bowl 28 in 2023… ;-)

Hi Miodrag

We are sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye as we had to leave early on Saturday. We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the tournament and your hospitality. We wish you many more years of success with your tournament.

Warm wishes,

Pula, 2017
Esther and Oliver Bonding

Dear Mio,

We hope that this email finds you and Chin well!

We carry on with the busy tennis life . Last week-end , week following Smrikve Bowl , we flew to Glasgow , for British National Tour . It was best tournament sportsmanship behaviour from Dina . She was tough , determined , never gave up and in two matches that she lost she took matches to tie breaks and gave all she had . I guess what she has is still not always enough gb and there is lots of work to do , but we are on a good track . There is no doubt that all positive improvements were inspired by Smrikve – Dina benefitted a lot from watching the final match , where precision and tactics took the win . During the SB Dina had many chances to watch how best kids from around the world warm themselves up and train – Dina could add 1+1 when she saw those very disciplined kids winning their matches after amazing warm ups .

Next Tuesday Dina will have another opportunity to watch top tennis – at Wimbledon quarter finals , can’t wait !

And in August Dina and Adam will be tasting tennis in Ukraine , at their grandmothers home town .

I will never stop thanking you for that…

Please , pass my warmest greetings to Chin and we are all looking forward to seeing you all soon

Kind regards

Pula, 2017

Dear Mio and Chin

I wish you had a good vacation after the great efforts you did during the tournament.
I would like to thank you both on behave of myself and on behave of Toffee. Toffee spent a very nice week and she wishes to be able to join the 23rd version as one of your team (she told me that she wants to help Chin

Thanks again for such helpful experience, thanks for the information about what to do next and for your generous offer to help her to join other tournaments.

I hope to keep in touch and to meet soon.

Pula, 2017
Howida Kamal

Postovani gospodine Bozovicu,

jos jednom veliko hvala za divno iskustvo koje je Mia dozivela na ovogodisnjoj Smrikvi…

Srdacan pozdrav

Pula, 2017
Helena Milisavljevic

Dragi Miodraze,

Sada, kada su se slegli utisci, zeleli bi jos jednom da Vam se zahvalimo na mogucnosti da budemo deo turnira Smrikva Bowl.

Vise nego evidentna je Vasa ljubav prema tenisu kao i trud i posvecenost da sve protekne u najboljem redu ali i ono najvaznije, da se svako dete oseti srecnim i ponosnim samim tim sto je ucesnik turnira.

Nas sin Vuk je uzivao u druzenju sa decom iz celog sveta, izletu, sadjenju masline, lutriji i naravno tenisu. Svaki dan je bio nova avantura zahvaljujuci Vasoj angazovanosti i masti!

Takodje, moramo naglasiti da smo se veoma prijatno osecali u Puli i da su mestani bili veoma ljubazni i gostoljubivi.

Prelepo iskustvo za celu porodicu!

Srdacan pozdrav,

Pula, 2017
Porodica Kruscic

Ciao Miograd,

Spero tu stia bene, e’ da tempo che desideravo scriverti per ringraziarti della bellissima esperienza che ci hai regalato!

Sono stati giorni importanti soprattutto per me e mio marito Francesco. Abbiamo potuto osservare da vicino il livello di gioco di altri bimbi, ci siamo confrontati con tanti altri genitori e maestri e soprattutto abbiamo avuto l’occasione di assistere ad un bel torneo super organizzato, rivolto non solo al tennis ma anche al puro divertimento del gioco del tennis! Sarebbe bello poter unire queste due attività in ogni torneo fino all’età dei 14 anni.

Oggi in Italia , nei tornei i.10 c’è un’atmosfera esageratamente professionale , individuale e stressante ….. tu sei riuscito a prendere i migliori bimbi facendoli divertire fuori dal campo senza dare troppa ansia alla partita del torneo!

Dico questo perché , nonostante Federico si sia ritirato , lui sarebbe voluto rimanere con voi fino all’ultimo giorno del torneo…. l’ho fatto curare a Roma da un bravissimo dottore… si è’ curato in questo centro due settimane .. … ha ripreso a giocare lo scorso lunedi …ha saltato anche i campionati regionali , ma ora finalmente sta bene ! Domenica partira’ con la squadra per le finalissime di coppa delle provincie a serramazzoni !

Ieri è’ arrivato il cd, e ti ringrazio tanto anche per questo.

Ci tenevo anche a dirti che abbiamo soggiornato alla Beccaccia , e che siamo stati benissimo, oltre a mangiare meglio che in Italia abbiamo trovato persone molto gentili., spero di mandarci presto i miei parenti per una vacanza.

Grazie ancora,

a presto

Pula, 2017

Dear Miodrag,

Thank you once again for a wonderful week and arrangement. It’s an amazing work you all have done.

Thank you for all memories from SMRIKVA BOWL 2017.

Best regards,

Pula, 2017
William Rejchtman Vinciguerra and Robert Rejchtman (father, coach)


Pula, 2016
Paula Moreno

Pula, 2016

Pula, 2016
Luna Dinoto

Pula, 2016
Camilia Samel – Druz

Pula, 2016
Nobel Levitin

Pula, 2016
Tinkara Vraničar (Tinki – Slovenia)

Pula, 2016
Rafa Esteve

Dank für das folle Turnier
Gracias para ese torneo estupendo
Thanks for this great Tournament

Pula, 2016
Max Stenzer (Germany)

Gracias por invitarme a este torneo. Espana :D

Pula, 2016
Kenay Ortiz Gonzales

Gracias por invitarme a este torneo. Me ha gustado mucho.

Pula, 2016
Pablo Sanchez Coria

Thank you for a wonderful time at Smrikve Bowl. I will always remember you all.

Pula, 2016
Andreas Timini – Cyprus

Pula, 2016
Asja Salkanović

Pula, 2016
Marija Ivanković

Pula, 2016
Chris Spyrou

Pula, 2016
Tomasz Berkieta

Pula, 2016
Nisan Ozay

Pula, 2016
Yagiz Ensar Aydin

Pula, 2016
Rose Maria Nykamp

Pula, 2016
Karina Jumazhanova

Pula, 2016
Veneta Genceva :)

La Smrikva Bowl es una pasada de club, tiene de todo.

Pula, 2016
Paula Moreno Hurtado

Is a best tournament of the world.

Pula, 2016
Pim Elbers

Thanks a million for this great tournament of tennis and more. We appreciated it very much and have good memories of this and you and your great staff/team!

Pula, 2016
Dorien Elbers

Thank you for a wonderful week!


Pula, 2016
The Cosmo FAMILY: Henrik, Edit, Emma, Holger


Pula, 2016
Nera Tešankić <3

:) Aydin

Pula, 2016
Yagiz Ensar AYDIN

I love Smrikve Bowl. It is very nice. I am very happy. I have got new friends. I like they, they like me too.

It is verry beatiful place.

See you lather…

Pula, 2016
Rana Benan Demir, Turkey

Na Smrikvi sam se imel super. I love Smrikva.

Pula, 2016
Nikolas Car

Postovani gospodine Bozovic, dragi Miodrag

Ovim putem zelim da vam se zahvalim za lijepu organizaciju turnira. Sve je bilo na najljepsem i najboljem nivou.

Jos jedanput veliko hvala.

Pula, 2016
Mirzet & Ishak

Dear Miodrag,

We are so sorry that we had to leave so sudden, did not find the opportunity to say thank you so much and goodbye to you and your team properly.

After the finals, everyone was busy with the prize ceremony obviously and we had to leave. Pim changed his clothes of being one of the ball boys and we left.

Pim said he is so very sorry that he was not able to play better, he would have liked some better results but that was just not realistic after him being not fit for such a period. However he appreciated, as well as we as parents, and wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your efforts for the kids this year (again) and making the tournament to such a big success for this age group!

We enjoyed your hospitality, obviously the love for the game of tennis, the open atmosphere, the level of tennis and the pleasure (and emotions) we all shared.

The trip to Brioni Island and the ceremonies of the program was a very good and nice contribution to this special tennis week experience.

Therefore thank you and your team very very much, we will always have warm memories of Smirkva.
Hope to meet again in the future somewhere ….. and Pim especially will keep up the Smrikva spirit!

Warmest regards to you, your wife and your team,

Pula, 2016
Bas, Dorien en Pim Elbers

Maestro Miodrag,

Desidero ringraziarla,per aver invitato Giorgio al vostro evento,si è divertito molto,e ha fatto tante nuove amicizie,con le quali è rimasto in contatto, in questi giorni giocherà’ con i suoi nuovi amici a Vienna,ad agosto va ad Amburgo, e a Natale, dovrebbe incontrarsi a Roma al lemon bowl con i suoi nuovi amici spagnoli,abbiamo fatto un po’ di pubblicità (sarà contento il maestro Paolo), dal punto di vista tecnico e’ stato un bel confronto, Giorgio ha saputo dire la sua,e di questo siamo contenti. Cordiali

Pula, 2016
Giuseppe Gatto

Dear Mio,

We couldn’t say bye to you and all the staff properly because we had to leave Pula before we had thought. We had the intention to see the finals on Saturday but at the end it was impossible. Let me tell you now that we had a “10” experience there with you all and be sure that we are going to be Ambassadors of Smrikva Bowl for ever. Every thing was perfect organized and you and your staff are incredible charm. The only thing I worry about it is not to have come to the forum on Wednesday.

Thank your very much for everything!!

Kind regards,

Pula, 2016
Alejandro y Martín Landaluce

Poštovani Mimi,

Nažalost se nismo stigli osobno pozdraviti, ali stvarno nisam imao srca da pustim vašem ocu, da vas probudi, tako da koristim ovu priliku, da vam još jedanput čestitam na prekrasnom turniru, o kojem smo čuli puno lijepih stvari, ali doživjeti turnir u živo nadmašuje sve riječi.

Pored formalnog Ambasadora Smrikve – Maka, če naša cijela obitelj sa ponosom širiti glas o Smrikva Bowl-u, kao jedinstvenom turniru koji je potrebno doživjeti. Još jedanput bi se želio od srca zahvaliti cijeloj ekipi, koja koji svojom ljubavlju i trudom čini ovaj turnir tako poseban, te vas do nekog budućeg susreta lijep pozdravljamo

Pula, 2016
Obitelj Miković

Poštovani Gospodine Božoviću,

Prošlo je dva dana od kako smo se ja i sin Marko ( “ Rus “ ) vratili sa Smrikva Bowl-a i osjećamo se kao da smo otišli od svoga doma, a dom predstavlja za nas zajednicu, slogu, ljubav, utočište…. Marko je i prije živio svoj san, sada ga još jače doživljava. Rezultat u svakome poslu je važan, pa i u sportu, tenisu. Ali meni kao roditelju je daleko važnije da pored rezultata, Marko kroz svoj san, kroz tenis dobije sve one vrline koje tenis može da prenese na malo dijete, koje će ga oplemeniti da bude bolji nego što jeste.

Inače, ja potičem iz pravoslavne svešteničke porodice, i po zanimanju sam diplomirani teolog i pravoslavni sveštenik u Doboju već 18. godina. Rođen sam 1973. godine ( čini mi se kao i Vi ). Svoje zanimanje sada ističem jer sve ono čemu sam naučen, i čemu učim svoju porodicu, pa i Marka, ja i Marko smo našli na Vašem turniru: poštenje, rad, vjera, zajednica, smirenje…. Bio sam fasciniran kako Vas djeca slušaju, prate, upijaju svaku Vašu riječ. Marku je ovo prvi ozbiljan teniski izlazak iz Bosne i Hercegovine, i moram da budem zadovoljan sa njegovim učinkom, ali i da ga svakim danom opominjem da može i mora bolje, ali bez velikog tereta na njega. Jer sada sam vidio da je Marko u nekim momentima bio jači nego ja. Uvjeren sam u to da je to zbog turnira, njegovog pozitivnog uticaja na djecu, zbog svih onih koji su učestvovali u organizaciji turnira, Vaše porodice, ali prvenstveno zbog Vas. Vi zaista predstavljate jednog iskrenog, upornog, teniskog znalca, koji poznaje skoro sve u tenisu. I zbog toga smo počastvovani što je Marko bio jedne divne stvarne teniske priče, koju može da izrežira i ostvari samo čovjek kao Vi, čovjek otvorenog srca, ali veoma realan. Marko samo priča o turniru, Vama, o tenisu, djeci iz čitavog svijeta koju ste Vi okupili i podarili im jednu vrstu teniske magije, ali i stvarnosti. Svi su bili jedno, nije se gledalo iz koje su zemlje , koje vjere, koje boje kože…. što je za svaku pohvalu. Vi ste kroz jednu univerzalnu vještinu sve stavili , i djecu ali i roditelje, pod jedan krov – a to je teniski krov…

Kapa dole, za Vas, uvaženi Gospodine Božoviću.

Vjerujem da će i Marko kroz ovo bogato iskustvo koje ste mu Vi omogućili biti svakim danom sve bolji i bolji.

Ovim putem želim da Vam se iskreno, iz sveg srca, zahvalim za svo ono gostoprimstvo koje ste nam Vi, Vaša supruga,ali i čitava Vaša porodica, pružili tokom našeg boravka u Štinjanu.

Poseban pozdrav upućujem Gospođi Danici.

Vjerujem da će se nekada Vaši i Markovi putevi ukrstiti, i da će te i tada prenijeti na njega dio svoje “teniske magije”.

U domu moje porodice uvijek ste dobrodošli.

I na kraju, dozvolite mi, da se na onaj način na koji najbolje znam, pomolim Blagome Bogu, za zdravlje, napredak, svakovrsno dobro neba i zemlje -Vas i Vaše porodice.

Rastko Maksimović, iz Doboja , BiH

p.s. Veliki pozdrav od Marka ( iz Rusije, odnosno Doboja)

Pula, 2016
Obitelj Maksimović

Dear Mr. Bozovic,

Good day.

I would just like to thank you and your staff for all the useful information and assistance you all offered to us during our stay. It was an amazing experience and we have brought back wonderful memories. It was an opportunity to learn on how to better ourselves and also a good way to make new friend around the globe. Well done to you and your team…

Kind Regards,

Pula, 2016
Maria Timini

Dear Mr. Bozovic,

I would like to thank you for the opportunity, my daughter Aleksandra Gabrovska, to be part of one of the most significant tennis events in the World. We all spent an amazing time at Pula. 21st Smrikva Bowl was a great experience for Aleksandra and she is really proud and happy that had the chance to represent her country Bulgaria and herself at such a great tournament…

Thank you once again for everything and I wish you success in all yours initiatives. Hope see you soon again.

Best regards,

Pula, 2016
Silvia Gabrovska

Hvala na svemu!

Pula, 2016

Poštovani gospodine Božoviću,

prošlo je više od mjesec dana kako smo bili u Puli i družili se s Vama i djecom svijeta. Svi jedna porodica-teniska , a nadamo se i porodica zdravih,vrijednih i uspješnih mladih ljudi. Mi Vas doživljavamo kao prijatelja,čovjeka koji je uspio svojom upornošću,osjećajem za kvalitet i interes nadarene djece doprinijeti da se tih sedam dana u Puli osjećamo istinskim građanima svijeta.

Za Anastasiju je ovo bilo izvanredno iskustvo i velika radost u druženju i uspostavljanju i nastavljanju prijateljstava sa djevojčicama iz regije koje je sretala na prethodnim turnirima i novim drugaricama koje je upoznala i nadamo se da će i sa njima nastaviti druženje u budućnosti.Kao roditelji imali smo priliku da osjetimo prave i realne dimenzije svjetskog takmičenja. svjesni smo obaveza, teškoća ali i ljepote činjenice da naša Anastasija u potpunosti pripada ovoj djeci s kojom se družila tokom jednog vikenda u Puli. Tek sad poslije ove bliske vremenske distance , kada su se svi utisci sveli na realnost i objektivnost razumijemo višestruk značaj i simboliku Smrikve. Možete biti ponosni na sve što ste postigli ovim turnirom,filozoijom i porukom Smrikve,višeznačnošću Smrikvine posebnosti i daha najljepših humanih,sportskih i ljudskih vrijednosti koje smo mi, a vjerujemo i sva djeca i njhovi roditelji ponijeli sa sobom. Hvala Vam i na otvorenim vratima budućih susreta ambasadorske originalnosti i prijateljstva koje ste nam pružili.

Želimo da ponovimo da ste uvijek rado viđen gost našoj porodici u Banja Luci i da će te nam ostati Vi lično, Vaša porodica,saradnici i svi Štinjani u dragoj i lijepoj uspomeni. Uz iskrenu zahvalnost za sve što ste nam omogućili srdačno Vas pozdravljamo i želimo Vam još mnogo uspjeha i sreće u životu i radu.

S poštovanjem,

Pula, 2016
Anastasija Ignjatić, sestra Emilija, brat David i roditelji Milica i Draško

Miodrag ciao!

Hvala za poklone sto si nam slao iz Wimbeldona od Katie..

Ela bila presretna!Bas danas smo se vratili iz Mouratoglu academije u Nici sto je bilo super iskustvo i treneri su se dobro brinuli o Eli… akademija uzima dah! sve top na jednom mestu..

Ela je sa Crisom iz Willsona podpisala ugovor… tvoj turnir ce nam zauvijek ostat u dobrom sjecanju ne zbog svih stvari sto je dobila kad je osvojila turnir nego zbog tvog angaziranja cele sedmice i srca sto si dao u turnir da deca imajo lepe uspomene…

Svake godine cemo navratit kad bude turnir da pozdravimo i malo pogledamo jer imamo letni rezidenciju u Porecu pa smo blizu…

Pozdrav iz Ljubljane

Pula, 2016
Ela,Vesna i Marko

Dear Mio,

Since we left your wonderful place, I have you on my “to-do-list”, in order to write some words of gratefulness to you, for your hospitality and the great work you are doing. You know that I have flattered you already very often, but it is a totally different story to have been there personally with a kid.

For us as a family it was not only another great experience which we absolutely would like to repeat with Tatiana ��, it has also been a wonderful holiday rounded up with two days in Venice. I think when I have no kids to come with any more, we shall just ask you for some private tennis weeks in order to maintain this nice habit of a tennis week in Croatia. We have even made friends outside your club, because Croatian people are great to communicate with.

I would have loved to talk to you more, but I perfectly understood and saw with my own eyes how solicited you were, with all us crazy tennis parents around.

Mio, I love your project and I would love to collaborate with you more. If ever you see any potential, don’t hesitate to ask.

I hope to see you again next year…

Thanks as always for your kind answer.

Best and take car!

Hugs from Barcelona-based

Pula, 2016
Cantos Siemers family

Hola Miodrag. Soy Diego. Gracias por tu torneo. Jugué muy buenos partidos y conocí a amigos de muchas partes del mundo. Mis papas están hablando con los siguientes jugadores números 1 de la categoría de 10 años y con la Federación Mexicana de Tenis para que continúe México formando parte de tu torneo.

Gracias por permitirme ser el primer mexicano, fue un honor y nunca lo olvidaré.

Pula, 2016


Poštovani gosp. Božović,

Hvala vam na predivnom iskustvu i ugodnom druženju i nadam se da se vidimo na istom mjestu sa našim Dujom za dvije godine!

Srdačan pozdrav,

Pula, 2015
Fanja Markovina

Dear Mio

We have to say special thank you for you.
Smrikva Bowl is best junior tournament of the world.

We hope see you next year.

Pula, 2015

Dear Mio,

In this e-mail I would like to thank you and your team once again for the wonderful week spent with you.

That was not only the strongest tournament for children up to 10 years old in which we participated (we participated in many other ones), but the one with the most positive emotions.

When we arrived I saw banner with the tournament slogan – MORE THAN TENNIS. The truth is that I didn’t pay much attention to it. But the last day when the award ceremony took place, I saw the banner put on the tennis court and realized that the words in it – MORE THAN TENNIS are highly meaningful. What we did was not only the strongest tournament for children up to 10 years old, full of magnificent tennis, but a form of hospitality (all of us felt at home at your place), friendship (the kids were competitors and great friends as well), time of happiness and joy for children and parents, positive thoughts, motivation, pleasant emotions, splendid memories, etc…

Best Regards,

Pula, 2015
Peter (Anastasia’s father)

Dear Mio!

… Just got back home in Canada last night from Estonia through Finland. Thank you again for wonderful time, great training & such fine and well organised tournament.

We really enjoyed our time at Smrikva Bowl. It was the best tournament we have ever attended and Matthias enjoyed every minute of it!…

Best wishes to you and your family!


Pula, 2015

Dobro jutro Miodrag,

Hvala vam na obavijestima i na organizaciji vaseg turnira.
Zaista je bilo odlicno, neocekivano i za nas znacajno.

Hvala vam jos jednom i do sljedeceg videnja.

Pula, 2015
Andrea & Denis

Grazie per la calorosa accoglienza, l’Istria è una terra meravigliosa, per Andrea è stata una esperienza unica e un soggiorno eccellente per tutta la famiglia…

Un caro saluto dalla

Pula, 2015
famiglia MEDURI Porto San Giorgio

Gentilissimo Mio…

Colgo allora l’ occasione per ringraziarla ancora dell’opportunita’ data a Federico e a noi di vivere una così bella esperienza di tennis ma soprattutto di vita…

Sono convinta inoltre che il torneo a Smirkwa sia stata una “finestra” sul mondo utile per capire in quale direzione lavorare.

Grazie infinite

Pula, 2015
Maria Adele


Thank YOU so MUCH for everything. Great tournament, great house and everything around was super! We are so happy with everything!!!

Hope to see you again in the future and if you need anything you think I can help you out with just let me know!

Thank you again my friend Mio!

Pula, 2015
Magnus and everyone else from the trip!

Gospodine Bozovicu

Hteli bi jos jednom da se zahvalimo na prelepom turniru, bozanstvenoj atmosferi! Lola je i dalje pod velikim utiskom divnog druzenja i tenisa u Istri. Ako Vas put ponese u ove krajeve javite se!

Puno pozdrava za celu porodicu Bozovic!

Pula, 2015
obitelj Radivojevic


Ovim putem Vam se zahvaljujem na čarobnom tjednu na Vašem turniru.

Doduše nismo se baš nešto natjecateljski dokazali no nadamo se da će nam krenuti na bolje.

Sklopili nekoliko prijateljstava dogovorili čak i susrete Filipa i jednog dječaka na ljetovanju…sve u svemu bilo je prekrasno.

Pula, 2015
Mama Ana

Dear Miodrag,

I am writing you just to thank you for the wonderful experience you gave to my daughter Ariana Geerlings. It was an experience for her that she will probably never forget. I think your tournament is something really unique and special.

Thank you very much for the great organization.

With kind regards,

Pula, 2015

Dear Mr Bozovic,

It was a pleasure to know you personally and we must thank you very much for the great success of this tournament.

We had the chance to meet many tennis active families and my son had also chance to have friends from many countries…

Kind regards

Pula, 2015
Ibrahim Bayrak


We all want to thank you for putting on such an amazing event. We met some wonderful people and learned some very important / invaluable lessons about the world of tennis.

Best Regards,

Pula, 2015
Charles, Becky, Walker and August

Buenas noches Sr. Miodrag Bozovic,

Soy el Padre de Álvaro Fernández, ante todo darle las gracias por la fabulosa experiencia que ha podido vivir mi hijo Álvaro durante toda la semana pasada durante la celebración de la 20th Smrikva Bowl 2015.

Ha sido una experiencia para él increíblemente positiva en todos los aspectos , además siguiendo todo por vuestra página web creo que ha sido todo un éxito, por lo que mi más enhorabuena.

Álvaro lleva todo el día contando cosas del todo lo acontecido tanto a la madre como a mi de lo bien que se lo ha pasado.

Ójala que pueda a ver próximamente nuevos torneos de este tipo, en los cuales se le puedan invitar, no se si a los jugadores que han jugado en la 20TH SMRIKVA BOWL 2015 se le invita a otros eventos de este tipo o torneos cuando están en categoría Sub11.

La rabia que me da es que por motivos profesionales tanto míos como de mi mujer no hemos podido asistir.

Mandarle mis más sincera enhorabuena y un fuerte abrazo, y lo dicho muchísimas gracias por todo.

Pula, 2015
Francisco Fernández

Ciao Mio,

Volevo ringraziarti x la bellissima esperienza. Il tennis è uno sport bellissimo e grazie a persone come te lo rendono unico.

Grazie ancora, rimarrà sempre nei nostri cuori,

Pula, 2015
Igor, Barbara, Filippo

Dear Mio!!

Just writing to let you know we arrived home safely and to thank you for your generous hospitality!

2015 smikve bowl was both a fun and deep experience at the same time. The event really is… “More than tennis!”

All the best for the future and its great to be touch!

With kind regards from

Pula, 2015
Ogunwale clan

Great experience
Go ahead, Mio

Pula, 2015
Mihail Minchev, Bulgaria

Gracias Mio por hacer posible el sueno de muchos ninos, jugar torneos de un gran nivel tenistico contra los mejores del Mundo.

Muy bien organizado y una gran experiencia que nos llevamos todos.

Felicitarte por todo.

Gracias de nuevo.

Pula, 2015
Ivan Navarro

Caro Mio
Grazie mille per avermi permesso di partecipare ad un torneo eccellente e di vivere una bellissima esperienza!
La terro’ sempre nel mio cuore.

Pula, 2015
Emma Ghirardato <3

“Imagined, Believed, Achieved”
Smrikva Bowl 2015
- Thanks for the opportunity, experience, learning and international exposure!

Pula, 2015
Aryan Joe Vurghese
Tibu Vurghese
Swapna Joseph from KUWAIT<3

From Ariel and Ofek Shimanov Israel Tennis

Thanks the tournament organization was very good. Mio you are the best. Thanks for all. 22.6.15.

Pula, 2015
Ariel and Ofek<3

Grazie di avermi fatto partecipare al torneo.

Pula, 2015
Ciao Giacomo!! <3


The tournament was fun.

Pula, 2015
Daniel Phillips :) Bermuda <3

Lijepo, profesionalno i inspirirajuće…

Pula, 2015
Croatia, Roko

Very grateful for the invitation to this event so important and of great interest to our prfesional large small.

Pula, 2015
Thalia, Aless and Jose

We have to say – thank you for a wonderful experience, perfect organization and the “highest level possible” tournament – under 10 years in the world.

We hope to come back in the Future.

Pula, 2015
Fruhvirt Family, Prague, Czech Republic

Thanks for a great learning experience, we couldn’t have started our tennis europe journey at a better place: Smrikva must continue to develop and expose young players to the great game, and take it from us, you (Smrikva team) are doing well.

Pula, 2015
Given Roach and family 2015

Estamos muy felices de poder haber participado en tan importante evento. Gracias y ojala siempre existe este torneo para el incuentro de ninos y el crescimiento del deporte Tenis.

Thanks a lot.

Pula, 2015
Aless Dad’s

Pula, 2015
Andrea & Denis

Hi Miodrag,

I wanted to congratulate you so far for the tournament. You are such an enthuthiast, and so dedicated to these kids. You make every single boy/girl feel special!…

Pula, 2015

Dear Mr. Bozovic

No words can express my thanks for your best support and help for my family, you are really a helpful and very kind person.

Thank you so so so much.

Thanks a lot.

Pula, 2015
Amr Mansy


Very fun.

Pula, 2014
Patrick Brady


Pula, 2014
Emma Valletta


Pula, 2014
Tomas Alam


Pula, 2014
Tea Lukić


Pula, 2014
Teodora Nikolić


Pula, 2014
Jaquelyn Ogunwale

Najbolji rezultat.

Pula, 2014
Ivan Šodan

Jak turnir.

Pula, 2014
Mili Poljičak

Bilo je zelo dobro in bil je zelo, zelo močan turnir!

Pula, 2014
Petja Drame


Pula, 2014
Leah Gonzales-Edwards

Vsichko be chudesno.

Pula, 2014
Stella Peeva


Fantastico e divertente.

Pula, 2014
Edoardo Lanza

Veliko iskustvo.

Pula, 2014
Liv Habdija Šumak

Ovdje mi je bilo jako lijepo i pronašla sam puno prijatelja.

Pula, 2014
Marlena Kazalo

Super organizacija i najbolji turnir na svijetu.

Pula, 2014
Jure Pavić, Stjepan Majcan, Lovro Majcan, Ivan Šodan, Luka Mikrut, Niko Poljičak, Mili Poljičak

Este torneo no ha sido un torneo normal como los que hago en el Catalunya porque no parabamos de hacer cosas. Este torneo me ha gustado mucho.

Pula, 2014
Luis Utrilla R.C.T.B.

Sjajno SMAJL.

Pula, 2014
Lovro Majcan

Hi Miodrag,

Thank you for everything, Patrick is so happy and loves the Smrikve Bowl. Already asking can he come back next year with Conor as he wants to see his picture on the wall!!

I would also like to thank the family we stayed with as they made us feel at home. They even baked cakes to celebrate Patrick winning. I’m sure we will be back with Conor soon and keep up the good work!! I know it is difficult to organize such an event.



Pula, 2014
John and Patrick Brady

Finally but sadly we have to leave Smrikve. It has been a true and genuine experience!

Thanks so much to all of you for making us feel at home, and for helping us to realize that there is more to tennis then winning!

We truly enjoyed it and we will always remember Smrikva on our long future road in tennis and life!

Pula, 2014
John and Elias Engquist

Dobar dan,

Šaljemo Vam slikice pakirane u zippu s našeg aparata da popunite kolekciju (treba ih prvo raspakirati). Ujedno zahvaljujemo od srca i na prilici da sudjelujemo na Smrikvama i na svemu što ste nam pružili i poklonili tijekom boravka. Ideja Smrikvi je fenomenalna u svakom pogledu i nemojte nikada odustati. U nama ćete zauvijek imati prijatelje!

Srdačan pozdrav svima, uključujići i svim životinjicama.

Pula, 2014
Obitelj Kasalo na čelu s Marlenom


Finally we couldn´t say you good bye properly..

Thanks a lot for all your help and for an excellent organisation. All the best, and see you soon (hopefully in Valencia). Why not a world class U11 tournament in our club? ;)

Thanks and best regards;

Pula, 2014
Alberto Artigas

Postovani g. Bozovic!

Ovim putem zelio bih se zahvaliti prvenstveno u Dorianovo ime, ali isto tako i u ime cijele nase obitelji na gostoprimstvu i odlicnoj
oragnizaciji turnira.

Nama je ovo prvo ovakvo iskustvo i zaista nismo znali sto mozemo ocekivati uprkos informacijama koje smo dobili od kolega i prijatelja koji su ranijih godina sudjelovali. Mogu reci da smo se zaista lijepo proveli i odmorili. Uzivali smo u svakom trenutku, a posebno u tenisu kojeg su djeca prezentirala.

Dorian je pun dojmova i neke nove energije i vec se sprema za sljedece izazove. Mislim da ce mu iskustvo sa Smrikve puno pomoci u daljnjem razvoju teniske vjestine.

Jos jednom hvala za lijepi turnir i prekrasnih tjedan dana!

Puno pozdrava cijeloj ekipi!

Pula, 2014
Obitelj Vasung

Dear Miodrag

Thank you – to you and your family for your worm hospitality and kindness you have shown both Leah and myself.

We have felt very confortable and welcomed. This has been a wonderful experience.

Kind regards,

Pula, 2014

Dear Miodrag

Thank you so much for letting me participate in this extraordinary event. I wish that you could organise an under 12’s next year so I can participate in that one and hopefully win it, as I would love to go back.

Thank you again for being so kind to me and muy mum.


Pula, 2014
Leah Gonzales- Edwards

Grazie a voi !!! E’ stata un’esperienza unica , importante che ci ha arricchito in maniera forte sotto tanti profili, ma per quanto mi riguarda e’ quello umano!!! Grazie ancora

Pula, 2014

Dear Mr. Bozovic,

I want only to say – great job! Organization, referees, pension – 1

Thank you very much.

S pozdravem

Pula, 2014
Zdeněk Kubík
Czech Republik – Patricia Kubikova, Sparta Prague

Hey Mio,

Thanks for a great experience from the organisation of Smrikva Bowl to the apartment you recommended, Brijuni visit, parent Forum and the personal attention you gave to us all , I am not sure how you do it all, but you do!

By the way if I had to describe the region I would say its like taking all the best of Africa and the best of Europe all merged into one place to create a unique experience.

Because of all the videos and stories he has heard from Jaquelyn about Smrikva, my son Jaydyn who is 6 is even more inspired and he dreams about playing at Smrikva Bowl!

So I can say Jaquelyn has started by being a good Ambassador of Smrikva Bowl right from the get go!

Keep up the good work and hope to touch base next year.

Kind regards

Pula, 2014

Dear Miodrag Bozovic,

Florentine and me want to say thank You very much for the perfect organisation of the Smrikva Bowl 2014. It is almost unbelievable what You, and all the people of the staff, had done to make this Smrikva Bowl to become the most perfectly organised event we have ever made part of!

We are very glad that we were there to in Pula this time. We had a wonderful week that we will never forget!

We wish You, and your family, all the best!
our best regards,
from the Netherlands,

Pula, 2014
Ivan and Florentine Dekkers

Pozdrav iz Subotice. Izvinjavam se sto vam se ranije nisam javio. Bio sam na odmoru i docekalo me puno obaveza…

Cuo sam iz prve ruke da je i ovogodisnje izdanje Smrikve bilo na visokom nivou. Ucesnik iz madjarske Balazs Pesti dolazi ponekad kod mene na treninge i njegova majka je bila puna lepih utisaka iako je Balazs ispao jos u kvalifikacijama a ona kao nekada dobra igracica dozivela mnogo turnira.

Imao sam potrebu da vam ovo napisem jer sam siguran da ocekujete “ feed back” posle toliko truda koji ulazete u organizaciju i unapredjivanje Vaseg cenjenog turnira.

Cestitam! Puno srece u daljem radu.

Pula, 2014
Danilo Sakic Tk Spartak Subotica

¡Estimado y muy apreciado Miodrag!

Antes de que transcurra más tiempo y una vez vuelta a la normalidad, quería agracederle la posibilidad que nos ha dado el que mi hija Carolina GOMEZ ALONSO pudiera competir en este prestigioso torneo… quiero darle las gracias por el gran esfuerzo realizado para que todo saliera lo mejor posible; y por nuestra parte esta ha sido la impresión que nos llevamos. Ha estado todo fenomenal: acogida, horarios , trato recibido por parte de todos los colaboradores del torneo, excursión, entorno privilegiado donde se jugaban los partidos. MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS.

Le pido disculpas porque deportivamente Carolina no llegó más lejos, pero me quedo con el comportamiento que ha tenido en pista de concentración, educación , lucha y respeto tanto a su rival como al árbitro, que es lo que valoro , y más todavía como pude comprobar que no fue así en algunos de los niños que competían.

Me quedo con la experiencia tan maravillosa que hemos vivido (Deportiva y turísticamente (Croacia es precioso y la gente super amable) gracias a este torneo y con ganas de que dentro de dos años, podamos repetirla con nuestra hija pequeña Jimena….

Reciba un afectuoso abrazo de esta mamá que le aprecia y admira un montón.

Pula, 2014
Clara Alonso Arribas


Hi Mio:

Only some words to transmit all the boys and girls and also parents of this new Tournament Smrikva Bowl 2014: These days will be the most unforgettable days that all the participants and families will live.

What Mio and his staff will show you during this week, you cannot imagine. Try to live these days with all yours senses because is the most lovely and gratefully experience that you will live with your sons. And I would like to thanks again Mio to make real our sons dreams.


Kisses for all the participants and families and also for Mio his family and the staff.

Enjoy this SMRIKVA BOWL 2014 IN PULA.

Pula, 2013
Alejandro Turriziani Alvarez (Tennis player 2013)
Yolanda Alvarez (mum)
Alejandro J. Turriziani (dad)

Miodrag, hello!

I want to thank you for fine tournament this year. You arranged for all of us the real holiday. You managed to collect very strong structure of rivals and at the same time tournament took place in the friendship atmosphere between children and parents.

Certainly, my son on this tournament won nothing, but we are grateful to you for experience which was gained by my child. And it too is important.

Also I can’t but tell about that as you love the homeland the earth on which you live is a good lesson for all of us: for children and for adults.

Wish you personally, your family and your tournament, every year better to become and prosperity!

Pula, 2013
Marat Chirkaev

Gospodine Mimi!

Alen je prvi put ove godine učestvovao na Smrikvi i malo je reći da je to za njega i nas nezaboravno i prelijepo iskustvo.

Ovom prilikom bi vam se htjela zahvaliti i čestitati na bezprijekornoj organizaciji turnira. Nadam se da će još puno djece učestvovati i imati priliku osjetii sjajnu atmosferu.

Jako mi je drago da smo sudjelovali na Smrikvi i što će Alenu to biti događaj za pamćenje.

Lijep pozdrav i puno uspješnih Smrikvi.

Pula, 2013
obitelj Bill

Dear Mio

Hello <3 Kako ste?

Nearly a month has passed since I came back to Japan and now I really miss my wonderful days at Smlikve.

I really thank you for everything you did for us. I was so happy with you. I feel very sorry that I couldn’t speak English to communicate with you. I WILL study English!!

I hope to come back to Smlikve next year and see you again. I don’t know if I can get a chance, but I’ll try my best.

Hvala!! Thank you very much indeed!! Vidimo se!! Please say hello to all the people who supported us <3

Sincerely yours,

Pula, 2013
Rio Osoegawa

Pozdrav iz svog srca od Anamarije i njenog tate. Anamariju pokušavam odgojiti u duhu sledeće mudrosti mog pra pra dede “poštuj sve ljude sveta od čistačice do prodesdnika a njihov osmeh će ti biti najveća nagrada u životu” a i moje skormne mudrosti “tajna uspeha u životu je u zdravom razumu, otvorenom srcu, i širokom osmehu”.

Pula, 2013
Micha Francuz

Postovani Gos.Bozovicu,ucesce na 18.Smrikva Bowl-u je za nas bilo fantasticno i vrlo poucno iskustvo za buducnost.Deca su dala svoj maksimum u igri koji mogu da pruze u ovom trenutku,bili su fantasticni,druzili su se prelepo.

Sto se organizacije tice,vrlo smo zadovoljni!

Nasa Porodica nosi prelepo iskustvo i secanja na turnir!

Mi smo uzivali!!!

Srdacan pozdrav Vama i Vasoj porodici

Pula, 2013
od porodice Zivanovic

Hi Mio,

We come back to Japan yesterday. We are very fine.

So Mio, thanks for you, we had good time and good tour. I greatly appreciate your kindness and your family and SMRIKVA’s staff.

I want to go to SMRIKVA again! Soon! because SMRIKVA is like my home.

See you some day ;-)

Pula, 2013
Kaoru Hiyoko

Bas nam je bilo lijepo i za Luku jedno prekrasno iskustvo.

Vidimo se slijedece godine

Lijep pozdrav

Pula, 2013
Kristijan, Ivona i Luka Dosen

Još jedanput vam se želim zahvaliti na toplim riječima i nadasve srdačnom gostoprimstvu. Slušati o vama od drugih koji su bili na prošlim turnirima SMRIKVA BOWL je ne uporedivo u odnosu, to doživiti lično kao roditelju, a tek mojoj dragoj ćerki Ivani, koja je bila sudionik. Moram vam i ovo reći… njoj je ovaj turnir kao nekakav sveti gral i na svakom koraku o Smrikvi priča… I još jedna pozitivna stvar koja se desila kod Ivane, je ta njena želja za većim i dužim treninzima posle Smrikve !

Srdačan pozdrav od

Pula, 2013
porodice Stanković!

Caro Mio,

Qualche ora fa’ siamo rientrati a Mauritius. Grazie ancora per averci regalato una settimana formidabile. Tu, la tua famiglia e tutto il tuo staff siete stati fantastici con noi….

Sarah dallo Smrikva e’ tornata molto positiva. La tua lezione di tennis a Sarah e’ stata fantastica. Hai il tennis nel cuore caro Mio ed hai anche l’ abilita’ di trasmetterlo a chi ti sta vicino.

In tutti questi anni di tennis non avevo mai visto un’organizzione cosi’ accurata per bambini. Grazie ancora di cuore per tutto!!!

Rimaniamo in contatto e spero di poterti rincontrare presto. Magari a Mauritius!!!

Un caro saluto,

Pula, 2013

Hvala vam na mail, mi smo prezadovolni od vasa organizacija turnira,a osven toga uzivali smo u Istru, klima predivna, hrana, more, kultura… sve je bilo SUPER!

Možete vi u neko idno vreme da organizujete i turnir tenisa under12! Pa pokupite sve djece jos jednom!

Sjajni ste, ovde mnogo ljudi zna danas o vama, naravno u pozitivnom smisao.

Želim vama i vas obitelj puno zdravje, sreća i ljubav!

Volimo vas…..

Pula, 2013
Maja i fam Temkovi!

Caro Miodrag

le tue parole ci commuovono come le gesta di ieri di Gianluigi a Wimbledon

Wimbledon – Smrikva sembra un binomio impossibile.

In realtà per noi è un percorso che parte da un piccolo quanto magico circolo dell’Istria dove ogni anno si confrontano i migliori bambini del mondo di dieci anni e arriva al tempio del tennis, Londra, Wimbledon, Grand Slam junior.

Dal profumo delle essenze della campagna istriana a quello dell’erba del famoso sobborgo di Londra il passaggio non è così lontano.

E i nostri ricordi piacevolmente scorrono nella mente come i frames di un film degli ultimi 7 anni.

Tra essi l’immagine di una famiglia felice nel giardino degli olivi dello Smrikva rappresenta qualcosa di incancellabile.

Come la gioia di Gianluigi che solleva la coppa juniores più importante al mondo.

Grazie ancora

Pula, 2013
Luca e Carlotta Quinzi


Postovani Miodraze,

Sta reci u par recenica a uspeti da opisem predivno vreme provedeno na turniru?

Ceo svet na jednom mestu,a druzenja,navijanja,bodrenja decice izmedju sebe kao da se poznaju 100 godina.

Pre svega,Vama svaka cast za takvo umece organizovati sve do savrsenstva.Svaki dan nam je bio prelep.

Uros je presrecan zbog pehara koji je doneo.Vec je izasao u lokalne novine i ucestvovao na lokalnoj televiziji ,tako da se pomalo pravi vazan,oseca se kao veliki teniser.

Narocito su nam prirasla srcu decica iz Japana,tako mali i skromni,a veliki borci.Ako mozete da nam pribavite neke njihove e-mailove da bi im poslali par zajednickih fotografija.

Jos jednom hvala na gostoprimstvu i zelimo Vam puno uspeha u daljem radu.

U nadi da cemo se jos nekada sresti, salju Vam pozdrave

Pula, 2012
Jovici iz Pirota!

I am a Himari of mother

How have you been

I do appreciate your kindness and help Thank to you, I had a great time there do so i hope to see you again someday

Thank you for bicycle
now riding in japan

Also if you have any cohance to visit Japan just let me know, I will definately pay you back then

Best regards!

Pula, 2012
Himari’s mother

Postovani Gospodine Bozovicu,

Nakon nekoliko dana od zavrsetka turnira i sabiranja utisaka zelimo samo jos jednom da Vam se zahvalimo Vama i svima koji su doprineli da se odrzi najznacajni turnir za decu od 10 godina.

Bila nam je velika cast da prisustvujemo i da uzivamo u igri, druzenju i tenisu.

Izuzetno smo zadovoljni Viktorovim nastupom, pozitivnim komentarima a pre svega novim poznanstvima.

Viktor je trenutno u Spaniji, Mallorca, gde trenira i ocekuje nastup na dva turnira pod nadzorom PSS academy i Sigija. Bice nam zadovoljstvo da Vas obavestavamo o njegovim rezultatima.

Zao nam je sto se sve brzo zavrsilo ali se radujemo pocetku novih prijateljstava koja tek pocinju.

Zelimo Vam puno uspeha u buducim turnirima a nadamo se i ponovnom vidjenju.

Hvala jos jednom i srdacni pozdravi svima u klubu.

Pula, 2012
Familija Jovic

Dear Miodrag,

Thank you for organizing this wonderful tournament. My son Frank and the other children from The Netherlands (and me too!) really enjoyed it.

Yesterday we left with the 4 boys and today in the afternoon we all came back safe home after almost 1.500 km. by car.

During the tournament I posted pictures and a daily story (till Wednesday, I’ll make Thursday this weekend) on

Although the story is in Dutch, I hope you enjoy the pictures. This can maybe help to promote the tournament at least in The Netherlands. That’s a part of Frank’s job as ambassador of Smrikva Bowl!

Have a good time, relax after such a busy week. Take a chair at the swimming pool and start to read the books you got from all the children.

I don’t know if you can read them all before the 18th Smrikva Bowl will start. Have fun!

Kind regards,

Pula, 2012
Leon Jonker

Poštovani gdin Božović

Porodica Nišavić a posebno Iva žele Vam dobro zdravlje I zahvaljuju na izuzetno lijepoj manifestaciji koju ste organizovali

Pozdrav iz Bara

Pula, 2012
Porodica Nišavić

Hi Miodrag, I would like to thank you for all your help and hospitality. I was very impressed with how you run the tournament and Patrick is extremely grateful for the opportunity to play the Smrikva Bowl. I think it has given him further motivation to continue his development.

We really enjoyed our stay and the family that we stayed with were very nice.

Thank you.


Pula, 2012
John and Patrick



Here we are in Spain. Peetu is starting practising in Club de Tenis Torrevieja and 2 times/week with Steve Durie. We will remember you and those 2 weeks forever. Now I think we know better what we should do, if/when Peetu wants to be something in tennis.

Hope we`ll see someday again and Peetu show to you few good serves.

Pula, 2011

Hi Mr. Bozovici

Alexandra and all Braga family appreciate very well this little holiday in Istria.

From now we are friends of Croatia, Istria and Pula.

We think to visit you again in the future and mixing tennis and holiday.

Friendly yours,

Pula, 2011
Costi Braga – Alexandra’s father

Dragi Mio,

hvala na čestitci za Ninin rodjendan, to što ste mislili na nju, puno joj znači.

Juče ujutro sam se javila teta Danici da smo dobro doputovali, verovatno Vam je prenela (ukoliko se setila od onoliko posla koliko obavljate svi vi familijarno). To je zaista za respekt!

Inače, Aleksandar je tugovao za Tarom i Stefanom, Jovana je kenkala dobar deo puta jer je bila tužna što idemo kući,a Katarina ih je kao najstarija smirivala dok nisu zaspali.

Svi smo jos pod utiskom turnira, svega što smo doživeli u Smrikvama.

Želim do pošaljem puno poljubaca Tari, Stefanu, Nini, Leonu, Lukasu, puno, puno pozdrava kompletnoj familiji Božović i Sladaković, svima koje smo upoznali i sreli.

BILI STE DIVNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pula, 2011
Vesna i ostatak ekipe

Spoštovani gospod Miodrag,

najlepša vam hvala još jedanput za svu gostoljubnost i sve što smo doživeli kod vas. Smrikva je bila jedno veliko iskustvo tako za Filipa kot tudi za nas roditelje. Proveli smo par super dana uz tenis i prijatelje.

Puno hvala i lep pozdrav iz Maribora

Pula, 2011

Postovani g. Bozovic,

jos jedanput puno hvala za prekrasan tjedan koji smo proveli kod vas u Smrikvi.

Zelimo vam jos puno tako lijepih i uspjesnih turnira.

Lijep pozdrav,

Pula, 2011
C. Misolic

Bilo je predivno!!!

Veliki pozdrav iz Pančeva.

Pula, 2011
Ivanko Kojčić

Dragi naš Mio,

nikako da ugrabim malo vremena, prošlo je par dana od povratka kući, a emocije se još nisu slegle, i verujem da neće još dugo. Bilo nam je prelepo, gde god odemo, u goste, na trening..u radnju, samo pričamo o vama, o vašem nesebičnom zalaganju i ljubavi koju posedujete prema ovom sportu, prema našoj deci..Želim i ovim putem da vam se zahvalim na svemu, posebno na sećanjima koja će meni i Anji trajati zauvek..

Pozdrav, i vidimo se do godine, puno sreće vama i vašoj porodici, i posebni poljubac za vašu dragu mamu!

Pozdrav iz Brčkog,

Pula, 2011
Anja i njena mama Danijela Lujić

Dear Mio

Thanks a lot for the informations and the organisation!
Nina had the great chance to participate to this event and she had a lot of fun and gained a lot of experience.

Best regards

Pula, 2011

Ciao Miodrag,

ti scrivo per dirti che sono rientrato a casa ed è andato tutto ok!

E’ dalle 9:00 che sono qui in azienda e non faccio altre che raccontare ad ogni collega che incontro l’emozioni che lo Smrikva Bowl e la tua terra mi hanno trasmesso.

Ovviamente sto mostrando a tutti il prezioso “kit” che mi hai consegnato, so molto bene che questo kit è riservato solo ai soci e ai partecipanti del torneo, per questo che oltre a esserne felice ne sono anche onorato.

In un secondo momento, lo metterò in mostra anche alla club house del circolo tennis club di Senago (MI), dove gioco regolarmente.

Un forte abbraccio e a presto. Grazie.


Pula, 2011

Dear Mio;

Thank you very much the tennis experience afforded to Adam and Lance. Additionally Lance commented on how great a job you did with the tournament. The trip was a long way for them to travel, especially at the age of 10. However the experience will afford Adam years of wiseness towards his tennis future, should he choose to stay the present path.

Please remember that you are welcome in our home if you and your family ever decide to travel to the US.

Sincere congratulations and thank you again.

Kind regards,

Pula, 2011
Guy Neff

Good evening,

I came to say good-bye yesterday evening but, unfortunately, didn’t find you. This short note is just to thank you once again for your kindness and a wonderfully-organized tournament. Eric and I enjoyed it very much and we’ll surely recommend to other Danish players for next year.

Best regards,

Pula, 2011
Vitaly Vanshelboim

Caro Miodrag,

vedendo scorrere il filmato con le immagini più belle del torneo, sto realizzando che questa è stata una esperienza veramente importante sia per mio figlio che per tutta la mia famiglia, lontana anni luce da quanto visto fino adesso sui nostri campi da tennis’..

Ho avuto modo di leggere solamente adesso la prima parte del tuo libro dove parli di te e della tua famiglia, devo ammettere che mi ha molto emozionato e mi ha fatto capire da dove nasce tutta la tua foza di volontà nell’organizzare una iniziativa come lo Smrikva Bowl, che riesce a riunire persone e culture di nazionalità diverse con lo scopo di diffondere e condividere valori fondamentali alla crescita dei ragazzi.

Credo che solo una persona di cultura come te poteva creare e mettere in pratica una idea come questa, Fabrizio adesso è piccolo e probabilmente ricorderà solo l’aspetto ludico di questa esperienza, ma sono sicuro che nel futuro sarà orgoglioso di essere tra i ‘pochi’ a potersi fregiare del titolo di Ambasciatore, quanto a noi, resteranno dei ricordi indelebili e la consapevolezza di avere conosciuto delle persone fantastiche.

Auguro a te, alla tua famiglia ed allo Smikva Bowl un futuro sempre più roseo e spero, un giorno, di poterti reincontrare.


Pula, 2011
Famiglia Andaloro

Smrikva je najbolji turnir i najbolje organizovani turnir na PLANETI

Pula, 2011
Mihailo Popović

SMRIKVA – is the Best – in love – by

Pula, 2011
Petra Ostojić

Eto nas opet na Smrikvi. Jeli smo, pili i uživamo.

Pula, 2011
By Dea & Silva

Smrikva Bowl je najbolji turnir na svetu!!!…

Pula, 2011
Namanja Sabanović, Subotica, Srbija

I met new friends.

Pula, 2011
Alisha Hussain

Smirkva is the best Klub!

Pula, 2011
Eric Vanshelboim

SMRIKVA BOWL ist eine grosse Erfahrung, und bringt mich noch sehr weit in Leben. SMRIKVA BOWL ist das schonste Turnier auf der Welt und wird nich noch sehr weit in Leben beg leifen.
Das werde ich nie vergessen

Pula, 2011

Smrikva Bowl, hvala da postojiš

Pula, 2011

Es war SUPER!

Pula, 2011

Smrikva Bowl jedan od najboljih turnira!!

Pula, 2011
Renata Cipetić

Ovo je više od tenisa. Ovo je poezija.

Pula, 2011
Nina, Joka, Aki, Vesna i Jovan Tričković – Pirot

Pula + SMRIKVA = najbolji turnir u mom životu. Ovo je mnogo više od tenisa ovo je i dobar provod.

Pula, 2011
Olga Danilović – Beograd

Ovo je najdraži turnir!

Pula, 2011
Katarina Tričković


Pula, 2011
Teodora Subanović

Gracias, por esta experiencia meravillosa para nuestra hija y para nosotros, os llevaremos siempre en nuestro corazon.
Con todo nuestro carino.

Pula, 2011
Manu, Daniela y Yolanda

ASM Tournement :)

Pula, 2011
Viviane Handschin

Fue muy divertido!! ;)

Pula, 2011

Nijedan turnir nije ovako lep kao SMRIKVA BOWL! Ja obožavam Miodraga. Hvala što si me pustio da igram na ovom divnom SMRIKVA BOWL-u.
Voli te

Pula, 2011


… ovdi je odlično, ima puno stranaca… zabavljamo se i ovo mi je najbolji turnir do sada… dolazim iz Hrvatske.

Pula, 2010
Anđa Karanušić

Turnir je tako savršeno organizovan da se činilo da su svi zadovoljni: pre svega učesnici koji su igrali na takovm nivou da ih je milina bilo gledati, a onda i roditelji i gledaoci koji su uživali u majstorstvu dečaka i devojčica.

Organizatori su bili ljubazini, te uslužni na svakom koraku. Veliko iskustvo u ovakvim poduhvatima koje imaju doprinelo je da SMRIKVA 2010 bude teniski turnir vredan pažnje ne samu Hrvatskoj nego i u svim zemljama iz kojih su učesnici došli.

Pula, 2010
Kosta Petrov

Lijep pozdrav iz Pule!

Pula, 2010
Od Tine i Vale!

Dragi Miodraže, ti ćeš uvek biti moj Mali Princ a ja tvoja Ružica :) @->-

Pula, 2010
Jovana Vuković

Me lo he pasado muy bien, he conozido a muchas personas y ninos y me han gustado mucho los animales. Y me ha gustado mucho el torneo de tenis.

He quedado campeon en carrera de triciclos.

Pula, 2010
Dario Montes

Este torneo ha sido una esperiencia preciosa e inolvidable. Espero que los siguiente ninos se lo pasen igual de bien que me lo he pasado yo. Muchas felicidades por el torneo.

Pula, 2010
Paula Arias

I did have a longer match than the one I played against Paula. It was the regionals final. I played Vivian Crlozman. It was a 3 hour match. But, my match against Paula felt very long too.

Pula, 2010
Claire Liu

Dolazim iz Pančeva, iz teniskog Kluba Dinamo iz Srbije. Ovde sam proveo najdraže teniske dane. Imao sam priliku da upoznam drugare širom planete. Za moje zadovoljstvo pobrinuo se najviše naš dragi domaćin Miodrag koji nam je uvek posvetio veoma mnogo pažnje. Posebno mi je bilo zadovoljstvo raditi i sa Lukom Appinom. Ujedno se zahvaljujem i svim ukućanima na gostoprinstvu.

Pula, 2010
Petrov Kosta

Poštovanje g.Božoviću!

Morala sam se javiti da vam zahvalim na ugodnim trenucima koje su proveli moj Duje i suprug.Vratili su se sa prekrasnim utiscima. Suprug je oduševljen organizacijom i dočekom, te svim ljudima koji su bili u ulozi domaćina.

Turnir je zbilja na visokom nivou i želimo vam da tako i nastavite. Duje je, pak malo razočaran prezentacijom svoje igre, inače je dijete koje je izuzetno samokritično i od sebe očekuje da uopće ne griješi. Ali mlad je, naučit će da to tako ne ide. Veselimo se slijedecoj godini, kad ćemo vas posjetiti u punom broju. Nadamo se da ćemo tradiciju nastaviti i dalje kad na red dođe i naša najmlađa kćer.

Puno lijepih pozdrava iz Splita!

Pula, 2010
Dražana Ajduković

Poštovani g. Miodrag Božović,

Zahvaljujem se vam za sve lijepe događaje na vašem turniru. Definitivno najbolji turnir na kojem sam bila do sada.

Puno pozdrava,

Pula, 2010
Kristina Novak

Pogrešam te.
Mama je dišavo že dala v avto.
Žličko smo že obesili v kuhinjo.
Iz skodelice sem že pil.
Upam, da se kmalu vrnemo k tebi, da bom lahko s tabo igral.
Seveda pa komaj čakam, da nam poveš že spet kaj o Istri, Puli, Fažan,in, da nas odpelješ že spet v katerokoli dobro restavracijo.


Za:Mimija Božovića Od:Matic Podlipnik


Sada da ti napišem na hrvatskom:

Iz Smrikve šalice sam več pio
Mama je u avto več stavila miris
Žlicu Smrikva smo obesili u kuhinju
Nedostaješ mi i jedva čekam da te vidim
I jedva čekam, da mi kažeš još mnogo više o Istri, Puli, Fažani.
Kad se vidimo, molim te idemo opet dobro jesti

Ljepe pozdrave iz vručog Maribora i laku noć svima.


Pula, 2010
Matic Podlipnik

Caro Signor Miograd;

Volevo farle i complimenti per l’organizzazione del torneo. Prima di partire non l’ho trovata e non sono riuscito a salutarla. E’ stata una bellissima esperienza e Tommaso si è divertito. Peccato per il draw, non proprio fortunato. Ha giocato con il bimbo israeliano (che ha perso poi in semi) una partita incredibile perdendola 9-5, ma con molte chances per entrambe i giocatori. Forse una delle partite più belle del torneo, insieme alla semifinale. Ho parlato con l’allenatore del bimbo israeliano (io non ho assistito al match in quanto Tommi va in campo da solo, senza coach e senza genitori, per sua scelta) e mi ha detto che hanno attirato l’attenzione di tutto il pubblico e che è stato un peccato che si siano incontrati al secondo turno.

Abbiamo apprezzato lo spirito del torneo e sono contento di aver fatto fare a Tommi questa esperienza.

Un abbraccio e un grazie ancora.

Pula, 2010
Alberto Carnevale

I really liked this tournament, it was a great experience. When I go home I wish to tell everyone about this tournament.

Pula, 2010

I love tennis from Sviden. 9 jar.

Pula, 2010
Lancelot Carnello

Dear Miodrag,

I want to thank you for the amazing hospitality and excellent competition. Yshai has gained much experience. Hope to return next year.

Thank you to everyone hello to your mother, your father and all. Yshai won at La Baule

First round won player from Germany 5:1 5-0
Second Round won Karim from Dubai 5:1 5:1
Quarter-final won player from France 5:1 5:0
Semifinal beat Rimpei from Japan 5:3 5:1
Final won player from Mexico 5:4 5:0

Thanks so much for everything,

Pula, 2010
Jan Pochter

Hello Mio,

We have tried to find the right words for you after all this wonderfull impressions.But we found it is not so easy.

Once it was a big tournament with a very,very good organisation behind, second we we have felt all the time like beeing a part of your family.

Our special thanks we want to give to you and Dana. But also we never forget all your friends and people who have made it happen!

For all of us it was a great experience and it will be a duty for us to work also as Ambassadors for this tournament and special for Istra.

I know this part of Croatia a long time but together with you all it was more than great. So we decided to come back as soon as we can and to visit you again!

Thank you very much for the great days with you and Dana at your home,all the best and that all your dreams for the future come through!

With respect and friendship from Nicola, Margarita and Alfred!

Pula, 2010
Alfred Kuhn

Caro Miodrag, ho ricevuto da tutti i genitori dei ragazzini piemontesi (Micca, Cecere, Moroni, Leonardi, Ivaldi) commenti entusiastici della favolosa esperienza, non posso che ringraziarti ancora per la nostra passata esperienza nel 2009.

Non so quando ma sicuramente verremo a trovarti.

Un abbraccio da tutta la famiglia Vottero

Pula, 2010
Filippo, Tommaso, Simonetta e Gianluigi

Dear Mio,

Congratulations on another successful Smrikva Bowl. I hope the participants in this year’s event realize how fortunate they are to have been able to compete in one of the truly special events for young tennis players.

I know Blair’s experience in Pula gave her the awareness of what it takes to compete at a high level at an early age.

I hope this note finds your Mom, Dad, Medda, and Bobby doing well. I trust you are well and continuing the great tradition of ‘Tennis Ambassadors’. Blair has taken your challenge very seriously and continues her efforts toward making tennis the sport for all ages.

I cannot thank you enough for the impact that you had on Blair about how important it is for her behaviour to impact positively on those she competes against as well as those who watch her play. She is really the’tennis ambassador’ that you hope all competitiors in the Smrikva Bowl become.

Please keep me informed of your efforts on behalf of all tennis players, young and old. Tennis is truly the sport for a lifetime!


Pula, 2010
Emilie Foster

Dragi Mio,

Evo nas ponovo u Beogradu,s tim da je Joka produžila svoj odmor kod bake jos koji dan u Aranđelovcu. Želeli bi smo još jednom da se zahvalimo na svemu što ste učinili za nas, naročito za Joku. Vaša iskrenost i pažnja su nam i sada, a i ubuduće, velika podrška u daljem radu i napretku.

Joka,a i Vuk,pitaju kada će bicikla moći da stigne u Beograd.
Veliki pozdrav od

Pula, 2010
porodice VUKOVIC

Egr. sig. Bozovic,

ci tenevo a ringraziarla a nome di Edoardo per la bella settimana passata.

E’ stata per lui una preziosa esperienza sia dal punto di vista tennistico sia personale e spero che possa essere ripetuta, fra qualche anno, anche dalla sua sorellina Margherita (oggi ha 7 anni).

Per sua informazione, anche a La Baule , Edoardo è arrivato nei quarti di finale.

Grazie ancora e….. complimenti per il sito.

Pula, 2010
Ermanno Cecere

Dragi nas Mimi,

Znamo da sa nestrpljenjem ocekujes nas email, ali dani prosto kao da lete. Vikend smo proveli u Arandjelovcu, kod nasih baka, a tamo nemamo internet, pa se sve malo oduzilo. Nemoj nam zameriti.

Zato da neduzim previse, nego cu odmah preci na kratak size Jokinog putovanja.

Kao sto smo i rekli jos u Puli, Joka je u Mouratoglou Akademiji bila sa svojim trenerom. Deki je veoma mlad i njemu je takodje veoma znacilo iskustvo boravka u akademiji. Rasko i ja smo bili smesteni kod nasih prijatelja, ali smo svaki dan dolazili i pratili Jokin rad.

Ljubazno osoblje nam je priredilo topao docek, gde je Joka na poklon dobila i knjigu Patricka Mouratogloua ‘EDUCATE TO WIN’. Smestaj je u kucicama za tenisere koje su prikladne i udobne. Pogled na terene je predivan, a u cilju fokusa na mesto.

Joka je radila sa trenerom po imenu Clemon. Prva dva dana, program koji su pripremili za Joku, nije bas ispunio njena ocekivanja. Zelela je da im stavi do znanja da ona zna i moze vise nego vecina desetogodisnjaka. Mislim da je to i uspela, tako da su joj organizovali sparing maceve sa starijim igracima (15-19 god.), koje je i dobila, sto je privuklo paznju i glavnog Head coach-a, a i samog Patricka..

Joka je bila odusevljena fitnes treninzima i trenerom Sebastien Durand. Ona jos uvek neradi na kondicionim i fitnes treninzima, pa su joj kao nesto novo bili veoma zanimljivi. Pokazala je odlicne rezultate, sto je uz igru koju je pokazala, bila pravo malo cudo ili kako su oni rekli ‘bist’.

Od budjenja u 7 i 30h, dorucka u 8h, zagrevanja i prepodnevnog treninga, pa rucka u 12h i fitnesa u 14h, do poslepodnevnog treninga od 15-16 i 30h, vecere u 19 h, Joka je vec uveliko spavala u 20 i 30h. Jedan dan mi je rekla. Znas mama,sinoc sam legla u pola devet, a jutros u pola osam mi je falilo jos jedno sat vremena da spavam.

Sve u svemu, jedno sjajno iskustvo. Osetiti ambijent i biti sa drugim igracima (narocito starijim), podeliti misljenja, su u osnovi bili nas a i Jokin cilj ove posete.

Pariz, kao predivan grad, je takodje bio Jokin cilj. Ajfelova kula, Trijumfalna kapija i naravno Rolan Garos. Na samom Philipe Chatrier stadionu, Joka je rekla ‘Pa ovaj teren i nije tako veliki’.

Put ka Italiji nas je proveo pored najviseg vrha Evrope, Mont Blana. Predeo je predivan i ostavlja jak utisak.

Sledeca dogovorena destinacija je bila Aosta i susret sa Lucom Appinom. Utisak iz Smrikve koji smo stekli o njemu, posle pohadjanja Tennis talents, se samo potvrdio. Luca je izuzetno prijatan, dobronameran covek i sto je najvaznije iskusan u davanju saveta. Rad sa njim je Joku izuzetno radovao. Tu su bili i Kristina Novak sa roditeljima. Nama je veoma vazno bilo da Luka upozna Dekija, i da da savet za dalji rad sa Jokom.

Sve je brzo proslo, ali iskustvo koje smo stekli ce biti od velike koristi za dalji Jokin rad….

P.S.Ovo je samo deo slika koje ti saljemo,ali se nadamo da ces i iz ovoga videti koliko nam je bilo lepo.

Nadamo se da poplave ,koje cujemo da su oko Fazane,vas nisu ugrozile.

Iskreni pozdravi od

Pula, 2010
Joke i porodice VUKOVIC


I am happy to be here. Thanks.

Pula, 2009
Seving Gezer Atakan’s mom – TURKEY – Istambul

This year was better for me! Thanks!

Pula, 2009
“Anthony” “Popyrin” – Australia – Sydney – lives in Dubai

Smrikva je odličan turnir.

Pula, 2009
Karlo Suevich

Smrikva Bowl is very nice turnir and I am very happy because I come to Smrikva Bowl. The Smrikva Bowl is beautiful turnir. The Smrikva Bowl is strong turnir. The Pula is very beautiful city and when I swim in wother the woter is very cold. I am very happy because I become Ambasador. See you next year. Goodbye!!!!!

I am from Zagreb in Hrvatska. The Zagreb is very, very nice city too and, Smrikva Bowl very, very, very good turnir.

Pula, 2009
Borna Šeatović

Ich liebe diese Smrikva Bowl!

Pula, 2009
Radina Rakić

Tennis ist cool

Pula, 2009
Kiro Bara

Smrikva Bowl has been a great experience and I have had lots of tough matches but it has been lots of fun! Thank you to everyone who helped organise it.

Pula, 2009
Katie Swan

Smrikva Bowl je fantastičan.

Pula, 2009

Ovdje mi je super, svi se družimo i htjela bi da ima i do 12 godina taj turnir.

Pula, 2009
Bokulić Martina!

I have had a great time here in Smrikva Bowl. I played some great matches against people from different parts of the world. The weather wasn’t that good at the beginning of the week but it got better at the end.

Pula, 2009
Georgie Walker, England

It has been a great experience for me and playing in the hot weather. I have learnt a lot on this trip! Thank you.

Pula, 2009
Georgie Axon

From Alicante to Pula

Pula, 2009
Alejandro Davidovich

Great experience. Un abrazo muy fuerte para una gente muy muy especial y un grandisimo torneo.

Pula, 2009
Miguel y Alvaro Regalado

Ovo je najljepši turnir na kojem sam bila. Predivno sam se provela. Veliko hvala.

Pula, 2009
Amina Bajramović – Bosna i Hercegovina

Bilo mi je lijepo što sam učestvovala na ovom turniru. Puno pozdrava od

Pula, 2009
Dragane Radišić iz Bosne i Hercegovine

Eu ma numese Izabela Gabriela Novac si sunt dim Romania. Vreau sa ajung clla mai mare jucatoare dim lune.

Pula, 2009
Izabela Gabriela Novac

Zahvaljujemo se na izuzetnom gostoprimstvu i organizaciji. Svaki trenutak proveden ovde je pravo sećanje. Sve nam je mnogo značilo.

S poštovanjem,

Pula, 2009
Miletić Kristina – Arandjelovac – Srbija

Turnir Smrikva Bowl je naj, naj, najbolji turnir na svjetu!

Pula, 2009

This was a great tournament I enjoyed it. I had very good matches!

Pula, 2009
Ashley Lahey – USA

This was a awesome tournament I ever played except I was sick. Thanks for inviting me!

Pula, 2009
Alex Gee

Thanks Mio, you have made a long journey so warm and confortable, the tournament is so well organized, filled with good sentiment and ceremony; hope to see you in the US.

Pula, 2009
Karoly and Sabrina Gee

Well Mio – thanks for having us – we felt like this was a like “home away from home” where shoes are not necessary :). I had a lot of fun plying your dad – he is so good and so sweet too. Thank you for the warmest hospitality! We are sad to leave Pula and hope to come back soon. Thanks to Cedo too!

Pula, 2009
Pauline Lahey and Ashley

Coming to Croatia and playing the tournament was a great experience for me. I was glad to come.

Pula, 2009
Michaela Gordon – USA

Thank you for a great tournament.

Pula, 2009
Anne Schachter – USA

Imam deset godina. Prvi put sam na ovom prekrasnom turniru, i žao mi je što i sledeće godine neću moći da dođem.

Pula, 2009
Andrea Simeunović – Srbija

Provela sam nezaboravnih nedelju dana na ovom predivnom turniru. Bila sam na korak od pobede, ali ću to iskustvo nadam se iskoristiti sledeće godine.

Pula, 2009
Joka – Jovana Vuković

Mi smo ovdje suci i najveći radici. Zabavljamo se i stvarno nam je super. Imamo hrane što je najvažnije i najbolje. We are having a great time together and we’re very happy. Doći ćemo pomagati i sljedeće godine.

Pusa, bacio, kiss, besso!

Pula, 2009
By Dea and Silvia

Najbolji staff:

Pula, 2009
Dea, Ari, Ive, Silva, Zrin i Pero

Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality. The whole event has been fantastic and the GB team have loved it all.

With very best wishes

Pula, 2009
Nicki, Katie and Luke Swan

Hi, the tournament was great! I learned a lot

Pula, 2009
Noah Schachter – USA

E’ stata una esperienza bellissima di aver contato i punti in inglese. “Spero che i miei avversari mi hanno capito”.

Pula, 2009
Samuele Ramazzotti

U svoje ime i u ime mame i tate želim vam se zahvaliti, da ste me primili na vaš turnir. Bilo mi je super igrati sa djecom iz drugih zemalja i upoznati nove prijatelje. Tokom celog turnira stvarno sam uživala.

Nadam se, da čemo se u 2010 opet videti na Smrikvi.

Hvala i puno pozdrava,

Pula, 2009
Tina Cvetkovič

Dear Mio

We just wanted to write and thank you so much for the most fantastic trip to Pula and The Smrikva Bowl.

We had the most wonderful time and the hospitality of you, your family and friends was just amazing. We were so proud that Katie won the final but we would still have had a wonderful time had she not achieved this. She has loved the whole experience and has made lots of new friends.

It is amazing to think that Katie competed with Michaela and Ashley from the US at The Little Mo tournament in Austin, Texas 18 months ago and then had the chance to see them again as friends, compete with them and win!!

We loved the video and it is very special for my husband who was unable to come due to work commitments, Thank you for so many wonderful prizes.

A truly special and memorable experience.

With much love and best wishes

Pula, 2009
The Swan Family

Dear Miodrag and family

Thank you so much for the wonderful time we had in Pula. We all enjoyed every minute and we are very grateful that you made it possible for all of us to be part of your wonderful Smrikva Tennis world you established.

Thank you to all your family members and helping hands and all the wonderful participants. We would have loved to stay on for the Sunday final but decided to take an early drive home on Sunday morning to avoid all the traffic of the trucks. Kiro had his first Tennis practice today and he is really happy to have met so many great players and lovely people during our stay.

Please pass on our best wishes especially to Alejandro and his father if they are still with you. Because we left early on Sunday morning, we couldn’t come and say Good Bye to all of you. We are very sorry about it and would have loved to do it in person,

We will never forget the great time we had at your place and the wonderful moments and would love to come back next year and spread the the word around to all the future Smrikva Bowl players in the world.

Thank you again to all of you and best wishes from

Pula, 2009
Martina, Kiro and family

Hola Mio!

Como estais todos?. Te enviamos este email para darte las gracias y una vez más por la fantástica organizacion del torneo. Tanto habiendo ganado como habiendo perdidop es una experiencia increible para los niños. Alvaro no la olvidará nunca.

Por favor, saluda a todos pero especialmente da besos a tu madre y a todo el grupo de mujeres tan magnificas que estuvieron alli con nosotros y que nos trataron tan bien. Por Aqui ya estamos haciendo mucha publicidad no solo del torneo sino de la zona de Istria y de lo bien y confortable de un sitio tan especial como el que teneis.No dudes que algun día volamos toda la familia a visitaros para que mi mujer Bibiana y mi hijo Alex conozcan Pula.

Como ya te dije estais invitados a venir cuando querais a Alicante y espero que nos veamos pronto. Aqui tendreis una casa para estar el tiempo que querais.

Un abrazo para todos,

Pula, 2009
Alvaro, Alex, Bibiana y Miguel

Once again, I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you did for all of us Americans on our visit to Croatia. You certainly went beyond the normal to make our trip a lifetime memory!

Each time I go through my stamp album and view Croatia stamps, I will always think of you and how wonderful you were to me, Joanie, and the Schachters. You have a beautiful country with beatiful people. Thank you so much.

Kindest regards,

Pula, 2009
Jerry and Joanie Champeau

Caro Miodrag,

Voglio ringraziarti per la splendida ospitalità che hai donato a tutti noi, l’esperienza vissuta durante lo Smirkva Bowl è stata fantastica, Filippo e Tommaso hanno condiviso con altri ragazzi emozioni uniche che vanno ben al di là di un torneo di tennis.

Difficilmente rivivremo un altro evento simile, lo Smirkva Bowl è il massimo in quanto ad accoglienza, ospitalità, simpatia, organizzazione, livello di gioco dei partecipanti, grande sportività.

Ma non è solo questo, i giorni trascorsi come amici nella tua casa, perché è proprio così che ci siamo sentiti, ed i fantastici momenti che completano la manifestazione come la consegna degli attestati di Ambasciatore dello Smirkva o la Cerimonia dell’ulivo, hanno trasmesso a tutta la mia famiglia sensazioni e valori importanti e questi, sono sicuro, rimarranno per sempre nei nostri cuori.

Filippo e Tommaso non verranno certo meno al mandato di Ambasciatori dello Smirkva e divulgheranno la loro meravigliosa esperienza.

Ti ringraziamo ancora.

Pula, 2009
Un abbraccio da Filippo e Tommaso, Simonetta e Gianluigi Vottero

Dear Mr. Miodrag Bozovic,

Thank you for your excellent invitation for our son this time. He was going to do a very valuable experience. The tennis player of this generation in the world, the culture, the word, and friendship were experienced.

We are convinced that this experience is very useful for the life in the future for him. Thank you for your invitation moreover. I think it is very honored.

The son works hard at the practice of tennis aiming at next year every day. Thank you to win with Smrikva Bowl 2010 a lot even by one.

Many thanks,

My best regards,

Pula, 2009
Hiroyasu Kawakami, Masako (My wife) Rimpei

Hi Mio,

I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you again for another great year at your event in Pula from the David Lloyd Academy in Glasgow. I will be working very hard with Maia’s younger brother Ewen Lumsden(2000) to bring him next year to do well!!

Kind Regards,

Pula, 2009
Toby Smith

Hello Miodrag,

I would like to say that I don&‘t remember spent so nice time as we had on our trip to your country and in Pula as well. What wonderful atmosphere!!!!

Congratulations for the tournament, it was fantastic, we have new friends from diferent parts of the world right now, Vinicius played with some other guys from different nationalities when he dropped from the draw.He came back more mature and now has another view about tennis competition, Thank you so much for these days. See you next year.

All the best.

Pula, 2009

Dear Mio,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful time we all had at The 14th Smrikva Bowl. It was a great tournament and so efficiently run. We were given a real taste of Croatia with all the traditional dancing which we have enjoyed rewatching on the DVD. The DVD is a great reminder for Georgie and us of the week we spent with you. We will not hesitate to recommend it to fellow Brits, infact I have already suggested that the high performance centre where Georgie trains should consider entering a group in the future. They have a very strong group of 8 year old girls at the moment.

Georgie gained invaluable experience playing against girls from other countries, something we would like her to continue to experience… Thank you again.

Pula, 2009
Fiona and Georgie Walker and family

Poštovani gospodine Božoviću,

Verujem da ste dobili mnoge poruke zahvalnosti na održanom turniru,ali mislim da Vam JOKA duguje još i specijalnu zahvalnost o svim lepim rečima koje ste o njoj napisali u svom skriptu.

Svesni smo da je svojom igrom to i zaslužila, ali Vaša pohvala će joj značiti veoma mnogo za daljni rad. Drago nam je što ste i Vi podržali taj nadimak po kojem će, nadamo se, svi znati o kome se priča.

Želimo da se zahvalimo na gostoprimljivosti pre svaga Vama kao i svim ljudima oko Vas koji su nas boravak učinili prijatnim i nezaboravnim(mama Dani na specijalnom izboru slatkiša).

Nadamo se da su vam se dopale knjige gospodje Krajačić Gordane,koja pored svih svojih ljubavi Joku izuzetno voli.

Joka je trenutno sa malom povredom,tako da nema nekih rezultata o kojima bih Vas obavestili,ali ćemo se svakako ćuti i biti u kontaktu.Veliki pozdrav od

Pula, 2009
JOKE, Vuka ,mame i tate VUKOVIĆ

Dear Mio

I am writing to say that I had a really brilliant time at the Mouratoglou Academy in Paris. Thank you so much! It was a fantastic prize for winning the Smirkve Bowl and I was so lucky to go.

My friend, Georgie Axon, who also took part in the Smrikve Bowl, was there at the same time, as was another friend, Alisha. We had Rudolphe as our coach and we thought he was really great. We worked really hard, normally 4 hours of tennis a day + 2 hours of fitness but it was really good experience and Rudolph was very encouraging all the time.

On Thursday we got to go swimming and Georgie and I shared a chalet which was really good fun. On Friday, Patrick Mouratoglou watched me play a match against Georgie and he said he was really impressed with the standard of our tennis and our spirit. He signed our books for us and wrote really nice comments. It was really great to meet him.

Thank you very much for such a great prize. I really loved it.

With love and best wishes.

Pula, 2009
Katie Swan
Smrikve Bowl Winner 2009

Hola Mio!!!

¿Que tal?

La semana en la academia fue muy divertida pero muy dura porque entrenábamos 4 horas de tenis y 1 de físico.

Primero nos presentaron a todos los entrenadores y tenías que decir de donde eres, a que edad empezaste a jugar al tenis,etc. A mi me dió mucha verguenza porque habia que decirlo en inglés y aunque se un poco delante de todos me daba un poco de verguenza.

El primer día de entrenamiento nos dividieron en grupos y a mi me tocó con Arturo(Mexico), Arthur(Látvia) y una chica Melanie(Luxemburgo). Los entrenamientos de físico fueron muy duros porque era ejercicio,30 segundos y otro ejercicio y otro ejercicio. Entonces….era muy duro… La comida aunque no era como la de mi madre estaba buena.

Como siempre estaba muy cansado estaba todo el dia comiendo chocolate. Ademas la gente que trabajaba en el comedor eran todos muy simpáticos. En la cocina habia una señora que se llamaba Sandrin que era muy simpática y siempre me dejaba comer mas si yo queria.

Uno de los dias nos dejaron ir a la piscina con agua caliente y nos lo pasamos muy bien.

Una pregunta un poco tonta pero’…¿Puedes hacer un Smrikva Bowl en alevin e infantil para el próximo año? siempre lo pienso y le pregunto a mi padre porqué Mio no hace el torneo también para alevines e infantiles.

Bueno saludos a tu madre, y a todos los de allí. Me acuerdo siempre mucho de la semana que pasé en Pula.


Pula, 2009
Alvaro Regalado


The Smrikva Bowl was very fun I enjoyed being here and I hope to see you again.

Pula, 2008
Paola Maza from Puerto Rico

Questo torneo e’ stato fantastico e consiglio di farlo.

Pula, 2008
Eduardo Picchini

Per me, questo torneo e’ stato il piu’ bello di tutti che ho fatto e quindi lo consiglierei a tutti.

Pula, 2008
Federico Morgotti

E’ stata un esperienza belisssssima perche’ ho giocato e conosciuto bambine di diverse nazioni e ho potuto interagire con loro!!

Pula, 2008
Nicole Taylor Pafundi

E’ stato un bel torneo perche’ ho potuto fare gli scherzi a Dominique, la sorella di Nicole Taylor Pafundi.

Pula, 2008
Letizia Gussetti

Questa e’ stata un’esperienza da non dimenticare perche’ ho conosciuto bambini e bambine di altre nazioni e mi sono divertita a giocare con loro!!

Pula, 2008
Martina Pratesi

Questo torneo e’ stato super bello e vi consiglio di rifarlo tutti gli anni.

Pula, 2008
Andrea Guerrieri

Questo torneo e’ stato un esperienza magnifica piu’ o meno come un Roland Garros Juniores Under 10. Ho scoperto che non e’ importante fare un bel risultato per diventare dei campioni.

Pula, 2008
Matteo Mingori

Smrikva Bowl je najljepši turnir u mom životu. Bilo mi je jako jako lijepo, upoznao sam mnogo mnogo ljudi i prijatelja.

Pula, 2008
Borna Čilić Kraljević

L’unico problema di questo torneo ? Quello di non poter tornare l’anno prossimo!!

Pula, 2008
Picchini F.

Smrikva Bowl is a great tournament. I really enjoyed it.

Pula, 2008
Maia Lumsden – Scotland

Imam 9 godina. Prvi put sam na Smrikva Bowl-u. Doći ću sljedeće godine. Zahvaljujem na besplatnim pićima i sendvičima. Rasturit ćemo ja i moja prijateljica Lea sljedeće godine.

Pula, 2008
Ana Biškić – Zagreb

I mi smo bili na Smrikvi. Puno pozdrava od Ivana!!

Pula, 2008
@ <- Ivanov autogram

Najbolji turnir koji sam igrala do sada. Drago mi je što sam pobijedila. Pozdrav od

Pula, 2008
Katarine Jokić

Ovo mi je najbolji Turnir do sada. Šteta je što neću doći sledeće godine. Zahvaljujem se domaćinima turnira i svoj djeci koja su učestvovala. Najbolji ste!
Pozdrav od

Pula, 2008
Vladana Bilandžića – Match Ball – Banjaluka

I love Smrikve

Pula, 2008
William Blumberg

Smrikva Bowl Rocks

Pula, 2008
Paulina Ferrari

Smrikva Bowl is awesome!

Pula, 2008
Ingrid Neel

I loved playing in the Smrikva Bowl. It was really fun meeting new players in Europe, and having great competition. I hope I can come back to Mio’s apartment again.
Thank you

Pula, 2008
Justin Lee – CT, USA

E’stata un’esperianza ancora più bella dell’anno passato! Speriamo che il torneo cresca ancora, io c’è la metterò tutta per farlo diventare sempre più globale!P.S. vi mando una mia foto fatta durante il torneo e tantissimi saluti da

Pula, 2008
Matteo Mingori

Dear Miodrag,

Thank you so much for such a lovely event. We enjoyed every aspect of it and we never expected to come back home with so many gifts and great memories. We are very much looking forward to opening the wine and the brandy which will be such a treat.

Charlie loved Croatia and would like to live over there! He clearly acclimatised to the heat and constant sunshine very well – or was it the swimming pool and the flume rides?

I thought the courts were really cute and it was just a lovely venue and setting for the tournament – really quite unique. There was some fabulous tennis on display and clearly some excellent budding players of the future. Charlie was very sad to exit at the QF stage, I think heat and a bit of tightness overtook him. If he had played to the level that he played at in his first match he would have come through that one but all credit to Turcu for his tenacity.

A big thank you to all your staff and colleagues who have made this such a successful event. We will happily spread the word to the younger players in the hope that they will also enjoy this event next year and beyond.

You have set up an inspirational and quite unique experience and we are so grateful for all your hard work to make this so successful and enjoyable for all. Many, many thanks.

I hope that we get a chance to meet again in the future. I am trying to get our youngest daughter hitting a ball who is only 4, so you never know.

Best wishes,

Pula, 2008
Jenny on behalf of Charlie Broom and all the family (Nigel, Leo and Samantha)

Ciao, sono Rémy Bertola.

Volevo ringraziarvi tutti per la gentilezza con la quale mi avete accolto tutti. È stato per me una esperienza bellissima che non mancherò di raccontare perché qualche altro ticinese abbia la voglia di raggiungere il vostro torneo. Anche se ho perso alla seconda partita, stare con voi fino alla fine per supportare Luka Panic, mio compatriota, è stato una esperienza veramente eccezionale. Ancora grazie dell’opportunità che ci date, a noi piccoli, di potere conoscere la gioia di un grande torneo.

Sono stato felice di conoscervi tutti e in particolare te, Miograd.

Cordiali saluti.

Pula, 2008
Rémy Bertola

Con la presente volovo ringraziarla per la splendida organizzazione del torneo e il bellissimo video, peccato non poterlo rifare. Speriamo venga organizzato un under 12.

Pula, 2008
Fabio Guerrieri papà di Andrea

Ciao Miodrag,

dopo averti conosciuto mi permetto di salutarti come si saluta un amico,

Ti scrivo per ringraziarti calorosamente da parte mia e di LETIZIA,

L’EVENTO VISSUTO i giorni scorsi lo porteremo sempre nel cuore, quelle magnifiche giornate passate ospiti a casa tua, perchè così è stato, sdraiaiti nel tuo giardino, i bambini che calpestavano l’orto, tutti che giocavano allegramente pur parlando lingue completamente diverse, pure il cagnolino sembrava voler far sentire a proprio agio gli ospiti;

molti si aspettano il classico torneo importante…è così, il grandissimo evento dello SMRIKWA BOWL con un livello di gioco altissimo, ma ‘condito’ da altri valori che hanno contraddistinto l’evento e che non si dimenticheranno:
• ma la prima cosa che ci ha colpiti è l’ospitalità spontanea che tu e la tua famiglia ha saputo mostrato a tutti;
• L’organizzazione ottima tua e dei tuo collaboratori, nuessuno escluso!!!
• Và elogiato la grande capacità di far sentire protagonisti tutti i ragazzi presenti!!

L’amore per il tuo paese che hai saputo trasmettere e che ci ha fatto apprezzare maggiormente le bellezze della vs terra e che sicuro ci vedrà ritornare a visitarla meglio!

Inoltre ho la presunzione di sostenere che quanto sopra elencato è stato ampiamente condiviso con tutti i partecipanti!!!

Peccato non poterli mettere tutti in copia conoscenza…

Un abbraccio da Letizia, Mamma e papà.

Letizia si raccomanda di salutargli EVA simpaticamente detta’la barista’.


Pula, 2008
Marco Gussetti

Dear Mio,

Justin and I have returned back to USA, it is nice to be home after a long time away. We had a truly amazing time in Europe. Thank you and your family for the warm hospitality. You made us feel very welcome and the children special. You have a beautiful family, friends and house!

Justin enjoyed the great competition in Pula and also in France. He played well and won the OUATT tournament. We are very proud of how he was able to stay focused. Here are some photos that I took, pls enjoy!

We hope that we can visit Smrikva again soon! I would love to bring my husband and my other two sons next time.

Thank you again for everything and best regards to everyone,

Pula, 2008
Yukari and Justin Lee

Ciao Miograd,

è da quando siamo tornati che volevo scriverti questa mail, innanzitutto volevo ringraziarti per l’ospitalità, è sempre un piacere venire allo Smrikve, e sono particolarmente contento di aver visto tutto il torneo, le finali e le premiazioni, ti assicuro che il Tuo torneo è unico, come organizzazione, per la cura dei dettagli, ma sopratutto per l’umanità che trasmetti.

Pula, 2008
Umberto Bedolo

Dear Mio

Now, this is the era of email as opposed to a formal card, so I will say what I would like to say here and now on behalf of Ingrid and Hildy and coach B. Christensen as well as me: Thank you so very much for your generous, heartfelt and wonderful hosting of the world’s best team tournament for 10 year olds, the Little Mo/Smrikva Bowl. Our family has had many discussions since we came home, and I have told all of our curious local tennis pros and families about your gorgeous red clay courts, your beautiful house and compound built by craftsmen in your extended family, and about the legion of quiet, selfless volunteers who help make it all possible. I will be sharing many encouragements as an informal US ambassador along with Ingrid, and will carry the message to future players of this little eden on the northwest coast of Croatia. I will encourage families to take their time in Pula, as I wish we had but there will be other chances, I hope.

In short Mio, I am so happy to have met you and shared a little bit of time in this incredible event you put together for tennis, for children, for parents, for peace, happiness and worldwide super-generational understanding and appreciation of the blessings of the earth we share. I can see that we both view tennis as a beautiful and artistic metaphor for life itself: for the opportunity for earned glory, for meeting challenges bravely and handling defeat with grace, for never stopping to try again, and to improve by measures with effort, cunning, artistic talent, and fortitude; placing our hopes and dreams into a prodigal child to be the very best she dares to be, and to celebrate the journey regardless of outcome.

I only wish that after the cleanup, we had one more evening to have a fresh pasta a la oglio-Smrikve, a glass of Pulanese white, another of Pulanese red, and discuss the past and future over a final espresso! Perhaps Hildy can come and we can make good before long. We have a baby to deliver in 6 weeks for now, though. Please consider coming to Minnesota, and we have plenty of room for you any time at all.

All the best Mio, and thank you again for a capital event! Viva Croatia and Tennis Club Smrikve!

Pula, 2008
Bryan Neel

Poštovana Familija Božović,

najprije primite iskrene čestitke za izvrsno organizirani teniski turnir.Od srca Vam puno hvala i samo nastavite tako dalje.

Promocijom ovog turnira i Lukinom pobjedom čuli su mnogi treneri u Švicarskoj. Počnimo samo od Nacionalog voditelja Swiss Tennisa u Bielu gosp. Rolf Bühlera, bivše profi igracice Petra Jauch trenutno voditeljice Regional Linth/Zürichsee Tennis Verband ciji je Luka član. Pobjedom na Smrikva Bowlu Luka je u svim novinama. Pa tako možete i pogledati internet stranice , (News).Za nekoliko dana izlaze teniske novine Smash gdje će pisati o Luki i o turniru. Zatim dolazi na internet stranice, hrvatski portal u Švicarskoj’

Lijepo Vas pozdravljam

Pula, 2008
Josip Panić

Dear Miodrag and Tomislav,

I wanted to thank you again for your hospitality during the Smrikva tournament. What a truly wonderful time we all had! The film that you kindly sent was received in good shape and we all watched it with pleasure and great deal of nostalgia despite the fact that only a few weeks have passed since the tournament :)

The boys have fantastic memories and are looking forward to coming next year again.

We will definitely stay in touch!

All best,

Pula, 2008
Alexei & Anthony, Alex & Elena and Sonia-Marina Popyrin

Poštovani gospodine Miodrag,

Učešće na 13-om Smrikva Bowl turniru donijelo mi je puno lijepih trenutaka. Pobijedivši na Smrikvi dobila sam mogućnost da posjetim Mouratoglou tenis akademiju u Parizu i osjetim kako izgleda profesionalni tenis.Trenirala sam sa djecom iz cijele Evrope. Iako govorimo različitim jezicima jako dobro smo se sporazumijevali. Vrijeme provedeno u akademiji je bilo ispunjeno napornim treninzima ali je veoma brzo proslo. Tamo sam srela prijatelje sa Smrikve i upoznala nove. Treneri na akademiji su nas smatrali svojim prijateljima i u svaki trening su unosili dozu humora.

Imala sam jedan slobodan dan i pokušala sam da ga najbolje iskoristim. Za obilazak Pariza potrebno je puno više vremena a za ovaj put sam se oprijedjelila da obiđem Ajfelov toranj i Diznilend. Taj dan ću uvijek pamtiti. Nadam se da će mi se u budućnosti pružiti šansa da vidim i druge znamenitosti ovog prelijepog grada.

Pozdrav svima sa Smrikve i vidimo se sljedeće godine kada će moj brat Andrej učestvovati na turniru i želim da sljedeći Smrikva Bowl u svemu nadmaši ovaj.

Pula, 2008
Katarina Jokić

Dobar dan gospodine Božoviću,

Evo da Vam se javim nakon tjedna u teniskoj Akademiji u Parizu. Lijep osjećaj je otići negdje u nepoznato i upoznati nove prijatelje.

Pogotovo što sam vidio nešto novo i to još u tenisu kojim se i sam bavim. Put iz Züricha pa preko Basela, Strasburga do Parisa protekao je vrlo brzo. Vozili smo se naravno u TGV-u.

Paris me dojmio ono što sam vidio jako velik i lijep grad. No taj dan nisam mogao vidjedi baš puno toga. Čekao nas je taksi i odvezao ravno u Akademiju.

Rano ustajanje, doručak, ugrijavanje, tenis trening, ručak pa poslije kondinacioni trening, pa tenis trening i na kraju stretching. To je bila moja svakodnevnica.

Ja sam to lako podnosio jer sam naučen takvom radu i u Švicarskoj. Možda za promjenu hrana mi nije odgovarala svaki dan. Ali sam jako zadovoljan što sam vidio i upoznao nešto novo.

Smatram da je to veliko iskustvo za mene a i za moga trenera Borisa. Rado ću ići još koji put!!!

Na kraju tjedna u subotu bili smo Boris i ja na razgledavanju Parisa. Ono malo vremena proveli smo razgledavajuci Paris. Vidjeli smo Eiffelovoga tornja, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Montparnassov neboder (najbrži lift na svijetu, vozili smo se u tom liftu). Neboder je 205m velik. I vidjeli smo crkvu Notre Dame. U nedjelju ujutro vratili smo TGV-om natrag u Zürich.

Puno pozdrava,

Pula, 2008
Luka Panić


My opinion about the tournament is that they were very good host, it was my first time playing on red clay in Croatia. It was hot but a nice breeze. I liked the club we stayed in. The players were good. I liked Smrikva Bowl. It was nice.

Pula, 2007
Ndindi Ndunda

This tournament has been a great experience. I made a lot of friends.

Pula, 2007
Domonique Garley

Thank you for making this tournament. It was a lot of experience. I met a lot of friends like Ndindi who was very mean to me and other great players.

Pula, 2007
Eduardo Nava

I think is very good. It is the first time I played on clay.

Pula, 2007
Lloyd Harris (RSA)

Hi I love this tournament. Thanks for everything.

Pula, 2007
Virginia Pena, Gigi

Ovaj turnir mi se svidio zbog gostoprimstva i zbog toga što sam upoznala nove prijatelje. Bila sam i prošle godine, tada sam igrala, a ove godine na žalost ne igram jer sam 96.godište, ali nema veze. Svima pozdrav.

Pula, 2007
Ariana Rabac

I like so much tennis club, very nice city, nice people, good player but not crocodile on the courts.

Pula, 2007
Crocodile coach Maco

Sono contento di aver partecipato a questo torneo internazionale. Questo torneo mi ha fatto capire che ci sono altri bambini piu forti di me. Spero di migliorare ancora molto e di vincere con bambini piu forti di me. P.S. Ci vediamo il prossimo anno!

Pula, 2007
Matteo Mingori

Io sono molto felice di aver partecipato allo Smrikva Bowl anche se ho perso agli ottavi. Pero da giocare mi resta sempre la consolazione. Per adesso sono solo ai quarti. Speriamo di fare un buon risultato!

Pula, 2007
Nicolo De Fraia

Io sono molto contento di aver partecipato allo Smrikva Bowl e di aver giocato con giocatori molto forti e sono felice di restare in gara e fare un buon risultato. Finale o vincita.

Pula, 2007
Sasha Merzetti

Sono contento di aver partecipato allo Smrikva Bowl, non ho fatto un gran torneo pero’ ho visto a che punto sono gli altri e a che punto sono io.

Pula, 2007
Paolo Dagnino

Nama je jako drago što smo učestvovali na ovom turniru. Jako je lepo organizovan. Nama se jako dopada ovaj turnir i zato smo učestvovali u njemu.

Pula, 2007
Milica Vučković (Novi Sad)

Nagyon jó volt itt lenni kár, hogy tavaly nem tudtunk erről a versenyről! Ez a legszebb pálya, amin gyerekkoromban jártam és remélem más is ezt gondolja, aki nem azt hagyjuk. Remélem másnak is ennyi boldogságot és küzdő szellemet ad majd ez a verseny. Én a legjobban Conzdtanza Peranak drukkolok, aki az egyik nagy tehetség itt.
Sok sikert! Hajrá!!!

Pula, 2007
Bekefi Bianka

Ja sam Alek Gracin, ovdje mi je super i najbolji turnir koji sam igrao. Upoznao sam puno prijatelja.

Pula, 2007
Alek Gracin (Zagreb)

Ja se zovem Ana Konjuh. Živim u Dubrovniku. Treniram 4 godine. Bilo mi je lijepo ovdje. Nadam se da će te organizirati turnir do 12 godina da mogu opet doći upoznati nove prijatelje i odigrati turnir.

Pula, 2007
Ana Konjuh (Dubrovnik)

Proveo sam predivna tri dana na turniru. Ušao sam u osminu finala i jako sam sretan.

Pula, 2007
Alen Rogić Hadžalić

Bilo mi je super na Smrikva Bowlu. Bila je dobra organizacija. Došao sam do četvrtfinala u utješnom turniru. Jako sam zadovoljan.

Pula, 2007
Fran Tonejc

Bilo mi je lepo. Upoznao sam mnogo drugara. Zahvaljujem se svojim navijačima, drugarima i organizatorima što su odlično organizovali ovaj turnir.

Pula, 2007
Stefan Lazarević

Ovde u Smrikvama mi je bilo jako lepo iako se nisam proslavio sa rezultatima. Upoznao sam dosta drugara i drugarica iz raznih zamalja. Žao mi je što ne mogu doći sledeće godine da učestvujem na ovom lepom turniru.

Pula, 2007
Mateja Cvetičanin

Ja sam Ivana Jorović, ovde mi je bilo super i najbolji turnir koji sam igrala. Organizatori su super. Žalim što ne mogu i sledeće godine da igram. Pozdrav.

Pula, 2007
Ivana Jorović

Pula je jako lep grad ali teniski tereni Smrikve ga čine još lepšim. Šteta da nisam postigla nikakav uspeh na turniru ali sam izvukla pouku. Žao mi je što ovde nemogu doći i sledeće godine jer ću tada imati 11 godina. Pozdravljam sve organizatore i zahvaljujem se na poklonima za tombolu.

Pula, 2007
Ksenija Dmitrović

To the organisation of Smrikva Bowl. Thank you so much, your house is beautiful and the courts and wonderful.

Pula, 2007

Thank you so much for the wonderful courts and house and water.

Pula, 2007

Thanks so much for the lovelly sandwiches and water I had so much fun. The clay courts were brilliant.

Pula, 2007

Thanks you so much for letting as play in the tournament. It was great fun and a great experience. The olive will be great.

Pula, 2007


Smrikva Bowl je super organizovan turnir. Sve je veselo, šareno i lepo. Naravno nebi tako bilo da nije teta Danice i čika Tome. Zbog toga im se zahvaljujem i nadam se da ću ponovo doći u teniski klub SMRIKVE!!!

Pula, 2006
Luka Živojnov Srbija O.T.K. ‘Polet’ Vršac

Smrikva Bowl je super organizovan turnir zahvaljujuci Danici i Tomi i njihovom sinu. Volela bih da oraganizuju neki turir do 12 godina na smrikvi!!! Svima poljubac.

Pula, 2006
Petra Kuzmanović Srbija

Smrikva Bowl je najbolje organizovan turnir za sada. Najviše mi se svidelo sađenje masline i izvlačenje brojeva.

Pula, 2006
Iva Ivković Srbija

Smrikva Bowl je najbolje organizovan turnir. Ovdje sam bio prošle godine, ali sada mi je puno ljepše.

Pula, 2006
Aziz Kijametović, Bosna i Hercegovina

Smrikva Bowl je odlično organiziran turnir. Nadamo se de će mo i iduće godine doći i lijepo se zabaviti. Sve je super organizirano.

Pula, 2006
Stefano Mudrić Zagreb

Prekrasan ambient, divni domaćini, nezaboravno druženje ostaće zauvek u mom pamćenju. Drago mi je što ću i sledeće godine doći u kamp sa svojim klubom.

Pula, 2006
Dunja Vukelić O.T.K. ‘Polet’ Vršac

The Smrikva Bowl is really exciting! I am having so much fun travelling in Europe. I have met a lot of people. Croatia is a lot different where I live which is Dallas, TX. I will never forget this experience.
Thank you very much Mio!

Pula, 2006
Daniel Maese GO USA!

El Smrikva Bowl fue una experiencia muy grata para mi. La organizacion es muy buena y el hecho de juntar ninos de tantos paises y culturas diferentes me parecio muy lindo.
Buona Suerte

Pula, 2006
Sebastian Vazquez (Quinzi’s coach)

Drago mi je što sam došla ovdje igrati turnir do 10 godina i nadam se da će te organizirati turnir do 12 godina pa da se opet vidimo. Bilo mi je lijepo ovdje.

Pula, 2006
Anja Bebić , Metković, Croatia

Drago mi je što sam uspjela doći na ovaj turnir, a još visš mi je drago što sam igrala finale. Nisam pobjedila, ali šta ću biće i drugih prilika. Organizatori su odlični. Nisam dobila biciklu, ali sam dobila reket i time sam puno zadovoljna.

Pula, 2006

Grazia dell’ospitalita’ e complimenti a tutti i bambini.

Pula, 2006
Matilde, Sofia

Thank you so much for the hospitality that was extended to the U.S.A. team. We appreciate it so very much. This is a very fulfilling experience and we have a very pleasant and wonderful time here in Pula. The Smrikva Bowl is well organized and a fun experience especially for the children. We thank Mio and his family especially for their kindness in making our stay here a very memorable one. Our sightseeing tour with Marina was a wonderful one. Thank you Marina. We love Pula especially Smrikva Bowl!!!

Pula, 2006
Maria from New York

Questo torneo significa tanto per me perche’ l’ho fatto 3 volte e vincerlo e’ stata una gioia. Penso che questo torneo sia il piu’ bello che ho partecipato. Saluti alla mia amica Saska.

Pula, 2006
Gianluigi Quinzi
Patty “10”

I really love the Smrikva Bowl tournament because it is a beautiful club and the people are very friendly. I enjoyed the tennis matches and playing with my friends and all the animals. I shall treasure all my gifts. I hope everybody comes to play the Smrikva Bowl!
Thank you
Lots of love

Pula, 2006
Eleanor Dean

In questo meraviglioso angolo d’Istria si respira ogni anno ai primi di luglio un aria ed atmosfera particolare. Le emozioni che lo Smrikva Bowl sa diffondere sono uniche. La terra rossa dei suoi campi assieme al verde dello Smrikva che circonda l’ambiente sono le cornici dell’evento under 10 tennistico piu’ importante del Mondo.

Grazie alla sua tradizione, alla capacita’ organizzativa della famiglia Bozovic ed alla affluenza internazionale che tutti i partecipanti hanno saputo trasmettere. Questo torneo ha nel tempo abbracciato la semplicita’ e la familiarita’ con il fascino e l’importanza che solo le grandi manifestazioni sanno dare.

E cosi’ il colore di quei campi e il profumo di quei cespugli ricordano, lasciando a seguire, sensazioni di posti lontani e molto piu’ famosi.

E forse, magari per una volta sola, sognare si sente legittimo.

Pula, 2006
Luca Quinzi

Thank you for asking me to be here. It is very different to Scotland. Much hotter!

I met lots of people it was great. I will tell lots of people about it at home.

Pula, 2006
Ross James Wilson

Meni se jako sviđa ovaj turnir zato što je dobro organiziran i zato što sam upoznao nove prijatelje.

Pula, 2006
Filip Kraljević, Rijeka

Ovaj turnir je primjer svima, kako se organiziraju turniri za djecu. Sve pohvale!

Pula, 2006
Gordan Kraljević

Ovo mi je najljepši turnir do sada, zbog toga što sam upoznala djecu iz drugih zemalja, družila se s njima a opet u igri bili su moji ljuti protivnici. Sve mi je bilo super naročito finale i na kraju dodijela pehara. Voljela bih ponovo doći i boriti se za glavnu nagradu ali žao mi je što nemam dva puta deset godina. Nadam se da će te upriličiti turnir i do 12 godina da ponovo dodjem u “Smrikve Bowl”

Pula, 2006
Pozdrav iz Metkovića – Anja Bebić


Me ha gustado mucho porque estaba muy bien organizado y que habia consolacion para poder jugar mas y lo de la loteria y los premios.

Pula, 2005
Nuria Ormeno Ruiz

Ja sam Donna Vekić zivim u Osijeku. Ovaj turnir mi se jako sviđa jer bude tombola, besplatni sokovi i sendviči. HVALA I VIDIMO SE SLJEDEĆE GODINE.

Pula, 2005
Donna Vekić

Este torneo esta muy bien organizado me a gustado mucho. Me gustaria venir todos los anos, me he divertido mucho con vosotros. Hasta el ano que viene.

Pula, 2005
Laura Martin Lozano

Me ha gustado muchisimo este torneo, ha sido una oportunidad muy bonita, en un torneo benjamin que ya no voy a poder disfrutar en mi vida. Me lo he pasado muy bien. Muchos besos y saludos.

Pula, 2005
Maria Martin Lozano

Este torneo me ha gustado mucho porque tiene muy bien todas las instalaciones y tambien he conocido muchos ninos y tambien he visto el nivel que tenian todos. Muchos besos.

Pula, 2005
Claudia Herrero Garcia

Ovaj mi se turir jako sviđao. Upoznala sam nove prijatelje, bilo mi je super s vama se družiti. Vidimo se sljedeće godine.

Pula, 2005
Fani Burić

Ovaj turir mi je super jer je dobro organiziran i zato što sam upoznao nove prijatelje.

Pula, 2005
Zvonimir Babić

Sve je super. Dva puta smo bili na ovom turniru. Više ne možemo na turnir kao natjecatelji, ali doći ćemo kao gledaoci.

Pula, 2005
Vlado Babić

Turnir je super organizovan, imalo je mnogo više devojčica nego prošle godine. Žao mi je što više neću doći na ovaj turnir, zato što ću imati jedanaest godina. Želala bih da ima ovakav turnir i do dvanaest godina da bi mogla učestvovati na njemu.

Pula, 2005
Saška Gavrilovska

Turnir je jako lep. Organizacija je odlična i imalo je mnogo devojčica. Ja sam veoma srećna što sam došla i što se takmičim ovde. Smrikva Bowl je stvarno lep. Ovo je bio jedan od lepših snova.

Pula, 2005
Kristina Ostojić

Sono molto contento di aver giocato con bambini di altre nazioni e il posto e’molto bello.

Pula, 2005
Matteo Donati

In the match at 4:00 I didn’t play too good. I lost my concentration as I had a tough game on the same day. But I gained lots of experience from this well organised tournament.

Pula, 2005
Harry Busby

Ćao! Ja sam Sara Šoštar. Ovaj “Smrikva Bowl” turnir super je organizovan i pripremljen! Mnogo lepih utisaka sam i zapisala u ovu drugarsku “knjigu utisaka” sa ovog turnira. Na ovom turniru ušla sam u polu finale utešnog i sutra igram za treće mesto. Vaš klub je jako lepo sređen, a smatra se da će biti još lepši. Tužna sam zbog toga što sam 1995. godište i sledeće godine neću učestvovati na ovom divnom turniru. Takođe bila sam iznenađena jednim malim nesporazumom. Jako mi je drago što sam učesnik ovog festivala. Taj turnir nazivam “Festival” jer je jako lep. Puno pozdrava dragoj Tamari i Miodragu i organizatorima turnira Danici i Tomislavu. Cmok do dvanestogodišnjeg turnira.

Pula, 2005
Sara Šoštar

Ja sam igrao na ovom turniru 2001. i 2002. godine. Ali, moram priznati da je ovaj turnir sve bolji svake godine.

Pula, 2005
Sven Živković

Caro Miodrag, sento il bisogno di esprimere ammirazione per la manifestazione. L’idea di trasmettere attraverso un torneo di tennis valori importanti e’vincente. Lo sport deve servire soprattutto a questo e ricordarlo ogni tanto, come voi avete saputo fare con la giusta misura ed eleganza puo’ giovare a tutto il movimento. Il valore di una manifestazione sta nella sostanza e credo che l’esperienza di PULA rimarra’ per sempre viva nella nostra memoria.
Vi auguro di crescere ancora, un saluto

Pula, 2005
Roberto Marchegiani

This tournament was an experience for me because the courts are clay and back in California I played on hard courts. Pula is very beautiful, especially at the harbour. It was so clean. I went on a fisherman’s boat for sight seeing and I enjoyed it. I even got to be a captain for a while. I couldn’t wait to tell my mom. I’m a very lucky kid, not that many children goes to Europe in my school. I’ve also brought souvenirs to remember this exciting summer.

Pula, 2005
Dorothy Tang

I took 1 day and ½ to get here. I stayed here for 4 days. I had fun. I played 2 matches and lost 1st one, 6-2, 6-4, then, 6-2, 6-3. I made some friends. Lots of them. It was a fun tournament. I saw lots of roman stuff. Our team names were: Todd (coach), Jose Gracia, Yale Goldberg and Dorothy Tang.

Pula, 2005
Jeffrey Schorsch


Turnir je super organiziran. Upoznao sam puno prijatelja. Protivnici su bili neki slabiji a neki jači. A ja i Miki ćemo razbiti amerikance.

Pula, 2004
Ivan Levar

Danas sam odigrao finale. Prvi put sam igrao sa dečkom iz druge zemlje. Upoznao sam puno drugara.

Pula, 2004
Miki Janković

The Smrikva Bowl was very nice and organized. I got some very good matches and I got to go sightseeing. Thank you for the hospitality.

Pula, 2004
Blair Shankle U.S.A. team

Siete dei miti, continuate cosi’ perche’ state andando benissimo e tenete alto l’onore dei tennisti. Ciao.

Pula, 2004
Filippo Saloli

Ovaj turnir je super organiziran. Nikada nisam bila na boljem turniru. Super sam ga odigrala. Ušla sam u polufinale i izgubila. Sutradan sam se borila za treće mjesto. Dobla sam taj meč i bila treća.

Ovo mi je bio prvi ovakav turnir. Ja bih voljela da dođem i dogodine, ali ne mogu jer imam 10 god. Neću biti tužna jer ima još turnira. Igrala sam puno turnira, ali ovaj mi je bio najbolji. Drago mi je što sam ga igrala, ali nema veze što ga nisam osvojila samo što je vazno da sam upoznala prijatelje i dobro se zabavila.

Hvala mojoj prijateljici što mi je rekla za ovaj turnir. Ja bih htjela da ima više ovakvih turnira. Teško mi je otići.

Pula, 2004
Barbara Krvavac (Hrvatska)

Vabbe’ finalmente so arrivata in dogana so passata e la finale b me so sudata.

Pula, 2004
Giorgia Stridacchio (de Roma)

Igrala sam mnogo turnira, ali ovaj je bio najbolji. Žao mi je što nisam osvojila bicikl, ali vrijedilo je doći. Željela bih da ima više ovakvih turnira.

Pula, 2004
Husarić Anita

Sono molto fiero della vostra organizzazione. Continuate cosi’. Ciao.

Pula, 2004
Daniele Benussi

Ovaj turnir je veoma lijep i ima puno jakih igrača.

Pula, 2004

I like the matches here at Smrikva Bowl, it was pretty hard. The U.S. team was the best.

Pula, 2004
Anna Mamlat

Sono molto contento di aver partecipato a questo torneo, mi sono divertito molto e ho conosciuto nuovi amici.
Grazie. Ciao

Pula, 2004
Giacomo Campus (Milano) Italia

Na ovom turniru mi je bilo sjajno, a ima i lijepih cura.

Pula, 2004

The Smrikva Bowl was very succesful and a lot of fun. I had two tough matches.

Pula, 2004
Ryan Andrada U.S.A. team


Ovim turnirom sam razveselila sve, čak sam napravila dobar rezultat i na kraju se nadam odličnim rezultatima u Americi.

Pula, 2003
Silvia Njirić (Zagreb)

I think this tournament is good. I have to go now. C U in America. J.

Pula, 2003
Jennifer Ren (UK)


Doživljaj sa letnjeg raspusta

Radujem se svakom raspustu, ali mi je ovaj dosad bio naj uzbudljiviji. Nikad neću zaboraviti putovanje u Pulu, turnir koji sam tamo igrao, i letovanje posle turnira.

Putovavnje je bilo naporno i dugo . Putovali smo skoro ceo dan, autobusom, pa vozom i opet autobusom. Sutra dan je počeo turnir. Skupilo se puno dece iz devet država: Španije, Italije, Švajcarske, Nemačke, Mađarske, Slovenije, Hrvatske, Bosne i Hercegovine, i Jugoslavije. Tri dana smo se svi lepo družili , i pored tenisa igrali raznih igara. I ivan i ja stigli smo do polufinala, onda smo ispali od Španca i Italijana. Posle toga domaćini su nas zadržali još nedelju dana na letovanju. Dva puta dnevno išli smo na kupanje. Našli smo puno školjki, puno smo plivali i šetali se.

Nedelju dana prošlo je za tren, isto tako brzo prošao mi je i ostatak raspusta, ali ovih doživljaja iz Pule sećaću se najduže.

Pula, 2002
Matej Sabanov

Pues este torneo ha tenido mucho nivel y me ha gustado llegar a ganarlo. Y estoy muy contento de haberlo ganado. Y tambien felicito a la organizacion.

Pula, 2002
Javier Marti (Madrid)

Questo torneo mi e’ piaciuto molto, l’organizzazione e’ stata ottima e questo torneo me lo ricordero’ sempre.

Pula, 2002
Martina Caregaro (Aosta)

E’ stato un bel torneo, ci siamo divertiti molto. Abbiamo conosciuto molte altre persone che speriamo di incontrare presto.

Un saluto da,

Pula, 2002
Luca Margaroli


Pula, 2002
Federico Gaio

Bok, ja sam Ajla Tomljanović

Ovdje sam prvi put na ovom turniru. Ovaj turnir mi je jako lijepo i voljela bih da je takav svaki. Na ovom turniru nije bilo lako ali, došla sam do finala.

Puno pozdrava,

Pula, 2002
Ajla Tomljanović – TK Podsused

Ovo je moj najbolji turnir.

Puno pozdrava i HVALA!

Pula, 2002
Luka Sablić

Puno pozdrava i hvala!

Pula, 2002
Ema Burgić


Svaka čast ovdje je prekrasno jedan od najljepših i najčistijih klubova u Hrvatskoj.

Pula, 2001
Marin Boban

Sve najbolje klubu Smrikva. Dobiješ što god hoćeš i ujedno se zabavljaš.

Iako svaki dan provodim ovdje meni je ovo najljepši klub.

Pula, 2001

Na ovom turniru sve je prekrasno ma makar neko izgubi od tvojih prijatelja. I ako svoje sate ljetnog vikenda provodim tu to je ipak bolje nego da se odmaram doma.

Pula, 2001
Romina Samardžić

Ja sam mala Eva Labinac. Meni je tu lijepo! (2.5 god.)

Pula, 2001

Meni je ovdje jako dobro.

Pula, 2001
Frenki Dedaj

Meni je ovo najljepši turnir koji sam ikada odigrala. I svake godine sam tu! 3 god. zaredom. jako dobro.

Pula, 2001
Ema Mikulčić

Ovdje sam 1. put i jako mi je lijepo. Upoznala sam puno prijateljica.

Pula, 2001
Kristi Kelava

Ovo je najbolji klub u kojem sam doasad igrao turnir.

Pula, 2001
Marin Draganja

Dragim organizatorima i svim sudionicima turnira zahvaljujemo na dobrom turniru u moje ime i u ime teniskog kluba “Pećine”

Pula, 2001
Andrea Kapetanović, Romina Samardžić, Luka, Boro,…

Ovdje sam već treći put. Odlična organizacij, skupljači loptica i sudac u finalu. Turnir koji se svima najviše sviđa. Posebno želim čestitati Marinu Draganji iz Splita koji me savladao u finalu sa rezultatom 9/5.

Pula, 2001
Dino Marcan

Poštovani Smrikovci!

Prepuni utisaka kao prvo moram izdvojiti sreću da sam upoznao takve ljude.

Organizacija turnira, ambijent, cela ideja već mi j toliko jasno da znam da ću se vrlo brzo moći sa ponosom hvaliti a je to taj najugledniji turnir kojeg će poznavati celi svet.

Želim da do ranga najjačeg turnira za ovja uzrast dignete najbrze (dve godine) Nadam se da ću i sam moći makar minimalno doprineti.

Još jednom hvala šte ste mi omogućili da ovako nešto doživimo.

Pula, 2001
Zlatko Sabanov – tata, Nada Sabanov – mama i djeca: Sabanov Aleksandar, Sabanov Nikola, Matej. S. Ivan. S.


Bilo je prekrasno! Upoznala sam mnogo novih prijatelja. Nikad neću zaboraviti ovaj turnir SMRIKVA.

Pula, 2000
Tereza Mrdeža (Porec)

Tanti saluti al club SMRIKVA!

Pula, 2000
Adelchi Virgili (Firenze)

Mio-caro-GRAD E’ stato un lampo questo torneo che ha illuminato il buio dove spesso brancoliamo noi guide di giovani apprendisti tennisti. L’ospitalita’ della buona gente istriana, il cibo squisito di Maria, l’irruente gentilezza di Dana che ci ha fatto sentire come da sempre a casa nostra, nel cuore un angolo rimarra’ a conservare questo ricordo. E Bobo che alza la Coppa come a “Wimbledon” (ha 5 o 6 anni come hai detto tu!!!), per lui un bel sogno vissuto qui in miniatura. E poi c’e’ Augusto e il sogno continuera’ speriamo anche attraverso questo luogo.
Grazie Mio-caro-grad!

Pula, 2000
Alessandro Virgili (Firenze)

Ovaj turnir je bio najbolji do sada.

Pula, 2000
Marko Pogorelić (Split)

Prvi put sam ovdje sa djecom i jednostavno nemam riječi za pohvalu. Sve je super i ludo se zabavljamo. Ovo je do sada najljepši turnir za djecu. Želim vam još puno Smrikva kupova i puno dobrih igrača. Vidimo se slijedeće godine.

Pula, 2000
Trener: Tonči Andrijašević (Rijeka)
Igraci: Dino Marcan i Karlo Tudor

Šteta da slijedeće godine ne mogu nastupiti na “Smrikvi”, jer je ovo najljepši turnir sa puno poklona i za poražene.

Pula, 2000
Toni Kranjec

Anche se non ho giocato questo torneo perche’ non sono under 10 mi sarebbe piaciuto partecipare a questo torneo perche’ mi ha veramente complita l’idea della finale come se i finalisti fossero dei baby professionisti.

Tanti saluti e auguri per i prossimi tornei.

Pula, 2000
Alexa Virgili

Un grazie di tutto il cuore per questi due bellissimi giorni passati insieme!

Pula, 2000
Luisa Virgili


Ovdje je jako lijepo, stigao sam u polufinale Štinjana. Najviše mi se sviđa bicikla. Ima mnogo djece pa se mogu igrati, ljuljati i trčati ko kući.

Pula, 1999
Filip Šetić

Turnir djevojčica do 10g. u Štinjanu organiziran je bio odlično. Domaćin i organizator su se potrudili da se osjećamo ugodno.

Puno mladih talenat, dobre igre. Sve u svemu super!! Dolazimo i druge godine.

Pula, 1999
Josipa Sabol (Čakovec)

Un luogo molto bello con persone squisite e gentili. Sono rimasto molto bene. A presto.

Pula, 1999
Torcosio Vincenzo

Tle v Štinjanu je super. Prišli smo iz Kopra in je bilo lepo.

Pula, 1999
Lavrgna Alesandra, Miha, Sandra, Lepa i Milo

Najljubazniji, najrazigraniji, najdarežljiviji turnir. Zahvalni smo i radosni zbog sudjelovanja. Dijelimo vašu želju da ovaj turnir preraste u sve što mu današnji organizatori žele.

Pula, 1999
Obitelj Hajduković (Rijeka)

Bilo je predivno, dobro organizirano. Nadamo se da će ovakvnih turnira biti sve više i da će svake godine biti sve brojniji i posjećeniji. Zahvaljujemo na trudu i gostoprimstvu. Želimo Vam puno uspjeha i vidimo se do godine!

Pula, 1999
TK Pećine (Rijeka)

Zahvaljujemo organizatorima turnira SMRIKVE CUP; 1999 na prekrasnoj organizaciji i na gostoprimstvu. Osjećali smo se ova tri dana kao da smo jedna velika teniska obitelj. Ovaj osjećaj je teško opisati riječima i zato se nadam da će se kroz ove dvije riječi makar naslutiti ono što osjećamo VELIKO HVALA.

Pula, 1999
Obitelj Mudronja (Šibenik)

I ja, Borko Mudronja zahvaljujem svima koji su mi omogućili da odigram ovaj turnir. Moja pobjeda na turniru, pehar i bicikla će ostati zauvijek u mom sjećanju kao najljepša uspomena. Svim mojim prijateljima koji dolaze poslije mene želim da odigraju ovaj turnir, da ga osvoje i da dožive ovaj osjećaj kao ja. Puno pozdrava. Pobjednik turnira.

Pula, 1999
Borko Mudronja (Šibenik)

Ho giocato in tanti posti ma il piu bello e’ stato qui a Pola. Tante grazie a tutti e arrivederci.

Pula, 1999
Astrid Besser (Pistoia)

Bez konkurencije najbolja organizacija dječjeg turnira u tenisu. Zahvaljujemo svima što ste nas tako lijepo ugostili i čestitamo od srca na uspijehu. Želja nam je da ovo postane i ostane prelijepa tradicija za ponos Pule, Istre i svih ljudi u lijepoj nam Hrvatskoj.

Pula, 1999
Obitelj Popović (Zadar)


U Štinjanu je krasno. Osvojila sam biciklu i dvadeseti pehar. Hvala teti Danici i gospodinu Nikoli.

Pula, 1998
Mateja Horvat (Čakovec)


Možemo vam puno zahvaliti na dobroj organizaciji, zato što smo jako lijepo primljeni. Osjećali smo se jako lijepo, po ovoj vašoj organizaciji po nama bi u budućnosti zavredili veći nivo. Kada nam bude mogučnost uvijek ćemo pokušati se naći ponovo tu kod vas.

Pula, 1997
Nikola Vučić (Amsterdam)

Ovo nam je bio prvi susret sa TK Štinjan. Ugodno smo iznenanđeni, i to u pozitivnom smislu. Cijela organizacija je bila na zavidnoj razini. Ugodan ambijent, ljubaznost domaćina, sve je to doprinjelo lijepo provedenom vikendu. Nadamo se ponovnom susretu.

Pula, 1997
Obitelj Kota (Zagreb)

To je prvi put što sam ovdje, nekako sam se čudno osjećala. Upoznala sam puno prijatelja i prijateljica. Kući imam psa i mačku. Mačka mi se zove Maca, a pas Lord.

Puno pozdrava!

Pula, 1997
Iva Štiković (Poreč)

U ova tri dana vidjela sam ono što sam zamišljala u svojim snovima i vizijama o dječjem tenisu. Od srca hvala TETI DANI i svim vrijednim, ljubaznim i dragim ljudima Teniskog kluba “SMRIKVE”.

Pula, 1997
Danica Popović (Zadar)

Najiskrenije pohvale na organizaciji turnira i prijemu djece. Hvala teti Dani i svima koji su se trudili da nam ovi dani budu ovako ugodni.

Pula, 1997
Branko i Boris Popović

Najljepše vam se zahvaljujemo na vašem gostoprimstvu i ljubaznosti. Čestitke organizatorima ovog turnira i na prekrasnim nagradama.

Pula, 1997
Ivana Lisjak (Čakovec)

Iako smo do sada obisli cijelu Lijepu Našu, najljepše nam je bilo na Smrikva Cup-u. Izuzetna gostoljubljivost, topao prijem, domaća atmosfera, primjerena organizacija, nezaboravno finale i prelijepe nagrade. Hvala za ovakav “Smrikva Cup”.

Pula, 1997
Obitelj Krička (Zadar)

Učesnik sam 2. Smrikva cupa 1997. Osvojio sam moj 5. i najljepši pehar i biciklu. Još mi je draže što je bilo veselje i druženje. Hvala vam puno.

Pula, 1997
Željko Perić (Split)

Na takmičenju “Smrikva Cup 97” doživjeli smo nešto što smo odavno tražili u sportu! Čini nam se da smo ovako nešto i zamišljali kad smo ušli u tenis i sport. Ipak, znamo da se sve ovo nije moglo dogoditi bez dobrih ljudi i žrtve pojedinaca. Nemamo riječi!

Vašu ideju sporta i takmičenja širiti ćemo gdje god budemo učestvovali! Hvala! Sretno! Sigurni smo da ćemo se vidjeti i susreti.

Pula, 1997
Obitelj Perić (Split)


Hvala na svemu, osjećali smo se ugodno, a i Smrikva turnir organiziran je na zavidnoj razini. Vjerujem da će i slijedećih godina se nastaviti ovaj prekrasni turnir. Doći cemo opet!

Pula, 1996
Jadranko Višak (Mali Lošinj)

Zahvaljujemo se na dobro organiziranom turniru te zahvaljujemo organizatoru na jako vrijednim nagradama koje je osigurao.

Pula, 1996
Obitelj Zuliani

Zahvaljujemo na velikoj gostoljubivosti. Organizacija i dodjela nagrada je za nas dosada jedan od najboljih i najvrijednijih.

Želimo Vam i dalje mnogo uspjeha u radu.

S poštovanjem.

Pula, 1996
Obitelj Galina

Organizacija turnira bila je na najvišem nivou. Posebno se dojmila gostoljubivost organizatora.

Zahvaljujemo organizatoru na svemu što su nam pružili i želimo Vam i dalje mnogo uspjeha u radu.

Pula, 1996
Obitelj Kos

Organizacija turnira na profesionalnoj razini. Gostoljubivost domaćina izuzetna.

Zahvaljujemo se i očekujemo susret iduće godine.

Pula, 1996
Markota Zdenko

Cosmopolite book
La Bottega di Smrikve Istria from Smrikve