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29th Smrikva Bowl 2024 will be played from (22nd) 24th till 29th of June 2024… “seeds of the Legends of tomorrow” story…

29th SMRIKVA BOWL 2024 Presentation with Application Instructions (pdf ~2.04 MB)


The application form – included in the above presentation – must be completed in full with Capital Letter’s and be sent by e-mail (in PDF or jpg format) indicated in the presentation. It is important to complete all the information requested in the forms and to provide all the other relevant information requested.

The number of players is limited to 64 in total (32 boys + 32 girls) => there are few places available per country. Top players from each country will be preferred. 29th Smrikva Bowl 2024 is reserved for the players born in 2014 ONLY.

Deadline for applications: 30th March 2024 (we reserve the right to bring forward this deadline date if the number of applications received from qualifying TOP players exceed the total number of 32+32 players we can invite)

Each player will receive by e – mail confirmation that the application form has been received… Invited players and players from outside Europe ranked #1 in their country, which provide all the required information, may receive confirmation of their acceptance before the deadline date. Other players will receive confirmation as to whether or not their application has been successful no later then 8th April 2024.

Accepted players are eligible to present their candidacy for the 8th Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week 2024.

For any additional questions you may have regarding the Smrikva Bowl or your application, after reading with attention the presentation, please address those to: miodrag_bozovic@ yahoo.it

Past Smrikva Bowl players and accepted 29th Smrikva Bowl 2024 players are eligible to present their candidacy for the Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week 2024.

8th Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week (SBTTFW) 2024 (20/4-27/4/2024 & 28/4-5/5/2024) Introduction of the Program and Application (pdf ~1.18 MB)

SBM+FHW 2024 is a holiday opportunity dedicated to past SB players – already high level ATP/WTA professionals.

Smrikva Bowl M plus Family Holiday Week (SBM+FHW) 2023 (pdf ~0.47 MB)

Smrikve Village is home to Smrikva Bowl

28th Smrikva Bowl 2023 Draws and Results, Press Release, Photo Gallery

28th Smrikva Bowl 2023 Draws and Results

28th Smrikva Bowl 2023 Press Release

28th Smrikva Bowl 2023 Photo Gallery

Historical Smrikva Bowl Draws and Results (1996-2022)



21st of September - Smrikva Bowl Ambassador Day - 29th annual Smrikva Bowl 2024 "seeds of the Legends" research begins

Dear Smrikva Bowl and Smrikve friends!

It is 21st of September 2023, Smrikva Bowl Ambassador’s Day (“SBA” Day), and time to start to build another “seeds of the Legends” edition and open the 29th annual candidacy process…

Smrikva Bowl Ambassador’s Day is the day when we celebrate the opening of the new selection process for the 29th edition and talents born in 2014… that is scheduled for the end of June 2024.

Our over 2400 SB seeds spread in 101 country continue to write “seeds of the Legends”story… and year after year this human Smrikva living tree continue to be an inspiration and hope for the kids nurturing particular passion for the game of tennis…

This year Wimbledon 2023 was a very special moment for Smrikva Bowl seed Carlos Alcaraz – Carlitos who played an amazing match with Nole.

Some months before, Dino Prizmic won junior Roland Garros 2023 title… and a bit more than a week ago at US OPEN 2023, Mara Gae won junior doubles US Open 2023 title…

You can plant a seed… you can plant a dream… you need patience and you have to believe…

Thanks to 2400 SB seeds for writing the most different and inspiring stories for the children of tomorrow! Establishing some new records that will inspire others to overcome… after 26 years of planting seeds around the globe starting with 12th of September 2022 the Smrikva Bowl had the first #1 ATP ranked player…

There must be some true in the saying that: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams…”

… 1300+ signed books arriving from 80 countries continue to be part of the Smrikva Bowl Heritage Library…

… over 1900 names were given by 19 SB generations to the old Smrikva Bowl olive trees… and for the third time we bottled already very special Smrikva Bowl Heritage Olive Oil…

… 46 Grand Slam titles (including junior titles) are conquered by 35 former Smrikva Bowl players…
… 97 professional ATP/WTA titles (3 Grand Slam titles)…
… 1 golden Olympic medal and 1 silver Olympic medal…
… 79 players reached TOP 200 ATP/WTA…
… 39 players reached TOP 100 ATP/WTA… and there are always Smrikva Bowl names among the winners of the most prestige under 12, 14, 16, 18 tournaments around the World…

There are many players who already graduated from Universities and I am pleased to track how many Smrikva Bowl children had the opportunity to get scholarship in the United States thanks to their academic and tennis skills and for the moment over 295+ children were able to do it…

… I do like to list the numbers but who lived Smrikva Bowl knows that our story is always more than numbers… more than tennis… and I am grateful to the Smrikva Bowl seeds that in different ways keep inspiring us to continue to put our efforts in gathering talents in our family garden…

There are many ways to show intergenerational solidarity… and I would like to thanks players and families who were part of Smrikva Bowl and keep answering my calls to send signed gifts for each Smrikva Bowl participant of our already SB tradition named “Lucky Draw”…

This special moment is an opportunity for me to share the past players stories with children who are dreaming to follow their footprints… every present child at that moment of intergenerational celebration ceremony bring home a memory gift and I am sure they also discover a new friend to cheer for…

I was pleased to notice thanks to Facebook also that some Smrikva Bowl seeds started to form families and they keep loving the game… I do hope that very soon we might have children of Smrikva Bowl seeds playing Smrikva Bowl too…

I am also pleased to share that the 8th Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week (SBTTFW) 2024 will be held again next spring. The Family Week was born with vision to share with families some precious hints that may be of help to them in their journey. It is a long term development path and is a great holiday experience for players and families that can be lived at this young age.

There is also a new idea coming to my mind over the last years… it is important in order to allow SB seeds to make their own luck in the long run and I wish to start sharing the idea being already several seeds ready for this and I do hope to start to make it real soon with past SB players and families. This will be another family reunion opportunity in Smrikve…

Back in summer 1998, about 26 years ago, I was attending Citicorp Associate Development program in New York… this was an opportunity for me to visit the US OPEN

I do remember I had only a vision about the event I was creating… it was still just a dream about creating an inspiring event… and among my dreams I was thinking that there might come the day when
there will be 25 past Smrikva Bowl players among top 100 ATP/WTA…

I also remember the big Wilson tennis ball I bought in New York and made it a tradition for the Smrikva Bowl winners to sign it… wishing them to lift one day the US OPEN trophy… this wish become a true story when Dominic Thiem, who signed the famous ball back in 2003, lifted the real US Open trophy in 2020…

At the moment I am writing this letter there are 39 Smrikva Bowl players who actually reached top 100 ATP/WTA ranking… and last year Carlos Alcaraz lifted US Open trophy being 19 years and four months old. Carlitos become the youngest #1 ATP ranked player in the history of tennis. Some of my dreams are turning real :)…

There are 79 Smrikva Bowl players who made it into the top 200 ATP/WTA and they made in total over 180M USD in prize money. Total prize money keep increasing by an important double digits rate on yearly basis… and these are big numbers… more than big numbers these are a lot of opportunities that Smrikva Bowl seeds may spread in years to come…

There is also this idea in my mind that I wish to start sharing with Smrikva Bowl seeds…

I remember that Citicorp Associate Development program I was attending was considered at the time one of the best programs in finance on the Wall Street… I was part of an amazing class and we had amazing mentors… the one who impressed me the most at the time was Barry… he had a unique way to share his knowledge…

Those things I learned from Barry helped me understand the real financial situation of the Fiat Group back in 2001… and that knowledge actually helped this company survive one of its deepest financial crisis in its century long history…

But Barry’s words, that I vividly recall, is the story he shared with us one afternoon, at Citicorp training center building, that he is not teaching finance only to financially educated individuals like we were at the time, but he is also sharing his knowledge with successful professional athletes.

At first I did not understand why…

Why should you teach finance to someone who created so much wealth throughout their sport career that could last for centuries?

… and he explained it with very simple words… he said that many successful professionals were becoming social problems in the US… I was still not getting his point… than he told us that the majority of the professional athletes in the US were broken five years after completing their successful careers. We are talking in certain sports of about 3 out of 4 famous and successful players who spent all their wealth earned during their careers just five years after completing to play at professional level…

I learned about this challenge 26 years ago and still today this issue persist… no matter how much monetary resources you earn if you lack basic knowledge in how to manage the wealth you earned it is highly probable that you may end up among the 70%+ group of financially broken stars…

I always believed that Smrikva Bowl kids will build their own luck… and there are so many doing great… and they are doing great in most different fields… thanks to their tennis skills over 295+ received the scholarship to study in the US… and at the moment of this letter there are 27 Smrikva Bowl players made over 1M USD of prize money so far… and there more than 10 Smrikva Bowl players that will cross this financial threshold in less than a year time…

I wish to open this opportunity for the past Smrikva Bowl players to return to Smrikve and share part of my knowledge in order to help the families get some basics about the elements mentioned above… at what to pay attention…

I envisage this experience as holiday opportunity to learn something in an emotionally positive and friendly environment therefore store it into the long term memory… the SB way… visiting Smrikve with the family was always a battery recharging opportunity and always an opportunity to create good memories…

In 1996 the Smrikva Bowl story started… in 2007 the possibility to return to Smrikve for holidays in order to fine tune some tennis and human skills at „La Bottega“ started… in 2015 we started with friend Luca another family holidays opportunity known as Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week experience. Family Week is envisaged to share with families some important long term elements that can help them to increase the awareness on what to pay attention to in building their family path towards high level tennis… and I believe this last new opportunity created for the Smrikva Bowl families will further grow our „seeds of the Legends“ story…

I am pleased to share like every year few stories that are important to me and are part of the Smrikva Bowl foundation code…

For those who are not familiar with I am pleased to recall that 21st of September is the International Day of Peace, also known as the World Peace Day… and years ago this date was selected randomly to be the Smrikva Bowl Ambassadors Day (“SBA”)…

The SBA Day is celebrated on the same day as World Peace Day… and to me civil society and peace are pillars for any talent development possibility… we’ve all witnessed over the last years how easy the difficulties and challenges put in front of people can change very fast the life we are used to…

In our lives, like in a tennis match, there will be always something that will go wrong… and the same as in tennis… it is not what goes wrong that matters but our reaction to it…

If we are able to recognize potential turning points they might become a mere blips but if we fail to do it our lives might significantly change… and if things are not easy we all need to arm our selves with patience because the momentum never change quickly when is not with you…

Years ago for all the Smrikva Bowl candidates was introduced the obligation to observe the Smrikva Bowl Fair Play and Sportsmanship Code of Conduct and I am pleased to share that more you train more become natural to lead by example… only after many mistakes we have the chance to become better by learning from them… always embracing the challenge… especially when we are forced out of our comfort zone…

I do believe in a beauty of learning and inexperience is a very powerful asset. My advice during orientation day to the Smrikva Bowl children was always to use their skills and tennis racket passport to travel, experience… see the world… and I strongly believe that each of them will become very wealthy person not because of the money they might make but because of the experience they will gain. The relationship wealth they will create with their living will be the most precious wealth for their well being that nobody will be able to take them away.

Many years ago we started to plant an old Olive tree during Smrikva Bowl Ambassadors Nomination Ceremony. The Olive tree selected was older than the oldest man living on the earth… and during the ceremony, every Ambassador put a piece of land close to the root and donate the name to the tree…

After 19 generations donating their names and planting our Legendary trees next year we will be ready to bottle our 4th very special and unique Heritage Smrikva Bowl Olive Oil limited collection… the olive oil made from the trees planted by “seeds of the Legends”… 1900 stories olive oil…

Olive tree is a symbol of peace in different Mediterranean cultures… and the age of our trees is another important symbol… the symbol of intergenerational responsibility.

Cartoons always helped me to share thoughts with kids… and The Lion King is nice one to share our Olive Tree story via Circle of Life story…

We are all born without knowing much about life on this earth…

… and you might recall when Mufasa was explaining to Simba that is not easy to be a King… he told him that a good King should know that everything around us lives in a delicate equilibrium and that with intelligence we should try to understand it and respect it.

I wish to share with Smrikva Bowl seeds that is not easy to be a great tennis player… the inspiration for kids and generations to come… to lead by example… it is much more easy to explode from time to time… to get angry and frustrated… and much more difficult to keep your mind still and make the kids desire to be like you one day…

Mufasa was trying to teach Simba the importance of observing the nature and learning from it… of being curious… and he was teaching him to respect the nature and get the understanding of the importance of all different creatures in the Circle of Life…

A Nobal Prize for Peace, guest of the group I was member years ago, once observed: “The future is always in a minority. Yet the history of the future is more important than the history of the past. It is for the old to remember the past. It is for the young to build the world of tomorrow.

Do it! You can build a world without wars. You can build a new humanity.”

A signed tennis ball by this Nobel Prize for Peace with the above message is a precious memory held in Smrikve that I love to share with Smrikva kids…

I developed an idea that peace is always an unstable equilibrium and with intelligence we should try to understand it and respect it. Knowledge, human curiosity and will to learn are important… and all together are pillars for the civilization path.

When the Nobel Prize told to the group I belonged: “Do it!” he reminded me Yoda and his teaching to the young Skywalker: “Do. Or do not!…”

Books are human memory that can help us understand what we see combined with our cumulative personal experience and this is one of the reasons why I started the Smrikva Bowl Heritage Library story. Given the fragility of the circle of life it is easy to lose personal and general cumulative knowledge in just a generation or two.

We have gotten used to rapid technological progress, but social progress is more complex. Humans learn throughout lifetime and mostly from personal experiences.

Today people live an average of about 80 years… and what we call civilization is mostly made up of human knowledge we have accumulated, which our institutions pass onto future generations… and at the moment we are those who represent the current civilization.

I dedicated over 6000 working hours to create “Istria from Smrikve” cultural and heritage book about Istria and this book is since 2009 my book gift to each selected SB seed in exchange for the book they bring and donate to SB library… by creating that book I learned that 50% of the places I was describing in the book have 4000 years of continues lives… and I believe I learned an important message that I am pleased to share…

In whichever environment you are born… be prepared that this environment will change through your lifetime… the facts and opinions will continue to mix as you grow but when your mind is still and calm you will be able to see clearly what is good for the society you live in and what is not that good… it is similar to the choice the player make in taking the path of tennis or the path of gamesmenship… my dream for the SB seeds is to take the path which is the more difficult one… and we call it tennis game…

World Peace Day although celebrated on the same day as SBA day is the day to start thinking of the new research of the Smrikva talents… and with this e-mail, as per tradition, some basic ideas about the selection process for the 29th annual will be shared.

29th Smrikva Bowl, will be held in Pula-Istria, Croatia, from (22nd) 24th till 29th of June 2024. Smrikva Bowl gathers young tennis talents from all over the World and next year edition will be dedicated to players born in 2014.

When I think of Smrikva Bowl Heritage and Legacy I always imagine it physically as a theater where we work hard for a year to set the stage… and every year we gather talented kids, arriving from different cultures, having different dreams…

We set the stage and later on they are in charge with their dedication to write the most different & inspiring stories…

Smrikve is like the place where the seeds of the legends are planted year after year… and Smrikva children stories and families after their departure from Smrikve become like a living fairy tale tree that keeps growing and developing in most different directions year after year…

The intangible part of our theater is „more than tennis“… whatever that means… and I always wished that it could mean something little bit different for each person that happened to get in touch with Smrikva Bowl story…

Smrikva Bowl is still very young event and is too early to observe the Smrikva Bowl Legacy but I always believed that more then one children who left footprints on our courts will write inspiring stories in most different professional fields.. and I am always happy when I get to know a new SB name achieving the possibility to get their higher education at US Universities thanks to their tennis racket…

I am always happy to see when Smrikva Bowl seeds win something, when they graduate, when they fall in love and start to form families, get their children… so happy when they overcome injuries… and there are so many that keep leading by example…

Year after year seems more likely that Grand Slam Tournaments will be conquered by Smrikva seeds… they already won 46 Grand Slam Titles in singles and doubles… and my dream for the “seeds of the Legends” was always beyond Grand Slam dream… the fifth grand slam story wish…

I know that according to the statistics only few Smrikva Bowl kids will become top professional tennis players, but I want to believe that they will benefit from their tennis and sport experience and find their way in other fields too… because humans need inspiration… we need inspiration not only in sport but in most different fields…

There are so many challenges today in the world and in daily life for each of us… and no matter how many challenges you face there will be always many new one in the future… and we need divergent thinking to find solutions to challenges that today appear more complicated than what they really are… and children are the little genius that could show us the path… being adults those who borrow the future from the children…

I stopped asking myself long time ago of how many kids playing Smrikva Bowl are playing tennis because their parents would like them to become professional tennis players and how much of them play it because they like the game. What I do know is that sport can help kids in their growth and I also know that people that do excel in any field need very long time to reach and master the excellence.

This is important to underline for any field… whoever around you is very good in doing something for the community it is the one who dedicated a lot of his time with passion to master the profession that the community can benefit from… every time you recognize such a person around you you should treasure it… at the same time if a person with no passion and no skills get in charge of something that is important for the community be prepared that the whole community will suffer the consequences which can be very painful in the long run…

Rarely but still can happen that some people come to Smrikva thinking that Smrikva Bowl is a very “important” competition… without understanding that the result is not the hidden key of the Smrikva Bowl event… and I always need Smrikva Bowl Ambassadors’ help to explain before deciding to support a new candidate and their family that Smrikva Bowl is something more than a competition…

On our website you can already find PDF file 29th Smrikva Bowl 2024 edition presentation with application form and other relevant information:

Smrikva Bowl “more than tennis” idea… will be left to the interpretation of each Ambassador and Smrikva Bowl friend… their feelings will guide them because they are the one who are helping us to write the Smrikva story…

Thanks to the Smrikva Bowl families our special Olive Oil and Wine are spread in 101 country… Our quantities are always limited… the same as limited is the number of players we can invite every year… but I do believe the same I believed for the Smrikva Bowl players that one day the olive oil made from the “seeds of the Legends” trees will be very unique in the whole World… and for me, even today, this is already reality…

Over the years Istria kept recording sustainable growth in numbers of travelers visiting us… and I am grateful to all those who visited us in Smrikve… “Istria from Smrikve” is a cultural e-book gift to all Smrikve friends… Smrikva Bowl Ambassadors are helping us in scouting talents but also in spreading the word about Istria as cultural destination for travelers worth visiting and preserving… and I hope that one day this book will be recognized thanks to the Smrikva Bowl children…

The number of the invited players in 2024 will be limited to 64 players (32 girls and 32 boys) and your help will be precious.

If you know a good tennis player born in 2014 that deserves to become Smrikva Bowl seed or you wish to present your or support a candidacy for the SBTTFW 2024 family gatherings or for the new holidays initiative SBM+FHW 2024 please feel free to let me know …

… for the end of this long presentation… being today World Peace Day… my wish to Smrikva players is to continue to inspire… and may some of them make true Nelson Mandela’s words when he observed the power of Sport saying: “Sport has the power to change the world, the power to inspire and the power to unite people in a way little else can…”

Thank you for your time, for visiting us and for sharing with friends the Smrikve story.


p.s. if you lived and liked Smrikva Bowl experience and you wish to support our story there is always a way to do it… our lucky draw is real thanks to Smrikva Bowl seeds and their families… our special collection olive oil bottles described in the following link are reality too…


and a new idea will become real in 2024 and I wish for the moment just anticipate the idea by saying “CHAPEAU”…

Cari amici dello Smrikva Bowl e di Smrikve!

È il 21 settembre 2023, la giornata degli Ambasciatori dello Smrikva Bowl, ed è arrivato di nuovo il momento per iniziare a costruire una nuova edizione dei “semi delle Legende” ed iniziare il processo della selezione per i candidati della 29.esima edizione dello Smrikva…

La giornata degli Ambasciatori dello Smrikve e’ il giorno in cui si festeggia l’apertura del nuovo processo di selezione e quest’anno la 29-esima edizione viene dedicata ai talenti nati nel 2014 ed è prevista per la fine di giugno 2024.

Oltre 2400 giocatori della famiglia Smrikva sparsi in 101 paesi continuano a scrivere la storia dei “semi delle Leggende” … e di anno in anno questo albero vivente continua ad essere l’ispirazione ed una speranza per i bambini che nutrono una passione particolare per il gioco del tennis…

Quest’anno Wimbledon 2023 e’ stato un momento molto speciale per Carlos Alcaraz – Carlitos che ha giocato una partita incredible insieme a Nole.

Alcuni mesi prima, Dino Prizmic ha vinto il titolo juniores di Roland Garros 2023… e poco piu’ di una settimana agli US OPEN 2023, Mara Gae ha vinto il titolo juniores nel doppio…

Puoi piantare un seme… puoi piantare un sogno… hai bisogno di pazienza e ci devi credere…

Ringrazio gli attuali 2400 semi dello SB che scrivono di continuo con il proprio vivere le storie più diverse e stimolanti… e speciale grazie a Carlitos per aver iniziato a scrivere una storia incredibile e stimolante per i bambini di domani! Stabilire i nuovi record ispireranno gli altri ragazzi nel tentare di superarli… dopo 26 anni trascorsi a piantare semi in giro per il mondo a partire dal 12 settembre 2022, lo Smrikva Bowl ha avuto per la prima volta un giocatore ATP classificato come n. 1 del mondo…

Ci deve essere del vero nel detto che: “Il futuro appartiene a coloro che credono nella bellezza dei loro sogni…”

… oltre 1300 libri firmati provenienti da 80 paesi rimangono custoditi nella libreria dello Smrikva Bowl…

… oltre 1900 nomi sono stati regalati da 19 generazioni dello Smrikva agli alberi d’ulivo dello Smrikva… creando qualcosa di speciale ed ancora difficile da scorgere…

… 46 titoli Grande Slam (inclusi titoli juniores) sono gia’ stati collezionati da 35 ragazzi che giocarono lo Smrikva Bowl…
… 97 titoli professionali ATP/WTA (3 titoli Grande Slam)…
… 1 medaglia olimpica d’oro nel singolare ed 1 medaglia olimpica d’argento nel doppio…
… 79 giocatori hanno raggiunto la classifica TOP 200 ATP/WTA
… 39 giocatori hanno raggiunto il livello TOP 100 ATP/WTA… e ci sono sempre i nomi dei ragazzi Smrikva tra vincitori dei piu’ prestigiosi eventi under 12,14,16,18 nel Mondo…

Sono in molti che si sono gia’ laureati… ed avevo il desiderio di capire quanti bambini dello Smrikva Bowl hanno ottenuto la borsa di studio negli Stati Uniti grazie alle loro capacita’ academiche e quelle tennistiche. Il numero che ho il piacere di condividere e’ che sono oltre 295+ ragazzi…

… ma la storia dello Smrikva Bowl e’ molto di piu’ dei numeri e va oltre il tennis… e sono riconoscente ai ragazzi che nei modi piu’ diversi ci inspirano anno dopo anno di andare oltre la nostra imaginazione… e di continuare a tenere aperto il giradino di casa nostra per riunire ogni anno i nuovi semi delle Legende supportate dalle generazioni del passato…

Ci sono molti modi per dimostrare solidarietà intergenerazionale… e vorrei cogliere l’occasione per ringraziare i ragazzi e le loro famiglie che ancora si ricordano dello Smrikva ed hanno inviato oggetti firmati perche’ potessimo regalargli ad ogni partecipante negli ultimi anni… e per me questo momento, ormai di tradizione, e’ un’occasione per raccontare la loro storia ai ragazzi che stanno sognando di seguire le orme di chi li ha preceduti… ogni ragazzo presente a quel momento di celebrazione intergenerazionale porta con se un oggetto ricordo e scopre un nuovo amico per il quale fare il tifo… e’ la storia del “Lucky Draw”…

Sono stato contento di notare grazie a Facebook che alcuni semi di Smrikva Bowl hanno iniziato a formare le famiglie proprie e continuano ad amare il gioco del tennis… e per questo spero presto di avere la possibilita’ di vedere anche alcuni bambini figli dei giocatori Smrikva allo Smrikva Bowl …

Ho il piacere di condividere che il 8. Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week (SBTTFW) 2024 si terra’ in primavera. Il Family Week è nato con la visione di condividere con le famiglie e i giocatori una vacanza speciale che possa essere loro di aiuto per lo sviluppo a lungo termine ed una grande esperienza di gioco da vivere a questa giovane età.

C’è anche una nuova idea che mi sta venendo da un po di tempo in mente ed e’ importante perche’ i semi dello Smrikva potessero fare la propria fortuna a lungo termino e che desidero iniziare a condividere con la speranza di cominciare a realizzarla essendo già molti bimbi dello Smrikva idonei per questa idea…

Nell’estate del 1998, circa 26 anni fa, ero alumno del Citicorp Associate Development a New York… questa è stata un’opportunità per me di visitare anche gli US OPEN

Ricordo che avevo solo una visione dell’evento che stavo creando… lo Smrikva Bowl… era un sogno di creare un evento che potesse inspirare… e tra i miei sogni pensavo che potesse venire il giorno in cui ci saranno 25 giocatori passati per lo Smrikva Bowl tra i primi 100 ATP/WTA…

Ricordo anche la grande pallina da tennis Wilson US OPEN che ho comprato a New York e che resi tradizione per i vincitori della Smrikva firmarla… augurando loro di sollevare un giorno il trofeo degli US OPEN… questo desiderio è diventato una storia vera quando Dominic Thiem, che ha firmato il famoso pallone nel 2003, ha alzato il vero trofeo degli US Open nel 2020…

Al momento in cui sto scrivendo questa lettera ci sono 39 giocatori della Smrikva Bowl che hanno effettivamente raggiunto la top 100 della classifica ATP/WTA… ed un anno fa anche Carlos Alcaraz ha vinto gli US OPEN diventando il piu’ giovane #1 ATP nella storia del tennis… il che potrebbe dire che alcuni dei miei sogni stanno diventando realtà…

Ci sono 79 giocatori della Smrikva Bowl che sono entrati tra i primi 200 ATP/WTA ed hanno totalizzato oltre 180M di dollari in premi. Il montepremi complessivo continua ad aumentare del tasso a doppia cifra su base annua… e questi sono sicuramente i grandi numeri… più che grandi numeri, queste sono grandi opportunità che i semi dello Smrikva Bowl potranno diffondere negli anni a venire…

Ricordo che il programma Citicorp Associate Development a cui stavo partecipando era considerato all’epoca uno dei migliori programmi di finanza a Wall Street… Facevo parte di una classe fantastica e avevamo dei professori molto preparati… quello che mi impressiono’ di piu’ all’epoca era professore Barry… aveva un modo unico di condividere il suo sapere…

Quelle cose che ho imparato da Barry mi hanno aiutato a capire la reale situazione finanziaria del Gruppo Fiat nel 2001… e quel sapere ha effettivamente aiutato questa azienda a sopravvivere una delle sue più profonde crisi finanziarie nella sua storia lunga piu’ di un secolo…

Ma le parole di Barry, che ricordo vividamente, sono la storia che ha condiviso con noi un pomeriggio, nell’edificio del centro di formazione Citicorp, che lui non sta insegnando finanza solo a persone istruite finanziariamente come eravamo noi all’epoca, ma sta anche condividendo le sue conoscenze con atleti professionisti di successo.

All’inizio non capivo perché…

Perché dovresti insegnare la finanza a qualcuno che ha creato così tanto benessere economico durante la sua carriera sportiva che potrebbe durare per secoli?

… e ci ha spiegato che sfortunatamente molti professionisti di successo stavano diventando dei problemi sociali negli Stati Uniti… non avevo ancora capito il suo punto… poi ci ha detto che la maggior parte degli atleti professionisti negli Stati Uniti spende i loro patrimoni entro i cinque anni dal completamento della loro carriera sportiva. Parliamo in alcuni sport di circa 3 giocatori famosi e di successo su 4 che hanno speso tutto in soli cinque anni dal completamento della loro carriera professionistica…

Ho appreso di questo problema 26 anni fa e ancora oggi questo problema persiste… non importa quante risorse guadagni ma se ti mancano le conoscenze di base su come gestire queste risorse è altamente probabile che tu possa finire tra i 70%+ dei casi della bancarotta personale…

Ho sempre creduto che molti dei ragazzi della Smrikva Bowl costruiranno la propria fortuna… e c’e’ ne sono così tanti che stanno andando bene nei campi più diversi… grazie alle loro abilità nel tennis oltre 295+ hanno ricevuto la borsa di studio per studiare negli Stati Uniti… e al momento della stesura di questa lettera ci sono 27 giocatori di Smrikva Bowl che hanno guadagnato oltre 1M di dollari dei monte premi… e ci sono almeno 10 giocatori dello Smrikva che attraverseranno questa soglia in meno di un anno…

Desidero aprire questa opportunità di condividere un piccola parte delle mie conoscenze a modo mio, stabilendo la possibilità per i giocatori dello Smrikva Bowl di tornare a Smrikve con la loro famiglia per le loro vacanze e ottenere alcune nozioni di base sugli elementi sopra menzionati… a che cosa prestare attenzione…

Immagino questa esperienza come una vacanza… e un’opportunità per imparare qualcosa in un ambiente emotivamente positivo, quindi per conservarlo nella memoria a lungo termine… visitare Smrikve con la famiglia è sempre un’opportunità per ricaricare la batteria e sempre un’opportunità per creare qualche bel ricordo…

Nel 1996 è iniziata la storia di Smrikva Bowl… nel 2007 è iniziata la possibilità di tornare a Smrikve per le vacanze per affinare alcune abilità tennistiche ed umane presso “La Bottega”… nel 2015 abbiamo iniziato con l’amico Luca un’altra opportunità di vacanza in famiglia conosciuta come Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week. Family Week è ideato come condivisione con le famiglie di alcuni importanti elementi a lungo termine che possono aiutarle ad aumentare la consapevolezza su cosa prestare attenzione nel costruire il loro percorso familiare verso il tennis di alto livello… e credo questa nuova opportunità per le famiglie di Smrikva Bowl farà crescere ulteriormente la nostra storia di “semi delle leggende”…

Sono lieto di condividere alcune storie che sono importanti per me e fanno parte della base sulla quale venne fondato lo Smrikva Bowl…

Per chi non sapesse oggi si celebra la giornata internazionale di pace, nota come la giornata mondiale di pace… e diversi anni indietro questa data venne scelta casualmente come la data degli Ambasciatori dello Smrikva Bowl…

La giornata degli Ambasciatori dello Smrikva Bowl, pur essendo celebrata lo stesso giorno come la giornata mondiale della pace, e’ dedicate alla civilta’… Senza la societa’ civile nel mondo moderno non ce garanzia per la pace… e senza la pace diventa ancora piu’ ardua la strada per lo sviluppo dei talenti…

Abbiamo visto negli ultimi anni quanto facilmente le difficoltà e le sfide poste di fronte alle persone possano cambiare la vita alla quale siamo abituati…

Nelle nostre vite, come in una partita di tennis, ci sarà sempre qualcosa che andrà storto… e come nel tennis… non è ciò che va storto che conta, ma la nostra reazione…

Se siamo in grado di riconoscere potenziali punti di svolta questi potrebbero diventare dei semplici segnali d’avvertimento ma se non riusciamo a farlo piano piano tutto potrebbe cambiare in modo significativo… e se le cose diventano non facili non vi e’ che armarsi di molta pazienza perché il momentum non cambia mai rapidamente quando non è con te…

Anni fa venne richiesto ai ragazzi e candidati Smrikva l’impegno di osservare il codice di condotta e di Fair Play Smrikva Bowl e vorrei condividere un piccolo segreto con loro… piu’ ti alleni con costanza e passione e piu’ diventa naturale essere l’esempio per gli altri… dopo tanti piccoli errori in campo come anche fuori campo abbiamo la possibilita’ d’imparare e di migliorare… abbracciando la sfida… soprattutto quando siamo costretti a lasciare la nostra zona di comfort …

Io credo nella bellezza dell’apprendimento e l’inesperienza e’ una risorsa preziosa se l’abbracci. Il mio consiglio durante la giornata di orientamento ai bambini dello Smrikva Bowl è sempre quello di usare le loro abilità e il loro passaporto – “la racchetta da tennis” per viaggiare e vedere il mondo, fare l’esperienza e credo fermamente che ognuno di loro diventerà molto ricco un giorno. Non per i soldi che potrebbero guadagnare, ma per le esperienze che vivranno. La ricchezza che creeranno con il proprio vivere e viaggiare sarà una ricchezza preziosa per il loro benessere interiore che nessuno sarrà in grado di portarli via.

Tanti anni fa abbiamo iniziato la tradizione di piantare il vecchio ulivo durante la cerimonia di nomina degli Ambasciatori dello Smrikva… Il primo ulivo selezionato era piu’ vecchio dell’uomo vivente sulla terra al momento… e durante la cerimonia, ogni Ambasciatori metteva un gruzolo di terra vicino alla radice dell’albero e regalava il proprio nome allo stesso…

Dopo 19 generazioni che hanno donato i loro nomi e piantato i nostri alberi leggendari l’anno prossimo, saremo pronti per imbottigliare la nostra quarta collezione di olio d’oliva Heritage Smrikva Bowl molto speciale ed unica… l’olio d’oliva ottenuto dagli alberi piantati dai “semi delle leggende” … con 1900 storie di olio d’oliva…

L’ulivo e’ il simbolo di pace in varie culture del Mediterraneo… ma la sua eta’ e’ per noi il simbolo della responsabilita’ tra le generazioni.

Molte volte trovo inspirazione per condividere il mio pensiero con i bambini nei cartoni animati… ed Il Re Leone e’ molto bello per la storia dei vecchi ulivi… che riassume in se la storia del cerchio della vita…
Tutti nasciamo senza sapere molto in merito alla vita sulla terra…

… qualcuno potrebbe ricordarsi la scena quando Mufasa spiegava a Simba che non era facile essere il Re… gli spiega che il Re dovrebbe sapere che tutto intorno a noi vive in un delicato equilibrio e che con l’intelligenza dovremmo cercare di capirlo e di rispettarlo.

Desidero condividere con i semi dello Smrikva Bowl che non è facile essere un grande tennista… essere l’ispirazione per i bambini e le generazioni a venire… essere l’esempio… è molto più facile esplodere di tanto in tanto … arrabbiarsi… ed e’ molto più difficile mantenere la mente calma e far sognare i bambini di essere come te un giorno…

Mufasa stava cercando di insegnare a suo figlio Simba l’importanza di osservare la natura … di essere curioso … e gli stava insegnando il rispetto della natura e la comprensione dell’importanza di tutte le creature nel cerchio della vita…

Il premio nobel per la pace, ospitato da un gruppo di giovani di cui facevo parte, ci lascio’ un messaggio che mi piace condividere… lui ci scrisse: “Il futuro e’ sempre in minoranza. Pur essendo la storia del futuro piu’ importante della storia del passato. E’ riservato ai vecchi il ricordo del passato. Ed e’ riservato ai giovani la costruzione del mondo di domani.

Fatelo! Potete costruire un mondo senza le guerre. Potete costruire una nuova umanita’.”

Una pallina da tennis che porta il messaggio di sopra e’ stata firmata dal Premio Nobel per la pace menzionato sopra ed è un prezioso ricordo conservato a Smrikve che amo condividere con i bambini Smrikva…

Ho sviluppato nella mia mente l’idea che la pace e’ sempre in un equilibrio instabile e con l’intelligenza dovremmo cercare di capirlo e rispettarlo… Il sapere, la curiosita’ umana e la volonta di imparare sono importanti e sono tutti elementi sui quali vennero costruite le societa’ civili nella storia dell’umanita’…

Quando il premio Nobel utilizzo’ la frase “Fatelo!” mi ricordo’ la saggezza di Yoda nel crescere il giovane Luke Skywalker spiegandogli che: “Non esiste provare. Fai o non fare” :)

I libri rappresentano un grande patrimonio e ci aiutano a capire quanto percepiamo con l’esperienza cummulata dal vivere quotidiano. Questo e’ uno dei motivi perche’ iniziai’ a costruisce la libreria dello Smrikva Bowl. Data la fragilita’ del cerchio della vita e’ molto facile perdere la conoscenza accummulata.
Siamo abituati alla rapidita’ del progresso tecnologico, ma il progresso sociale e’ piu’ complesso. Gli uomini imparano durante tutta la vita e soprattutto dalla propria esperienza…

La gente vive circa 80 anni… e cio’ che chiamiamo la civilta’ e’ fatto dalla conoscenza cummulata ad oggi, che le instituzioni passano alle future generazioni… ed al momento siamo noi coloro che rappresentiamo la civilta’ d’oggi…

Ho dedicato oltre 6000 ore di lavoro per creare il libro sul patrimonio culturale dell’Istria che porta il nome “Istria from Smrikve”… e questo libro è dal 2009 il mio regalo a ciascun seme dello SB selezionato in cambio del libro che porta e dona alla biblioteca SB… lavorando su quel libro ho imparato che il 50% dei luoghi che descrivevo nel libro hanno oltre 4000 anni di vita continua… e mi sembra d’aver colto un messaggio importante che ho il piacere di condividere…

In qualunque ambiente tu sia nato… devi essere consapevole che questo ambiente cambierà nel corso della tua vita… i fatti e le opinioni continueranno a mescolarsi man mano che cresci, ma quando la tua mente è calma sarai in grado di vedere chiaramente ciò che è buono per la società in cui vivi e cosa non e’ buono… è simile alla scelta che fa il giocatore nel prendere la via del tennis o la via del rubare i punti… il mio sogno per i semi dello SB è quello di prendere la via che è quella più difficile… e si chiama il tennis…

La giornata mondiale della pace, celebrata lo stesso giorno degli Ambasciatori Smrikva, e’ sempre buon giorno per iniziare la raccolta dei talenti della nuova generazione dello Smrikva Bowl… e con la presente lettera, come per tradizione, partira’ la selezione dei giovani talenti per la 29-esima edizione dello Smrikva Bowl.

29th Smrikva Bowl 2024 si terrà a Pola (Croazia-Istria) dal (22) 24 giugno fino al 29 giugno 2024. Smrikva Bowl raccoglie talenti a livello mondiale e la prossima edizione sarra’ dedicata ai giocatori nati nel 2014.

Quando penso al patrimonio ed all’eredita che il nostro torneo possa seminare nei piccoli cuori dei ragazzi me lo imagino sempre fisicamente come un teatro dove ogni anno lavoriamo duramente per preparare il palcoscenico… ogni anno raduniamo bambini, che arrivano da differenti culture, avendo sogni diversi,…
Noi prepariamo il palcoscenico e dopo sono loro che scrivono le storie di vita piu’ diverse…

La parte intangibile del nostro teatro è quel “più del tennis”… qualunque cosa significhi… ho sempre desiderato che potesse significare qualcosa di leggermente diverso per ogni persona che si è messa in contatto con la storia di Smrikva Bowl…

Smrikva Bowl è ancora un evento molto giovane ed è troppo presto poter osservare quale fosse il suo vero significato, ma ho sempre creduto che più di un bambino che ha lasciato le proprie impronte sui nostri campi da tennis scriverà storie stimolanti nei più diversi campi professionali .. e sono sempre felice quando scopro un nuovo nome SB che ha ottenenuto la possibilità di ottenere la propria istruzione superiore presso le università statunitensi grazie alla sua racchetta da tennis …

Anno dopo anno diventa sempre piu’ evidente che piu’ di uno conquisterra’ tornei dello Grande Slam… hanno gia’ totalizzato 46 titoli in singolare e doppio negli eventi Grand Slam… e mio sogno per loro va oltre il sogno dei Grande Slam… la storia che alcuni conoscono come quinto grand slam…

So che secondo le statistiche solo pochi ragazzi dello Smrikva Bowl diventeranno i migliori giocatori di tennis professionisti, ma voglio credere che trarranno beneficio dalla loro esperienza nel tennis e nello sport e troveranno la loro strada anche in altri campi … tutti noi abbiamo bisogno di inspirazione… abbiamo bisogno di inspirazione non solo nello sport ma in campi più diversi …

Ci sono molte sfide oggi ed ogni giorno incontriamo nuove sfide che dobbiamo affrontare… e c’e’ ne saranno sempre in futuro da affrontare … abbiamo bisogno del pensiero divergente per trovare soluzioni a sfide che oggi appaiono più complicate di quello che sono … e bambini sono i piccoli geni che potrebbero indicarci la strada… vale la pena di tenere in mente che sono sempre gli adulti coloro che prendono in prestito il futuro dai bambini …

Ho smesso di chiedermi molto tempo fa quanti bambini dello Smrikva Bowl stanno giocando a tennis perché i loro genitori vorrebbero che diventassero giocatori di tennis professionisti e quanti di loro giocano perché gli piace il gioco. Quello che so è che lo sport può aiutare i bambini nella loro crescita e so anche che le persone che diventano brave in qualsiasi campo hanno bisogno di molto tempo per raggiungere e padroneggiare l’eccellenza.

Questo è importante sottolineare per qualsiasi campo… chi ti circonda ed è molto bravo nel fare qualcosa per la comunità è colui che ha dedicato molto del suo tempo con passione per padroneggiare la professione di cui la comunità può beneficiare… ed ogni volta che riconosci una persona simile intorno a te dovresti farne tesoro… allo stesso tempo se una persona senza passione e senza abilità si fa carico di qualcosa che è importante per la comunità sii pronto che l’intera comunità possa subire le conseguenze che a lungo andare possono essere molto dolorose…

Sempre piu’ raramente ma ancora capita che qualcuno arrivi a Smrikve pensando che Smrikva Bowl sia un „importante“ competizione… senza capire che il mero risultato non e’ la chiave dello Smrikva Bowl… ed ho sempre il constante bisogno degli Ambasciatori Smrikva per aiutarmi a spiegare che lo Smrikva Bowl e’ qualcosa di diverso e non una „importante“ competizione.

Da oggi sul sito dello Smrikva Bowl potete aprire presentazione PDF dell’edizione di quest’anno 29. Smrikva Bowl 2024 con il formulario d’iscrizione ed altre informazioni rilevanti relative alla prossima edizione.

Smrikva Bowl e’ stato sempre qualcosa in “più del tennis”… ma mi piace lasciarlo inspiegato e che siano gli Ambasciatori ed amici ad interpretarlo con le proprie sensazioni perche’ sono loro alla fine quelli che ogni giorno scrivono la storia dello Smrikva Bowl…

Grazie alle famiglie dello Smrikva il nostro olio e vino e’ oggi sparso in 101 paesi del mondo… le nostre quantita’ sono sempre molto limitate… come sono limitati i posti dei ragazzi che possiamo invitare ogni anno… ma credo come credevo nei giocatori di Smrikva Bowl che un giorno l’olio d’oliva prodotto dagli alberi piantati dalle “semi delle leggende” sarà davvero unico al mondo …

Negli anni l’Istria continua a registrare leggera crescita di visitatori viaggiatori e sono grato a tutti quelli che ci hanno visitato ed hanno contribuito a questa crescita… “Istria from Smrikve” e’ un regalo agli amici… e questo regalo agli Ambasciatori dello Smrikva Bowl aggiunge alla loro missione di Ambasciatori, che ci aiutano nella ricerca dei talenti nei loro paesi, il compito di diffondere la voce sull’Istria come destinazione che merita di essere visitata… ed il mio sogno e’ che un giorno l’eredita’ dello “Istria from Smrikve” possa essere riconsciuta anche grazie ai semi dello Smrikva Bowl…

Il numero dei candidati accettati nel 2024 sarra’ limitato ai 64 ragazzi (32 ragazzi e 32 ragazze) ed il vostro aiuto sarra’ come sempre molto apprezzato.

Se conoscete ragazzi di talento del 2014 che meriterebbe di partecipare o volete candidarvi per il settimo raduno familiare SBTTFW 2024 o per la mia nuova iniziativa di SBM+HFW non esitate a farmelo sapere…

… e per chiudere questa lunga presentazione… dato che si celebra nella giornata mondiale della pace auguro ai ragazzi Smrikva di continuare ad inspirare con l’esempio… ed auguro che qualcuno renda reali le parole di Nelson Mandela quando disse: “Lo sport ha la forza di cambiare il mondo, ha la forza di ispirare e la forza di unire la gente come poche altre cose”

Grazie per il tempo dedicato alla lettura, per averci visitato e per la condivisione con gli amici della storia di Smrikve.


p.s. se avessi vissuto e apprezzato l’esperienza di Smrikva Bowl e desideri sostenere la sua storia, c’è sempre un modo per farlo… il “lucky draw” è una realta’ oggi grazie ai semi dello Smrikva Bowl e alle loro famiglie… la nostra collezione speciale di bottiglie di olio d’oliva descritta su seguente link e’ anche una realtà…


ed una nuova idea diventerà realtà nel 2024 e per il momento desidero solo dire che avra’ a che fare con “CHAPEAU”…

Dragi prijatelji i poznanici Smrikva Bowl-a,

21. je rujna 2023. godine, dan Ambasadora Smrikva Bowl-a, i vrijeme za početak izgradnje još jednog legendarnog izdanja, vrijeme za otvaranja 29. godišnjeg procesa kandidiranja…

Dan Ambasadora Smrikve je dan kada se slavi otvaranje nove selekcije Smrikvara, generacije talenata rođenih 2014.godine… za okupljanje 29.-og izdanja koje je zakazano za kraj lipnja 2024. godine.

Preko 2400 SB igrača raširenih u 101 zemlji svijeta nastavlja pisati jednu lijepu priču… i iz godine u godinu ovo stablo života nastavlja biti inspiracija za djecu koja gaje osobitu strast prema teniskoj igri…
Ovogodišnji Wimbledon 2023 bio je vrlo poseban trenutak za igrača Smrikve Carlosa Alcaraza –Carlitosa.

Nekoliko mjeseci ranije je Dino Prižmić osvojio juniorski Roland Garros 2023. naslov u singlu a Mara Gae juniorsku titulu parova na tek završenom US OPEN-u 2023…

Možete posaditi sjeme… možete posaditi san… i onda se samo nauružati još strpljenjem i čvrstom vjerom u sebe i u svoje snove…

Hvala svim dosadašnjim 2400 sjemenki Smrikve za pisanje najrazličitijih inspirativnih priča za djecu sutrašnjice! Postavljanje novih rekorda će zasigurno inspirirati druge mlade da ih nadmaše… nakon 26 godina sijanja sjemenki Smrikve diljem svijeta počevši od 12. rujna 2022. Smrikva Bowl ima u svom kurikulumu po prvi puta igrača #1 na ATP ljestvici…

Sigurno ima neke istine u izreci da “budućnost pripada onima koji vjeruju u ljepotu svojih snova…”

…preko 1300+ potpisanih knjiga iz 80 zemlje je i dalje pohranjeno u biblioteci koju stvaraju naši mali posjetitelji od 2009.godine i koja čini nasljeđe Smrikva Bowl-a…

…preko 1900 imena ponosno nose posvećene stare masline Smrikva Bowl-a… stvarajući nešto posebno što se još uvijek teško može jasno razaznati…

… 46 Grand Slam titule (uključujući juniorske) su do danas prikupila 35 djeteta Smrikve…
… 97 profesionalnih ATP/WTA titula (3 Grand Slam titule)…
… 1 Olimpijsko zlato u singlu i jedno srebro u dublu…
… 79 igrača su dostigli nivo TOP 200 ATP/WTA…
… 39 igrača su u svojoj karijeri dostigli razinu od TOP 100 igrača svijeta na ATP/WTA ljestvicama… i brojne pobjede su ostvarene tijekom posljednjeg desetljeća na svim najprestižnijim turnirima diljem svijeta u kategorijama do 12,14,16 i 18 godina…

Brojna djeca Smrikve su danas fakultetski obrazovana… i već neko vrijeme mi je želja saznati koliko je djece Smrikve uspjelo dobiti stipendiju u Sjedinjenim Američkim Državama zahvaljujući svojim akademskim i teniskim sposobnostima… i ažurirani broj koji rado djelim je da je preko 295+ djece Smrikve to do danas postiglo…

… priča Smrikve je oduvijek nešto više od brojeva kao što je i nešto više od tenisa… i zahvalan sam igračima Smrikve, njihovim obiteljima, trenerima koji nas na najrazličitije načine inspiriraju da nastavimo graditi Smrikvu preko naših granica mašte u našem obiteljskom dvorištu…

Postoji puno načina da se iskaže međugeneracijska solidarnost… i želim se zahvaliti djeci Smrikve i njihovim obiteljima koji se odazivaju mojim pozivima i šalju nam potpisane predmete kako bi ih mogli pokloniti sudionicima Smrikve… za mene je taj trenutak prilika da podijelim dio njihovih priča sa djecom koja sanjaju poći njihovim stopama… i tako svako dijete koje je prisutno u tom trenutku međugeneracijskog slavlja ponese sa sobom predmet uspomene i nadam se da otkrije ponekad i jednog novog teniskog prijatelja čijim se uspjesima veseliti …

S osmjehom na licu pratim zahvaljujući Facebooku da su neka djeca Smrikve već počela stvarati obitelji i da svoju ljubav prema tenisu prenose na svoju djecu… tako da se iskreno nadam uskoro imati prilike vidjeti da neko dijete sjemena Smrikvi i zaigra na Smrikvi…

Rado dijelim i vijest da će se 8.mi Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talent Family Week (SBTTFW) 2024 ponovno održati sljedećeg proljećeća. Obiteljski tjedan je rođen sa vizijom da se živi jedan obiteljski godišnji odmor u kojem se mogu podijeliti iskustva koja mogu biti djeci i obiteljima od koristi u razvoju. Jedno posebno obiteljsko iskustvo.

Postoji već neko vrijeme u mojim mislima jedna ideja koju osjećam korisnom i želim je podijeliti sa djecom Smrikva Bowl-a jer je više djece Smrikve već sada spremnom za jedno takvo druženje…

Još u ljeto 1998., prije otprilike 26 godine, pohađao sam Citicorp Associate Development program u New Yorku … ovo mi je bila i prilika da posjetim US OPEN

Sjećam se da sam tada imao tek viziju o događaju koji se stvarao … Smrikva Bowl… bio je to san o stvaranju inspirativnog događaja … i među snovima sam razmišljao da bi mogao doći dan kad će među 100 najboljih ATP/WTA biti 25 bivših učesnika Smrikva Bowl-a…

Sjećam se i velike teniske loptice Wilson US OPEN koju sam kupio u New Yorku i učinio tradicijom da je pobjednici Smrikva Bowla potpisuju … poželjevši im da jednog dana podignu trofej US Opena… ova želja postala je istinita priča kada je Dominic Thiem, koji je loptu potpisao 2003., podigao pravi trofej US Opena 2020. godine …

U ovom trenutku dok pišem ovo pismo, postoji 39 igrača Smrikva Bowla koji su zapravo dosegli nivo prvih 100 ATP/WTA ljestvice… i prošle godine podizanjem US OPEN trofeja u New York-u je Carlos Alcaraz postao najmlađi #1 ATP igrač u povijesti tenisa… tako da i neki moji snovi već postaju stvarnost :) …

Postoji 79 igrača Smrikva Bowla koji su ušli u prvih 200 ATP/WTA, a ukupno su privredili više od 180M USD od turnirskih nagradnih fondova. Taj ukupni nagradni fond se povećava za dvoznamenkastu stopu na godišnjoj razini… a to uistinu jesu velike brojke… ali više od velikih brojeva, ovo su samo mnoge mogućnosti koje bi djeca Smrikva Bowl-a mogla oploditi u godinama koje dolaze …

Postoji i ta nova ideja u mojim mislima koju vrijedi početi dijeliti sa djecom Smrikve…

Sjećam se da se Citicorp Associate Development program Citicorp-a koji sam pohađao u to vrijeme smatrao jednim od najboljih programa financija na Wall Streetu svog vremena… Bio sam dio nevjerojatnog razreda i imali smo posebno inspirativne mentore… posebno me dojmio profesor Barry… imao je jedinstven način dijeljenja svog širokog znanja…

Te stvari koje sam naučio od Barryja pomogle su mi da shvatim stvarno financijsko stanje Fiat Grupe 2001. godine … i to znanje je zapravo pomoglo ovoj tvrtki da preživi jednu od svojih najdubljih financijskih kriza u svojoj stoljetnoj povijesti …

No, Barryjevih riječi, kojih se živo sjećam, priča je koju je podijelio sa nama jednog popodneva, u našoj zgradi Citicorp centra za obuku, da on ne podučava financije samo financijski obrazovane pojedince kao što smo to mi bili u to vrijeme, već prenosi i svoje znanje uspješnim profesionalnim sportašima.
Isprva mi nije bilo jasno zašto …

Zašto biste trebali podučavati financije nekoga tko je stvorio toliko novaca tijekom svoje sportske karijere koja bi mogla trajati stoljećima?

… i objasnio je da su nažalost mnogi uspješni profesionalci postali društveni problem u SAD -u … Još uvijek nisam shvaćao o čemu točno govori … tada nam je rekao da je većina profesionalnih sportaša u SAD -u pet godina nakon dovršetka uspješne karijere bez i jednog eura. Govorimo u nekim sportovima o otprilike 3 od 4 poznata i uspješna igrača koji su svo svoje bogatstvo stečeno tijekom karijere potrošili u samo pet godina nakon što su završili s igranjem na profesionalnoj razini …

Naučio sam o ovom problemu prije 26 godina, a i dan danas taj problem je jednako postojan … bez obzira na to koliko novčanih sredstava privredili ako vam nedostaje osnovnog ekonomskog znanja, velika je vjerojatnost da ćete završiti među onih 70%+ financijski propalih zvijezdi…

Uvijek sam vjerovao da će djeca Smrikva Bowla sama izgraditi svoje puteve … a ima toliko onih koji se odlično snalaze u različitim područjima … zahvaljujući svojim teniskim vještinama više od 295 + je dobilo stipendiju za studiranje u SAD -u … i u trenutku pisanja ovog pisma 27 igrača Smrikva Bowl-a su prešli granicu od 1M USD osvojenih nagradnih fondova… i ima najmanje 10 igrača Smrikve koji će preći ovaj prag za manje od godinu dana …

Želim otvoriti ovu priliku dijeljenja znanja na svoj način uspostavljanjem mogućnosti da se igrači Smrikva Bowla s obiteljima vrate u Smrikve na odmor i steknu neke osnove o gore spomenutim elementima …

Zamišljam ovo iskustvo kao odmor… i priliku da se na kraju spozna nešto u emocionalno pozitivnom okruženju pa da se to pohrani i u dugoročno pamćenje… posjet Smrikvama je uvijek prilika za punjenje baterija i stvaranja novih uspomena …

1996. godine započelo pisanje priče o Smrikva Bowlu… 2007. godine je otvorena mogućnost povratka u Smrikve na obiteljski odmor kako bi se mogle usavršavati kako teniske tako i opće ljudske vještine u „La Bottegi“… 2015. godine je započeta sa prijateljem Lukom još jednu prilika za obiteljski odmor Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week. Taj poseban obiteljski tjedan je zamišljen kao dijeljenje nekih elemenata od značaja koje mogu pomoći da se poveća svijest o tome na što vrijedi obratiti pozornost u izgradnji svog obiteljskog puta prema velikom tenisu… i vjerujem da je ovo nova prilika još jedna dobra ideja za dodatan razvoj…

Sa zadovoljstvom dijelim u nastavku nekoliko priča koje u sebi nosi DNK Smrikva Bowl-a… i kako Rafiki voli reći… neke priče vrijede ponoviti i više puta…

Danas je 21.rujan, međunarodni dan mira, poznat i kao dan mira u svijetu… mnogi ljudi ga obilježavaju… a godinama unazad je baš taj dan igrom slučaja izabran i kao dan Ambasadora Smrikva Bowl-a… bez civilne zajednice u modernom svijetu nema garancija za mir…a bez mira teško je omogućiti potpuni razvoj talenata… tijekom proteklih godina i mjeseci smo ponovno vidjeli kako lako poteškoće i izazovi stavljeni pred ljude mogu brzo promijeniti život na koji smo navikli …

U našim životima, kao i u teniskom meču, uvijek nešto može krenuti u drugačijem smjeru od onoga što bi mi žaljeli… pa isto kao i u tenisu… nije važno što je krenulo krivo, već je uvijek važnija naša reakcija na to što je krenulo krivo…

Ako uspijemo prepoznati potencijalne prekretnice i izazove, one bi mogle postati samo jedno upozorenje, ali ako to ne učinimo, naši životi bi se mogli značajno promijeniti… a ako stvari nisu lake, svi se trebamo opskrbiti ogromnim strpljenjem jer stvari se nikad ne mijenjaju previše brzo kada već krenu u smjeru koji nam nije drag…

Prije više godina je za sve kandidate Smrikva Bowl-a uvedena obveza poštivanja Smrikva Bowl kodeksa sportskog ponašanja kako na terenu tako i van njega… i drago mi je podijeliti jednu malu spoznaju sa najmlađima… a to je da što više se vježba to postaje prirodnije biti primjerom… i samo nakon brojnih pogrešaka ako želimo iz njih učiti dobijamo priliku za postati bolji… naučiti prihvaćati izazove… pogotovo kad smo prisiljeni izaći iz komfort zone već poznatoga…

Ja vjerujem u ljepotu učenja i neiskustvo je vrlo moćno i dobro ako se prihvati kao izazov. Moj savjet tijekom orijentacijskog dana djeci Smrikve je da uvijek koriste svoje sposobnosti i svoju specijalnu putovnicu – „teniski reket“ za putovanja, stavaranje životnih iskustava… i vjerujem da će svako od njih jednog dana postati vrlo imućan ali ne radi novaca koje će privrediti već bogatstva koje će stvoriti svojim življenjem… to će biti dragocjeno bogatstvo za svoje unutarnje blagostanje koje im nitko neće moći oduzeti.

Prije dosta godina započeli smo tradiciju sadnje starije masline tijekom svečanosti imenovanja Ambasadora Smrikva Bowl-a. Prva odabrana maslina je bila starija od najstarijeg čovjeka na zemlji i prenosila je jednu poruku intergeneracijeke odgovornosti… svih ovih godina tijekom ceremonije, svaki Ambasador nastavio je polagati grudu zemlje blizu korijena masline i poklanjati svoje ime stablu …

Nakon što je 19 generacija poklonilo svoja imena i zasadilo naše već Legendarno drveće sljedeće godine biti ćemo spremni puniti našu 4.-tu vrlo posebnu i jedinstvenu “Heritage Smrikva Bowl Olive Oil” ograničenu kolekciju… kolekcijske boce se pune maslinovim uljem napravljeno od stabala posađenih od strane “sjemena Legendi” … maslinovo ulje sa 1900 priča…

Maslina je simbol mira u različitim kulturama mediterana… a njene godine na Smrikvi simboliziraju međugeneracijsku odgovornost i povezanost.

Crtići mi duži niz godina pomažu u pronalaženju načina komunikacije sa djecom i da se lakše razumijemo… Kralj Lavova je za današnji dan ponovni lijep izbor da se ponovi priča stare masline… priču koju rado dijelim na svjetski dan mira… i vezana je uz priču kruga života…

Svi se mi rađamo ne znajući puno o životu na zemlji…

… i možda se sjetite dijela kada Mufasa objašnjava Simbi da nije lako biti kralj… kaže mu kako bi dobar kralj trebao znati da sve oko nas živi u delikatnoj ravnoteži i da sa inteligencijom trebamo pokušati razumjeti tu ravnotežu i poštivati je.

Želim podijeliti sa djecom Smrikve da nije lako biti veliki tenisač… nije lako biti nadahnuće drugoj djeci i generacijama koje dolaze… nije lako voditi svojim primjerom… puno je lakše eksplodirati s vremena na vrijeme… ljutiti se i iskazati frustraciju… a puno teže zadržati svoj um mirnim i na taj način učiniti da djeca požele biti poput vas jednoga dana…

Mufasa je pokušavao naučiti svog sina Simbu važnosti promatranja prirode … važnosti znatiželje … i učio ga je poštivanju prirode i razumijevanju važnosti svih različitih stvorenja i njihovog značaja u krugu života…

Jedan od dobitnika Nobelove nagrade za mir, koji je bio gost grupe kojoj sam pripadao, ostavio nam je jedan zapis za uspomenu… jednu poruku u kojoj kaže: “Budućnost je uvijek u manjini. Iako je povijest budućnosti važnija od već proživljene povijesti. Za starije je da se sjećaju prošlosti. Za mlade je da stvaraju svijet budućnosti.

Učinite to! Možete stvoriti svijet bez ratova… Možete stvoriti bolji svijet.”

Potpisana teniska lopta Nobelovca za mir sa zapisanom gornjom porukom dragocjena je uspomena koja se čuva u Smrikvama i koju volim dijeliti sa djecom Smrikve …

U meni se kroz godine razvila ideja kako je mir uvijek u nestabilnoj ravnoteži i kroz inteligenciju bi ga trebali razumijeti i naučiti poštivati. Znanje, ljudska znatiželja i želja za usavršavanjem su važni… i svi su oni temelji jedne civilne zajednice.

Dobitnik Nobelove nagrade je u svoj poruci rekao: “Učinite to!” i tako me podsjetio na Yodinu mudrost kada je dijeli sa mladim Skywalkerom i kada mu kaže: “Čini. Ili nemoj činiti”…

Knjige predstavljaju jednu veliku ljudsku memoriju… koje nam mogu pomoći da razumijemo ono što živimo, to je i jedan od razloga početka stvaranja još jednog nasljeđa kroz biblioteku Smrikva Bowl-a… Isto tako vrijedi spomenuti krtost kruga života i lakoće da ljudski nemar velikom brzinom ostane bez nakupljenog saznanja i iskustva starijih generacija. Dovoljno je par generacija nemara da se zaboravi to veliko ljudsko nasljeđe… a još manje od par generacija je dovoljno da se izgube neke od osnovnih vrijednosti civilizacije…

Naučeni smo na brz tehnološki napredak, ali socijalni i društveni napredak čovjeka je sporiji i puno kompleksniji… Ljudi uče tijekom cijelog života i najviše iz osobnog životnog iskustva… Vrijedi ne zaboraviti da civilizacija ili ono što smatramo civilizacijom smo danas samo mi i nitko drugi…
Ovo je jedna važna misao. Ljudski životni vijek je danas oko 80 godina… i ono što nazivamo civilizacijom je nakupljeno iskustvo ljudskog roda do danas, koje naše institucije prenose na mlade naraštaje…

Posvetio sam preko 6000 radnih sati prilikom stvaranja kulturno-baštinske knjige o Istri koja nosi ime “Istria from Smrikve” i ova knjiga je od 2009. godine moj knjižni dar svakom odabranom djetetu Smrikve u zamjenu za knjigu koju donese i daruje Smrikva Bowl knjižnici… stvarajući tu knjigu sam spoznao da preko 50% mjesta koja sam opisao u knjizi ima 4000 godina neprekidnog života… i imam osjećaj da sam spoznao po meni jednu važnu poruku koju rado dijelim…

U kojem god socijalno društvenom okruženju da ste rođeni… budite spremni da će se to okruženje mijenjati tijekom vašeg života… činjenice i mišljenja nastavit će se miješati kako budete rasli, ali kada vam je um miran i smiren, moći ćete jasno razaznati što je dobro za društvo u kojem živite od onoga što nije toliko dobro… to je slično izboru koji igrač radi kada donosi odluku da li da krene putem teniske igre ili putem varanja… moj san za djecu Smrikve je da odabiru onaj teži put… put koji se zove tenis…

Međunarodni dan mira, slavljen na isti dan Ambasadora Smrikve, je svakako dobar dan da se krene sa potragom talenata… i sa ovim pismom će kao po tradiciji biti otvoren proces okupljanja kandidata za 29. Smrikva Bowl 2024.

29. Smrikva Bowl 2024. će se održati u Puli (Istri – Hrvatskoj) od (22.) 24. – 29. lipnja 2024. godine… a godina koja dolazi će biti posvećena talentiranim igračima rođenim 2014.godine…

Kada razmišljam o nasljeđu Smrikva Bowl-a… često ga u prvoj misli fizički zamišljam kao teatar… jedan teatar u koji se svake godine uloži puno truda da se pripremi pozornica na kojoj se djeca mogu sastati… I svake godine gledamo okupiti talente iz različitih kulutura svijeta sa različitim snovima….

Mi pripremimo pozornicu i kasnije oni svojom upornošću… budu ti koji pišu najrazličitije životne priče…
Smrikve je poput mjesta na kojem se iz godine u godinu sadi sjeme legendi … a dječje priče i životne priče obitelji Smrikve nakon odlaska iz Smrikvi postaju poput živog stabla jedne bajke koje se iz godine u godinu razvija u najrazličitijim smjerovima. ..

Nematerijalni dio našeg kazališta je to nešto “više od tenisa”… što god to značilo… i uvijek sam želio da to može značiti nešto mrvicu drugačije za svaku osobu koja je došla u kontakt sa pričom Smrikva Bowl-a…

Smrikva Bowl je još uvijek mlad turnir i previše rano je mjeriti njenu ostavštinu… ali oduvijek vjerujem da će više djece napisati inspirativne priče u najrazličitijim profesijama koje odaberu… i uvijek mi je neizmjerno drago prepoznati novo ime među onima koji su uspjeli nastaviti školovanje u SAD-u zahvaljujući svojoj teniskoj vještini

Kako godine prolaze čini se sve više i više vjerojatno da će veći broj djece Smrikve osvajati velike Grand Slam turnire… već su osvojili 46 Grand Slam titula… a da budem iskren moja želja za “sjeme Legendi” je oduvijek nadilazila snove Grand Slam-ova… ponekad ga zovem i petim grand slamom…
Znam da po statistikama samo nekoliko djece Smrikve ima šansu dostići vrh profesionalnog tenisa, ali volim vjerovati da će brojni biti uspješni u drugim profesijama u koje ih život nanese… jer ljudi trebaju inspiraciju … trebamo inspiraciju ne samo u sportu već u najrazličitijim poljima …

Danas je mnogo izazova pred nama i oni su prisutni svakoga dana… i samo jedno je sigurno a to je da će u budućnosti uvijek biti mnogo novih izazova… vrijedi se sjetiti da trebamo divergentno razmišljanje kako bi lakše pronašli rješenja za izazove koji se danas čine kompliciranijima od onoga što jesu … a djeca su ti mali geniji koji nam mogu pokazati put … jer u biti vrijedi ne zaboraviti da uvijek su odrasli oni koji budućnost posuđuju od djece …

Vjerujem da nikada neću saznati koliko djece igra Smrikva Bowl zato što bi njihovi roditelji željeli da postanu profesionalni igrači a koliko njih igra jer voli i uživa u teniskoj igri…

… ali ono u što vjerujem je da svaki sport može pomoći djeci u svome rastu i isto tako znam da ljudi koji su odlični u bilo čemu su se potpuno posvetili tome i bilo je potrebno puno truda da bi se postigla izvrsnost kojom zadivljuju i inspiriraju druge ljude…

Ovo je važno naglasiti za bilo koje područje… tko god je u vašoj blizini vrlo dobar u činjenju nečega za zajednicu, ta osoba je sigurno posvetila značajan dio svog vremena sa strašću kako bi ovladao profesiju od koje zajednica ima koristi… i svaki put kad prepoznate takvu osobu oko sebe trebali biste je cijeniti… u isto vrijeme ako osoba bez strasti i bez vještina preuzme odgovornost za nešto što je važno za zajednicu budite spremni da će cijela zajednica snositi posljedice koje dugoročno mogu biti vrlo bolne…

Još uvijek poneko u dobroj vjeri zaluta na Smrikvu, misleći da je to neko „jako važno“ natjecanje… ponekad ne razumijevajući da rezultat nije taj glavni skriveni ključ Smrikva Bowl-a… i svake godine trebam pomoć Ambasadora Smrikve u objašnjenju kako je Smrikva Bowl nešto više od „važnog“ natjecanja…

Detaljnu prezentaciju s obrascem za prijavu i ostalim uputama glede 29.-og Smrikva Bowl-a 2024.te se od danas nalaze na internet stranici Smrikva Bowl-a.

Smrikva Bowl je od svog početka nešto „više od tenisa“… jedan mali rođendan… i lijepo je ostaviti interpretaciju onoga nešto „više od tenisa“ svakom Ambasadoru Smrikve osobno… njihovim osjećajima jer oni pomažu i ispisuju tu priču…

Danas je ulje i vino Smrikva Bowl-a dotaklo 101 zemlju svijeta zahvaljujući obiteljima Smrikve… naše su količine oduvijek ograničene… kao što je ograničen broj igrača koje možemo pozvati svake godine… ali ponovno vjerujem da će jednoga dana i maslinovo ulje sa stabala koja su sadila djeca Smrikve postati jedno od najposebnijih na svijetu… a za mene to već i danas ono je…

Zadnjih godina broj posjetitelja Istre uvijek lagano raste i hvala svima koji su nas posjetili i time doprinijeli tom razvoju… a “Istria from Smrikve” ostaje jedna poklon knjiga svim prijateljima… poklon Ambasadorima Smrikva Bowl-a koja je 2009.godine dodala misiji Ambasadora Smrikve zadaću da uz traženje talenata pomognu širiti riječ o Istri kao kulturnoj destinaciji koju vrijedi posjetiti i očuvati… i nadam se da će ova knjiga jednoga dana biti prepoznata zahvaljujući djeci Smrikva Bowl-a…

Broj primljenih talenata na sljedeću Smrikvu će biti 64 igrača (32 dječaka i 32 djevojčica) … i vaša pomoć pri selekciji i preporuke će biti kao i do sada od iznimne važnosti …

Ako poznajete neko talentirano dijete rođeno 2014. godine koje bi zavrijedilo zaigrati na Smrikvi ili se želite i sami kandidirati za obiteljski tjedan SBTTFW 2024., ili za odmor SBM+HFW 2024 mi slobodno pišite…

I za kraj mog uvijek dugačkog pisma… želim djeci Smrikve da nastave inspirirati primjerom drugu djecu… i nadam se da će netko od njih učiniti stvarnim riječi Nelsona Mandele kada kaže da “Sport ima snagu da mijenja svijet, ima snagu da inspirira i da ujedinjuje ljude kako što malo što drugo može.”

Hvala na vremenu… hvala na posjeti i hvala za dijeljenje s prijateljima priče o Smrikvi,


p.s. ako ste doživjeli i svidjelo vam se iskustvo Smrikva Bowl i želite podržati priču, uvijek postoji način da to učinite… naš “lucky draw” je danas stvarnost zahvaljujući djeci Smrikve i njihovim obiteljima… posebne kolekcijske boce maslinovog ulja sa stabla koja su sadila djeca Smrikve su isto tako već stvarnost opisana na sljedećoj poveznici…


a jedna nova ideja postat će stvarnost 2024.godine i želim trenutno samo napisati “CHAPEAU”…

Smrikve Village is home to Smrikva Bowl


Today we collected grapes and started the 29th Smrikva Bowl 2024 - Smrikve Malvazija & Angvšta wine production

We just collected grapes and started 2024 Smrikve wine production… the wine collection of limited 100 bottles will be made as per tradition… and around 60+ bottles will be donated to the families participating the 29th Smrikva Bowl 2024 edition…

As per tradition we will do our best to make good wine…

Smrikve Malvazija is thanks to the Smrikva Bowl Ambassadors spread in 101 countries and all the continents. Last year we created a limited collection of 100 bottles and never above 150 bottles… it is always a gift of our family to the Smrikva Bowl families and to our friends.

Wine and gastronomy are part of a culture and wine bottle that we give to every Smrikva Bowl family is part of our cultural gift that every year we are pleased to make to our guests coming from all around the World.

The wine making is the tradition in Smrikve since 1957…

The wine production is a passion for many Istrian families and my grandfather Mate was a great lower of wine and wine making. The first thing he made in 1957 when he settled in Smrikve was planting the vineyard.

Probably not many Smrikva Bowl readers do know the story how my grandfather agreed to take out a row of vineyard to create the space for the court where today the Smrikva Bowl finals are played.

My father, me and my Uncle continue the wine making tradition in Smrikve…

Several years ago I bought a vineyard close to the vineyard planted by my grandfather and today my father and me are doing our best to get the best from what Malvasia grapes can give.

The first phase of the processing the grapes started today…

We collected the grapes but also separated the juice of the rest to obtain the golden color that usually our Istrian Malvazija (Malmsey) wine has. Now for two days the fermentation will be blocked to allow the wine to start its transformation process cleaner than it is today after the collection.

In Smrikve we produce Istrian Malvazija (Malmsey) and during the Smrikva Bowl we use to give a bottle of wine to every family as a memory to their Smrikva Bowl. Probably one day this bottles might be something special if our kids continue to love tennis game and continue to write the Smrikva Bowl story with their results.

Wine as part of the culture…

In the regions where the wine is produced the wine was always part of the culture of the particular site. Also the wine we produce is part of the Smrikve tradition and this is the reason why we are pleased to give a bottle to every family that come to visit us for the Smrikva Bowl.

There is an old Istrian saying: ”Vino od loze i mliko od koze” and “Kruh je za tilo a vino je za dušu”. The translation from Croatian is difficult because you loose the feel of the language. Goat is the symbol of Istria and the meaning of the first saying would be: ”Wine from the grapevine and milk from the goat” and the meaning of the second would be: “Bread is for the body, wine is for the soul”.

With today’s collection as I said we started the process of transforming the grapes into wine for the 29th Smrikva Bowl 2024 edition.

The main Istrian wines are: Malvazija, Terran, Refosc and Muscatel.

The glory of the Istrian wine dates back to over 2000 years ago…

For those who are not familiar with Istrian wine I am pleased to remind the reader that Istrian wine was considered one of the best in the Roman Empire, around 20 centuries ago, and was preferred by Livia Drusilla, also known as Iulia Augusta, the wife of the first Roman Emperor Augustus.

Livia Drusilla’s preferred wine was the Istrian wine Pucinum. Livia is considered one of the most influent women in the beginning of the Roman Empire era. It is not know what wine it was because todays wines were brought in Istria mostly by Venetians.

Todays Istrian Malvazija’s story is related with Serenissima… the Venetian Republic

The story of Istrian Malvazija, cultivated in Istria since the end of the 16th century, is fascinating and it relates to the Venetians.

At the beginning of the 15th century the Venetians occupied Peloponnesus in Greece. In the Peloponnesus region there is a town Monemvassia, also named Malvasia. From this town the Venetians started to import the wine into Venice and the other areas controlled by the Venetian Republic.

This wine was so successful and became so famous all over Europe that Venetians decided to plant huge vineyards on the biggest Greek island, Crete.

Between the 16th and 18th century Malvasia become the most important wine in Europe. In 1570 the Turks conquered Crete and Venetians decided to plant Malvasia vineyards in other areas that had friendly relations with Venice which, at that time, also included Istria.

In end Malvasia is in Istria since the above mentioned period while it is not known the sort of the wine that was preferred by the wife of the Emperor Augustus, Livia Drusilla – Julia Augusta.

Giacomo Casanova in his diary talks about another Istrian sort and another great wine…

Giacomo Casanova visited Vrsar several times and in his diary he describes a good wine Refosc and nice women… That Refosc could be Terran too because if you look at the grapes you will hardly note the difference and today Refosc is mostly cultivated in the Slovenian part of Istria while in other areas the dominant sort is Malvasia.

Another excellent wine can be found around Momjan area made of Muscatel sort.

On Istria from Smrikve you can learn much more…

To learn more about Istrian gastronomy and wine please visit the E-book about Istrian cultural heritage on www.smrikve.com/istria/ named “Istria from Smrikve” or join Discover Istria from Smrikve group on Linked In.

The grapes are very nice this year… and the wine should be extraordinary again…

From today… the most important part of wine transformation process starts ;)… and at the beginning of November we will make the first quality level tasting check :)…

Please visit www.smrikve.com to learn more about Smrikve, Istria from Smrikve, Smrikva Bowl, one of the most important under 10 tennis tournaments in the World, and Villa Smrikve and SMRIKVE LOUNGE, for your accommodation with swimming pool in Stinjan (Pula – Pola) if you decide to spent your holiday in Istria, Croatia.


Top Smrikva Bowl players on ATP, WTA, ITF and European U14 and 16 ranking lists (update September 2023)

Former top Smrikva Bowl players that reached certain results on the professional ranking list and the top Smrikva Bowl players current ranking.

As of September 18th, 2023 their track record includes the following:
=> 97 professional ATP/WTA titles (3 Grand Slams) conquered by 30 players
=> 46 GRAND SLAM titles (including junior titles) conquered by 35 players
=> 1 Olympic golden medal (singles) & 1 Olympic silver medal (doubles)
=> 1 Davis Cup title & 1 Billie Jean King title
=> 1 NEXT GEN ATP Finals title
=> 79 players reached TOP 200 ATP/WTA ranking => 39 players reached TOP 100 ATP/WTA ranking => 13 players reached TOP 20 ATP/WTA => 4 players reached TOP 10 ATP/WTA ranking => 1 player reached #1 ATP ranking
=> 13 players reached #1 ITF ranking; 1 player reached #1 ATP ranking

=> 295 + SB players (1996-2015) received scholarships to study in the US & play tennis… and the list of the players can be seen on the following link SB US University Club

- 417+ SB players (1996-2017) collected ATP/WTA points on the following link ATP/WTA SB Club

41 TOP 200 WTA Smrikva Bowl Players Club with their best historical ranking:

Belinda BENCIC – 2006 player – #4 WTA (Feb 2020)
Petra MARTIC – 2001 winner – #14 WTA (Jan 2020)
Martina TREVISAN – 2003 player – #18 WTA (May 2023)
Donna VEKIC – 2003-2005 player – #19 WTA (Nov 2019)
Ana KONJUH – 2007 runner up – #20 WTA (Jul 2017)
Ajla TOMLJANOVIC – 2003 semif.- # 32 WTA (Apr 2022)
Viktoria KUZMOVA – 2008 semif.- #43 WTA (Mar 2019)
Linda FRUHVIRTOVA – 2005 semif. – #49 (Jun 2023)
Katie BOULTER – 2006 player – #50 WTA (Sep 2023)
Clair LIU – 2010 “LM”/SB player -#52 WTA (Jan 2023)
Nina STOJANOVIC – 2006 player – #81 WTA (Mar 2020)
Ivana JOROVIC – 2007 player – #86 on WTA (Jul 2019)
Olga DANILOVIC – 2011 winner – #93 WTA (Jun 2023)
Ivana LISJAK – 1997 winner – #95 WTA (Jun 2006)
Jana FETT – 2005 player – #97 WTA (Oct 2017)

Irina Maria BARA – 2005 player – #104 WTA (Apr 2022)
Katie SWAN – 2009 winner – #118 WTA (Oct 2022)
Maria TIMOFEEVA – 2012 player – #125 WTA (Sep 2023)
Deborah CHIESA – 2006 player – #143 WTA (Jun 2018)
Tereza MRDEZA – 2000 winner – #150 WTA (Oct 2015)
Petra MARCINKO – 2015 player – #161 WTA (Mar 2023)
Gabriela TAYLOR – 2008 player – #162 WTA (Dec 2018)
Joanne ZUGER – 2010 player – #164 WTA (Jul 2022)
Lina GJORCHESKA – 2003 player – #170 WTA (Jun 2017)
Dea HERDZELAS – 2006 player – #183 (May 2022)
Antonia RUZIC, 18th SB 2013, #184 WTA (Sep 2022)
Dejana RADANOVIC – 2006 player – #187 WTA (Jul 2018)
Alexandra EALA – 2015 player – #195 WTA (Aug 2023)
Seone MENDEZ – 2009 player – #198 WTA (Mar 2022)
Tena LUKAS – 2005 player – #200 WTA (Sep 2022)

Nina STOJANOVIC – 2006 player – #37 WTA doubles (Jan 2022)
Tereza MIHALIKOVA – 2008 player – #42 WTA doubles (Jan 2023)
Ingrid NEEL – 2008 “LM”/SB player -#51 WTA doubles (Sep 2023)
Irina Maria BARA – 2005 player – #56 WTA doubles (May 2019)
Maia LUMSDEN – 2008 runner up – #91 WTA doubles (Aug 2023)

Camilla ROSATELLO – 2005 player – #102 WTA doubles (Aug 2023)
Angelica MORATELLI – 2004 player – #102 WTA doubles (Aug 2023)
Giorgia MARCHETTI – 2005 player – #143 WTA doubles (May 2019)
Ema BURGIC – 2002 semifinalist – #145 WTA doubles (Oct 2016)
Vladica BABIC – 2005 player – #164 WTA doubles (Nov 2019)
Anglela FITA BOLUDA – 2009 player – #168 WTA doubles (Aug 2022)
Andreea ROSCA – 2009 player – 179 WTA doubles (Sep 2022)
Ashley LAHEY – 2009 “LM”/SB player – #187 WTA doubles (Jul 2023)

37 TOP 200 ATP Smrikva Bowl Players Club with their best historical ranking:

Carlos ALCARAZ – 2013 runner up – #1 ATP (Sep 2022)
Dominic THIEM – 2003 winner – #3 ATP (Mar 2020)
Holger RUNE – 2013 QF – #4 ATP (Aug 2023)
Alex DE MINAUR – 2009 player – #12 ATP (Aug 2023)
Borna CORIC – 2005 player – #12 ATP (Nov 2018)
Tommy PAUL – 2007 “LM”/SB player – #13 ATP (Aug 2023)
Lorenzo MUSETTI – 2012 QF – #15 ATP (Jun 2023)
Alejandro DAVIDOVICH FOKINA – 2009 SF- #23 ATP (Aug 2023)
Laslo DJERE – 2005 runner up – #27 ATP (Jun 2019)
Miomir KECMANOVIC – 2009 quarterf.- #27 ATP (Jan 2023)
Lloyd HARRIS – 2007 player – #31 ATP (Sep 2021 )
Alexei POPYRIN – 2009 CD winner – #40 ATP (Aug 2023)
Tomas MACHAC – 2010 QF – #97 (Dec 2022)

Luca NARDI – 2013 player – #116 ATP (Aug 2023)
Hamad MEDJEDOVIC – 2013 SF – #121 ATP (Sep 2023)
Federico GAIO – 2002 player – #124 ATP (Feb 2020)
Nikola MILOJEVIC – 2005 CD winner – #125 ATP (Feb 2022)
Filip MISOLIC – 2011 player – #126 ATP (Apr 2023)
Flavio COBOLLI – 2012 player – #132 ATP (Sep 2023)
Mattia BELLUCCI – 2010 player – #142 ATP (Jan 2023)
Gianluigi QUINZI – 2006 winner – # 142 ATP (Apr 2019)
Matteo DONATI – 2005 winner – #159 ATP (Jul 2015)
Gian Marco MORONI – 2008 player – #159 ATP (Jun 2022)
Nino SERDARUSIC – 2005 player – #167 ATP (Jun 2022)
Dino *PRIZMIC*- 2015 QF – #168 ATP (Sep 2023)
Luciano DARDERI – 2012 player – #168 ATP (Oct 2022)
Javier MARTI – 2002 winner – #170 ATP (Apr 2012)
Nicola KUHN – 2010 winner – #174 ATP (Oct 2019)
Nerman FATIC – 2004 SF – #191 ATP (Aug 2023)
Daniel RINCON – 2013 SF – #198 ATP (Sep 2023)

Marin DRAGANJA – 2001 winner – #20 ATP doubles (Apr 2015)
Matej SABANOV – 2002 semi – #72 ATP doubles (Apr 2022)
William BLUMBERG – 2008 “LM”/SB player – #74 ATP doubles (Aug 2022)
Ivan SABANOV – 2002 semi – #75 ATP doubles (Apr 2022)
Dino MARCAN – 2001 runner up – #87 ATP doubles (May 2017)

Luca MARGAROLI – 2002 – #128 ATP doubles (May 2019)
Charles BROOM – 2008 QF – #199 ATP doubles (Sep 2023)

As of September 11th 2023 the ranking summary of the TOP 1000 ATP/WTA former Smrikva Bowl players is the following:

• 70 WTA players (7,0%)

Belinda BENCIC – 2006 player – #15 WTA
Donna VEKIC – 2003-2005 player – #21 WTA
Petra MARTIC – 2001 winner – #37 WTA
Katie BOULTER – 2006 player – #50 WTA
Martina TREVISAN – 2003 player – #53 WTA
Linda FRUHVIRTOVA – 2015 SF – #68 WTA
Claire LIU – 2010 player – #70 WTA

Olga DANILOVIC – 2011 winner – #109 WTA
Maria TIMOFEEVA – 2012 player – #125 WTA
Viktoria KUZMOVA HRUNCANKOVA – 2008 SF – #127 WTA
Ana KONJUH – 2007 runner up – #163 WTA
Petra MARCINKO – 2015 player – #170 WTA
Katie SWAN – 2009 winner – #175 WTA
Irina Maria BARA – 2005 player – #185 WTA
Jana FETT – 2005 player – #189 WTA
Alexandra EALA – 2015 SF – #195 WTA

Miriam BULGARU – 2008 player – #201 WTA
Tena LUKAS – 2005 player – #220 WTA
Lina GJORCHESKA – 2003 player – #226 WTA
Berfu CENGIZ – 2009 player – #228 WTA
Lola RADIVOJEVIC – 2015 player – #252 WTA
Seone MENDEZ – 2009 player – #253 WTA
Camilla ROSATELLO – 2005 player – #278 WTA
Lucija CIRIC BAGARIC – 2014 player – #290 WTA
Lea BOSKOVIC – 2009 player – #291 WTA
Ajla TOMLJANOVIC – 2003 semif.- #296 WTA
Francesca CURMI – 2012 player – #299 WTA

Mia RISTIC – 2016 SB SF – #317 WTA
Antonia RUZIC – 2013 player – #326 WTA
Nina POTOCNIK – 2007 player – #344 WTA
Aliona FALEI – 2014 runner up – #357 WTA
Joanne ZUGER – 2010 player – #360 WTA
Ashley LAHEY – 2009 LM/SB – #361 WTA
Dejana RADANOVIC – 2006 player – #362 WTA
Ziva FALKNER – 2012 player – #397 WTA

Aleksandra VECIC – 2011 player – #402 WTA
Dea HERDZELAS – 2006 QF- #405 WTA
Matilde PAOLETTI – 2012 QF – #441 WTA
Angela FITA BOLUDA – 2009 player – #457 WTA
Denislava GLUSHKOVA – 2014 player – #460 WTA
Haruna ARAKAWA – 2008 player – #474 WTA

Deborah CHIESA – 2006 player – #502 WTA
Pia LOVRIC – 2012 player – #509 WTA
Angelica MORATELLI – 2004 player – #519 WTA
Jessica PIERI – 2007 player – #535 WTA
Luisa MEYER AUF DER HEIDE – 2012 runner up – #542 WTA
Maia LUMSDEN – 2009 player – #560 WTA
Tatiana PIERI – 2007 player – #562 WTA
Yufei REN – 2016 SF – #595 WTA
Joelle STEUR – 2014 player – #598 WTA

Nina STOJANOVIC – 2006 player – #653 WTA
Julie BELGRAVER – 2012 player – #663 WTA
Tereza VALENTOVA – 2017 player – #668 WTA
Katarina JOKIC – 2008 winner – #680 WTA
Iva PRIMORAC – 2006 player – #683 WTA

Mio MUSHIKA – 2005 player – #725 WTA
Weronika BASZAK – 2012 player – #730 WTA
Paula ARIAS MANON – 2010 runner up – #740 WTA
Oana Georgeta SIMION – 2005 player – #752 WTA
Himari SATO – 2012 winner – #762 WTA
Mao MUSHIKA – 2005 player – #763 WTA

Martina CAREGARO – 2002 winner – #817 WTA
Suana TUCAKOVIC – 2014 player – #868 WTA
Alexandra IORDACHE – 2013 player – #871 WTA

Ariana GEERLINGS – 2015 player – #901WTA
Ena KOIKE – 2016 player – #933 WTA
Patricija PAUKSTYTE – 2014 player – #934 WTA
Carolina GOMEZ – 2014 player – #990 WTA
Ania HERTEL – 2010 player – #992 WTA

• 68 ATP players (6,8%)

Carlos ALCARAZ GARFIA – 2013 runner up – #2 ATP
Holger RUNE – 2013 QF – #4 ATP
Alex DE MINAUR – 2009 player – #12 ATP
Tommy PAUL – 2007 player – #13 ATP
Lorenzo MUSETTI – 2012 QF – #18 ATP
Alejandro DAVIDOVICH FOKINA – 2009 SF- #25 ATP
Borna CORIC – 2005 player – #26 ATP
Laslo DJERE – 2005 runner up – #37 ATP
Alexei POPYRIN – 2009 cd winner – #45 ATP
Miomir KECMANOVIC – 2009 player – #48 ATP
Dominic THIEM – 2003 winner – #73 ATP

Tomas MACHAC – 2010 QF- #119 ATP
Hamad MEDJEDOVIC – 2013 SF – #121 ATP
Flavio COBOLLI – 2012 player – #132 ATP
Luca NARDI – 2013 player – #137 ATP
Mattia BELLUCCI – 2010 player – #143 ATP
Lloyd HARRIS – 2007 player – #159 ATP
Filip MISOLIC – 2011 player – #165 ATP
Dino PRIZMIC – 2015 QF – #168 ATP
Luciano DARDERI – 2012 player – #177 ATP
Daniel RINCON – 2013 SF – #198 ATP

Duje AJDUKOVIC – 2011 winner – #206 ATP
Federico GAIO – 2002 player – #212 ATP
Nerman FATIC – 2004 player – #218 ATP
Abedallah SHELBAYH – 2013 player – #281 ATP
Nino SERDARUSIC – 2005 player – #288 ATP

Alibek KACHMAZOV – 2012 player – #324 ATP
Kalin IVANOVSKI – 2014 CD winner – #328 ATP
Charles BROOM – 2008 player – #360 ATP
Remy BERTOLA – 2008 player – #380 ATP
Cezar CRETU – 2011 player – #384 ATP

Eric VANSHELBOIM – 2011 player – #419 ATP
Jerome KYM – 2011 player – #428 ATP
Nicolas ALVAREZ VARONA – 2011 QF – #429 ATP
Damian WENGER – 2010 player – #435 ATP
Sebastian GIMA – 2012 runner up – #438 ATP
Nikola MILOJEVIC – 2005 CD winner – #439 ATP
Jacopo BERRETTINI – 2008 player – #456 ATP
Gabi Adrian BOITAN – 2009 player – #462 ATP
Yshai OLIEL – 2010 runner up – #470 ATP
Vilius GAUBAS – 2014 player – #476 ATP

Gian Marco MORONI – 2008 player – #528
Jaime FARIA – 2013 player – #531 ATP
Daniel MERIDA AGUILAR – 2014 player – #536 ATP
Luka MIKRUT – 2014 player – #540 ATP
Matej DODIG – 2015 player – #563 ATP
Matyas FUELE – 2008 player – #566 ATP
Stefan POPOVIC – 2013 player – #591 ATP

Jiri BARNAT – 2011 player – #603 ATP
Andrea GUERRIERI – 2008 player – #614 ATP
Bor ARTNAK – 2014 player – #616 ATP
Rimpei KAWAKAMI – 2010 player – #622 ATP
Pedro RODENAS – 2014 player – #631 ATP ATP
Fabrizio ANDALORO – 2011 player – #653 ATP
Martin LANDALUCE – 2016 QF – #661 ATP
Mili POLJICAK – 2014 player – #672 ATP
Patrik RIKL – 2009 player – #688 ATP
Nicola KUHN – 2010 winner – #689 ATP

Vito TONEJC – 2009 player – #776 ATP
Dusan OBRADOVIC – 2011 player – #787 ATP
Filippo MORONI – 2010 player – 793 ATP

Nicolas KOBELT – 2014 player – #825 ATP
Viktor JOVIC – 2012 player – #836 ATP
Adam NEFF – 2011 player – #879 ATP
Patrick BRADY – 2014 SB winner- #884 ATP

Yannik STEINEGGER – 2009 player – #948 ATP
Noah SCHACHTER – “LM”/SB 2009 – #962 ATP
Roko HORVAT – 2011 player – #987 ATP

• 21 players TOP 100 ATP last RACE TO JEDDAH 2023 NEXT GEN (21%)

Carlos ALCARAZ – 2013 runner up – #1 ATP
Holger RUNE – 2013 QF – #2 ATP
Lorenzo MUSETTI – 2012 QF – #4 ATP
Hamad MEDJEDOVIC – 2013 SF – #9 ATP
Flavio COBOLLI – 2012 – #11 ATP
Luca NARDI – 2013 – #13 ATP
Dino PRIZMIC – 2015 QF – #20 ATP
Daniel RINCON – 2013 SF – #21 ATP
Luciano DARDERI – 2012 – #22 ATP
Abedallah SHELBAYH – 2013 – #31 ATP
Alibek KACHMAZOV – 2012 – #39 ATP
Kalin IVANOVSKI – 2014 – #42 ATP
Vilius GABAUS – 2014 – #57 ATP
Jerome KYM – 2013 – #59 ATP
Sebastian GIMA – 2012 – #62 ATP
Daniel MERIDA AGUILAR – 2014 – #75 ATP
Matej DODIG – 2015 – #79 ATP
Jaime FARIA – 2013 – #81 ATP
Luka MIKRUT – 2014 – #83 ATP
Pedro RODENAS – 2014 – #98 ATP
Martin LANDALUCE – 2016 – #100 ATP

Milano 2017: Borna CORIC and Gianluigi QUINZI (WC)
Milano 2018: Alex DE MINAUR (runner up) and Lloyd HARRIS (invited)
Milano 2019: Alex DE MINAUR (runner up), Miomir KECMANOVIC (semifinals), Alejandro DAVIDOVICH FOKINA (round robin)
Milano 2020: not played for Covid – 19 but would have played: Alex DE MINAUR, Miomir KECMANOVIC, Alejandro DAVIDOVICH FOKINA, Lorenzo MUSETTI, Carlos ALCARAZ
Milano 2021: Carlos ALCARAZ (winner), Lorenzo MUSETTI (round robin), Holger RUNE (round robin), Flavio COBOLLI (alternate)
Milano 2022: Lorenzo MUSETTI, Carlos ALCARAZ (qualified but did not play), Holger RUNE (qualified but did not play)

• 18 boys (18%) and 15 girls (15%)… in total 33 players are in TOP 100 ITF

- #11 Federico CINA – junior US OPEN 2023 SF
- #13 Branko DJURIC
- #15 Federico BONDIOLI
- #17 Tomasz BERKIETA
- #29 Kylan BIGUN
- #33 Petr BRUNCLIK
- #40 Kevin EDENGREN
- #40 Martin LANDALUCE – junior US OPEN 2022 winner
- #43 Lorenzo SCIAHBASI
- #46 Oliver BONDING
- #50 Dino PRIZMIC – junior RG 2023 winner
- #57 Matic KRIZNIK
- #75 Timofei DEREPASKO
- #90 Filippo ROMANO
- #95 Aleksa PISARIC
- #98 Alexander VASILEV

- #103 Max STENZER
- #105 Marko MAKSIMOVIC
- #109 Marc MAJDANDZIC
- #124 Ofek SHIMANOV
- #144 Benjamin GUSIC WAN
- #151 Giacomo NOSEI
- #159 Matthias Uwe KASK
- #167 Viktor MARKOV
- #170 Daniele RAPAGNETTA
- #175 Ognjen MILIC
- #193 Antonio VOLJAVEC
- #195 Georgi GEORGIEV
- #199 Andreas TIMINI

- #208 Leo MATTHYSEN
- #216 Duje MARKOVINA
- #223 Rafael SEGADO ESTEVE
- #230 Nico HIPFL
- #233 Meecah BIGUN
- #240 Nikolai BARSUKOV
- #243 Matej DODIG
- #268 Mika PETKOVIC
- #281 Vito DARDERI

- #310 Iker SEVILLA
- #337 Dominick MOSEJCZUK
- #346 Mak MIKOVIC
- #346 Luis GARCIA PAEZ
- #362 Marko NIKOLIC
- #399 Filip KOSINSKI

- #430 Ziga SVEC
- #483 Niels McDONALD
- #494 Maximilian CARRIER
- #498 Štepan SKLENIČKA

- #518 Thilo BEHRMANN
- #554 Chris SPYROU
- #583 Roben GAVANI

- #638 Andrea MEDURI
- #656 Jacob Kailiang SHEN
- #684 Volodymyr GURENKO

- #700 Tim VAISMAN
- #718 Dimitar KISIMOV
- #728 Aleksa OPARNICA – #760 Victor RYDEN
- #788 Svit SULJIC
- #790 Kristian TUMBAS KAJGO

- #837 Ryuto SUZUKI
- #842 Ziga SESKO
- #858 Federico GARBERO
- #897 Fran RAKONIC

- #920 Pavel MARINOV
- #945 Timofii MILOVANOV
- #997 Alfredo GALLEGOS

- #7 Tereza VALENTOVA
- #9 Ena KOIKE
- #23 Teodora KOSTOVIC
- #24 Mara GAE
- #31 Alisa OKTIABREVA
- #35 Monica STANKIEWICZ
- #41 Rositsa DENCHEVA
- #49 Elizara YANEVA
- #53 Ela Nala MILIC
- #70 Rose NIJKAMP – Junior W 2022 doubles winner
- #74 Roisin GILHEANY
- #87 Malwina ROWINSKA
- #95 Hepzibah OLUWADARE

- #127 Anastasia GRECHKINA
- #149 Ksenia EFREMOVA
- #187 Given ROACH
- #190 Liya CHU
- #195 Alexandra EALA

- #215 Iva LAKIC
- #224 Jovana GRUJIC
- #246 Ariana GEERLINGS
- #254 Barbora MICHALKOVA
- #271 Dora MISKOVIC

- #315 Alana SUBASIC
- #331 Petra KONJIKUSIC
- #397 Antonina CZAJKA

- #420 Sarina SCHNYDER
- #427 Angelica SARA
- #436 Camilia SAMEL DRUZ
- #440 Lana PETKOVIC
- #475 Aleksandra GABROVSKA

- #523 Flora JOHNSON
- #532 Ema KOVACEVIC
- #578 Shanice ROIGNOT
- #579 Chiara JEROLIMOV
- #590 Mia RISTIC
- #596 Lia BELIBOVA

- #604 Aurora NOSEI
- #613 Jaquelyn OGUNWALE

- #708 Letizia TAROCCO
- #773 Ece GENCER

- #830 Chisato KANEMAKI

- #935 Alexandra *GABROVSKA
- #938 Nera TESANKIC
- #940 Briyana IVANOVA
- #978 Aleksandra STEVANOVIC
- #980 Anastasija IGNJATIC

5 boys and 2 girls are in TOP 10 ETA under 16 – (Federico Cina #1, Oliver Bonding #4, Mees Rottgering #5, William Rehchman Vinciguerra #9 ; Tereza Valentova #5, Teodora Kostovic #7)

2 boys and 1 girl are in TOP 10 ETA under 14 – (Mustafa Ege Sik #7, Filip Ladman #9; Ksenia Efremova #2)


IN 1997 TOP PLAYERS FROM CROATIA gathered on the 2nd Smrikva BowlIN 1998 3rd SMRIKVA BOWL STARTED TO GATHER FIRST FOREIGN PLAYERS… and in 2001 – 6th Smrikva Bowl was the last year with dominance of the top national players…

Vilim VISAK (CRO), 1st SB 1996 winner, #612 ATP (Mar 2006)
Ivana LISJAK (CRO), 2nd SB 1997 winner, #95 WTA (Jun 2006)
Mateja HORVAT (CRO), 3rd SB 1998 winner, #830 WTA (Nov 2005)
Astrid BESSER (ITA), 4th SB 1999 winner, #356 WTA (Mar 2009)
Deni ZMAK (CRO), 4th SB 1999 runner up, #961 ATP (May 2010)
Tereza MRDEZA (CRO), 5th SB 2000 winner, #150 WTA (Oct 2015)
Adelchi VIRGILI (ITA), 5th SB 2000 winner, #394 ATP doubles (Oct 2017)
Marin DRAGANJA (CRO), 6th SB 2001 winner, #20 ATP doubles (Apr 2015)
Dino MARCAN (CRO), 6th SB 2001 runner up, #87 ATP doubles (May 2017)
Martina CAREGARO (ITA), 7th SB 2002 winner, #253 WTA (Feb 2016)
Javier MARTI (ESP), 7th SB 2002 winner, #170 ATP (Apr 2012)
Ema BURGIC (BiH), 7th SB 2002 SF, #145 WTA (Oct 2016)
Silvia NJIRIC (CRO) – 8th SB 2003 runner up – #370 WTA (May 2015)
Miki JANKOVIC (SRB), 9th SB 2004 runner up, #256 ATP (Aug 2016)
Vladica BABIC (MNE), 9th SB 2004, #164 WTA doubles (Nov 2019)
Karin KENNEL (SUI), 10th SB 2005, #409 WTA (Apr 2014)
Gianluigi QUINZI (ITA), 11th SB 2006 winner, # 142 ATP (Apr 2019)

Petra MARTIC (CRO), 6th SB 2001 winner, #14 WTA (Jan 2020)


2002 – 7th Smrikva Bowl

Federico GAIO – 2002 player – #124 ATP (Feb 2020)
Matej SABANOV (CRO), 7th SB 2002 semif., #72 ATP doubles (Apr 2022)
Ivan SABANOV (CRO), 7th SB 2002 semif., #75 ATP doubles (Apr 2022)
Luca MARGAROLI (SUI), 7th SB 2002, #171 ATP doubles (May 2019)

Ajla TOMLJANOVIC (CRO), 7th SB 2002 runner up, # 32 WTA (Apr 2022)

2003 – 8th Smrikva Bowl

Dominic THIEM (AUT), 8th SB 2003 winner, #3 ATP (Mar 2020)

Martina TREVISAN (ITA), 8th SB 2003, #18 WTA (May 2023)
Ajla TOMLJANOVIC (CRO),8th SB 2003 semif., # 32 WTA (Apr 2022)
Lina GJORCHESKA (MKD), 8th SB 2003, #170 WTA (Jun 2017)

2004 – 9th Smrikva Bowl

Nerman FATIC (BiH), 9th SB 2004 semif, #191 ATP (Aug 2023)

Angelica MORATELLI (ITA), 9th SB 2004, #102 WTA doubles (Aug 2023)
Anita WAGNER HUSARIĆ (BiH), 9th SB 2004, #633 WTA (Dec 2013)


2005 – 10th Smrikva Bowl

Borna CORIC (CRO), 10th SB 2005, #12 ATP (Nov 2018)
Laslo DJERE (SRB), 10th SB 2005 runner up, #27 ATP (Jun 2019)
Nikola MILOJEVIC (SRB), 10th SB 2005 Cons.winner, #125 ATP (Feb 2022)
Matteo DONATI (ITA), 10th SB 2005 winner, #159 ATP (Jul 2015)
Nino SERDARUSIC (CRO), 10th SB 2005, #167 ATP (Jun 2022)

Donna VEKIC (CRO), 10th SB 2005, #19 WTA (Nov 2019)
Jana FETT (CRO), 10th SB 2005, #97 WTA (Oct 2017)
Irina Maria BARA (ROM), 10th SB 2005, #104 WTA (Apr 2022)
Tena LUKAS (CRO), 10th SB 2005, #200 WTA (Sep 2022)
Oana Georgetta SIMION (ROM), 10th SB 2005, #380 WTA (Jul 2021)
Camilla ROSATELLO (ITA), 10th SB 2005, #102 WTA doubles (Aug 2023)

2006 – 11th Smrikva Bowl

Belinda BENCIC (SUI), 11th SB 2006, #4 WTA (Feb 2020)
Katie BOULTER (UK), 11th SB 2006, #50 WTA (Sep 2023)
Nina STOJANOVIC (SRB), 11th SB 2006, #81 WTA (Mar 2020)
Deborah CHIESA (ITA), 11th SB 2006, #143 WTA (Jun 2018)
Dea HERDZELAS (BiH), 11th SB 2006 quarterf., #183 (May 2022)
Dejana *RADANOVIC*(SRB), 11th SB 2006, #187 WTA (Jul 2018)

2007 – 12th Smrikva Bowl and 6th“Little Mo”/Smrikva Bowl

Lloyd HARRIS (RSA), ,12th SB 2007, #31 ATP (Sep 2021)

Ana KONJUH (CRO), 12th SB 2007 runner up, #20 WTA (Jul 2017)
Ivana JOROVIC (SRB), 12th SB 2007, #86 on WTA (Jul 2019)
Jessica PIERI (ITA), 12th SB 2007, #205 WTA (May 2018)
Nina POTOCNIK (SLO), 12th SB 2007 semif., #257 WTA (Feb 2023)
Tatiana PIERI (ITA), 12th SB 2007, #449 WTA (Mar 2020)

“Little Mo” TEAM
Tommy PAUL (USA), 6th “Little Mo”/SB, #13 ATP (Aug 2023)


2008 – 13th Smrikva Bowl and 7th“Little Mo”/Smrikva Bowl

Gian Marco MORONI (ITA), 13th SB 2008, #159 ATP (Jun 2022)
Charles BROOM (UK) , 13th SB 2008, #343 ATP (Jul 2023)
Jacopo BERRETTINI (ITA), 13th SB 2008, #388 ATP (Jul 2019)
Matyas FUELE (HUN), 13th SB 2008, #566 ATP (Sep 2022)
Andrea GUERRIERI (ITA), 13th SB 2008 semif., #608 ATP (Aug 2023)

Viktoria KUZMOVA HRUNCANKOVA (SVK), 13th SB 2008 semif., #43 WTA (Mar 2019)
Tereza MIHALIKOVA (SVK), 13th SB 2008, #42 WTA doubles (Jan 2023)
Maia LUMSDEN (UK), 13th SB 2008 runner up, #91 WTA doubles (Aug 2023)
Katarina JOKIC (SRB), 13th SB 2008 winner, #417 WTA (Oct 2022)

“Little Mo” TEAM
Ingrid NEEL (USA), 7th “Little Mo”/SB, #51 WTA doubles (Sep 2023)
William BLUMBERG (USA), 7th “Little Mo”/SB, #74 ATP doubles (Aug 2022)


2009 – 14th Smrikva Bowl and 8th“Little Mo”/Smrikva Bowl

Alex DE MINAUR (AUS), 14th SB 2009 quarterf., #12 ATP (Aug 2023)
Alejandro DAVIDOVICH FOKINA (ESP), 14th SB 2009 semif., #23 ATP (Aug 2023)
Miomir KECMANOVIC (SRB), 14th SB 2009 quarterf., #27 ATP (Jan 2023)
Alexei POPYRIN (AUS), 14th SB 2009 Cons.winner, #40 ATP (Aug 2023)
Patrik RIKL (CZE), 14th SB 2009 quarterf., #392 ATP (Oct 2018)

Katie SWAN (UK), 14th SB 2009 winner, #118 WTA (Oct 2022)
Seone MENDEZ (AUS), 14th SB 2009, #198 WTA (Mar 2022)
Berfu CENGIZ (TUR), 14th SB 2009 player, #228 WTA (Sep 2023)
Haruna ARAKAWA (JPN), 14th SB 2009, #352 WTA (Feb 2020)
Angela FITA BOLUDA (ESP), 14th SB 2009, #168 WTA doubles (Aug 2022)
Andrea Amalia ROSCA (ROU), 14th SB 2009 quarterf., 179 WTA doubles (Sep 2022)

Ashley LAHEY (USA), 8th “Little Mo”/SB, #187 WTA doubles (Jul 2023)


2010 – 15th Smrikva Bowl and 9th“Little Mo”/Smrikva Bowl

Tomas MACHAC (CZE), 15th SB 2010 quarterf., #97 (Dec 2022)
Mattia BELLUCCI (ITA), 15th SB 2010, #142 ATP (Jan 2023)
Nicola KUHN (ESP), 15th SB 2010 winner, #174 ATP (Oct 2019)
Yshai OLIEL (ISR), 15th SB 2010 semif., #305 ATP (Aug 2022)
Damien WENGER (SUI), 15th SB 2010, #363 ATP (May 2023)
Rimpei KAWAKAMI (JPN), 15th SB 2010, #464 ATP (Dec 2022)

Olga DANILOVIC (SRB), 15th SB 2010, #93 WTA (Jun 2023)
Joanne ZUGER (SUI), 15th SB 2010, #164 WTA (Jul 2022)
Tina CVETKOVIC (SLO), 15th SB 2010, #552 WTA (Jul 2022)
Ania HERTEL (POL), 15th SB 2010, #694 WTA (Aug 2019)
Paula ARIAS MANJON (ESP), 15th SB 2010 runner up, #694 WTA (Aug 2023)

“Little Mo” TEAM
Claire LIU (USA), 9th “Little Mo”/SB, #52 WTA (Jan 2023)


2011 – 16th Smrikva Bowl

Filip MISOLIC (AUT), 16th SB 2011, #126 ATP (Apr 2023)
Duje AJDUKOVIC (CRO), 16th SB 2011 winner, #206 ATP (Sep 2023)
Nicolas ALVAREZ VARONA (ESP), 16th SB 2011 quarterf., #219 ATP (Oct 2022)
Cezar CRETU (ROU), 16th SB 2011, #370 ATP (Nov 2022)
Eric VANSHELBOIM (UKR), 16th SB 2011, #421 ATP (Jul 2023)

Olga DANILOVIC (SRB), 16th SB 2011 winner, #93 WTA (Jun 2023)
Alexandra VECIC (GER), 16th SB 2011, #384 WTA (Aug 2023)


2012 – 17th Smrikva Bowl

Lorenzo MUSETTI (ITA), 17th SB 2012 quarterf., #15 ATP (Jun 2023)
Flavio COBOLLI (ITA), 17th SB 2012, #132 ATP (Sep 2023)
Luciano DARDERI (ITA), 17th SB 2012, #168 ATP (Oct 2022)
Alibek KACHMAZOV (RUS), 17th SB 2012, #294 ATP (Jun 2023)
Sebastian GIMA (ROU), 17th SB 2012 runner up, #448 ATP (Jul 2023)
Samuele PIERI (ITA) , 17th SB 2012, #1070 ATP (Jun 2023)

Maria TIMOFEEVA (RUS), 17th SB 2012, #125 WTA (Sep 2023)
Matilde PAOLETTI (ITA), 17th SB 2012 quarterf., #262 WTA (Jul 2023)
Francesca CURMI (MLT), 17th SB 2012, #299 WTA (Sep 2023)
Živa FALKNER (SLO), 17th SB 2012, #397 WTA (Sep 2023)
Zoe KRUGER (RSA), 17th SB 2012 semif., #424 WTA (Apr 2022)
Pia LOVRIC (SLO), 17th SB 2012 semif., #450 WTA (Sep 2023)
Julie BELGRAVER (FRA), 17th SB 2012, #482 WTA (Oct 2022)
Himari SATO (JPN), 17th SB 2012 winner, #685 WTA (Jun 2023)
Weronika BASZAK (POL), 17th SB 2012, #692 WTA (Jul 2023)


2013 – 18th Smrikva Bowl

Carlos ALCARAZ GARFIA (ESP), 18th SB 2013 runner up, #1 ATP (Sep 2022)
Holger Vitus Nodskov RUNE (DEN), 18th SB 2013, #4 ATP (Aug 2023)
Luca NARDI (ITA), 18th SB 2013, #116 ATP (Aug 2023)
Hamad MEDJEDOVIC (SRB), 18th SB 2013 semif., #121 ATP (Sep 2023)
Daniel RINCON (ESP), 18th SB 2013 semif., #198 ATP (Sep 2023)
Abedallah SHELBAYH (JOR), 18th SB 2013, #235 ATP (Jul 2023)
Jerome KYM (SUI), 18th SB 2013, #348 ATP (Jun 2023)
Stefan POPOVIC (SRB), 18th SB 2013, #566 ATP (Aug 2023)

Antonia RUZIC (CRO), 18th SB 2013, #184 WTA (Sep 2022)


2014 – 19th Smrikva Bowl

Kalin IVANOVSKI (MKD), 19th SB 2014, #306 ATP (Aug 2023)
Daniel MERIDA AGUILAR (ESP), 19th SB 2014, #439 ATP (Jun 2023)
Mili POLJICAK (CRO), 19th SB 2014, #462 ATP (Apr 2023)
Vilius GAUBAS (LIT), 19th SB 2014, #476 ATP (Sep 2023)
Luka MIKRUT (CRO), 19th SB 2014, #540 ATP (Sep 2023)
Pedro RODENAS (ESP), 19th SB 2014, #553 ATP (Aug 2023)
Bor ARTNAK (SVN), 19th SB 2014, #602 ATP (Aug 2023)
Patrick BRADY (GBR), 19th SB 2014 winner, #849 ATP (Aug 2023)
Maj PREMZL (SLO), 19th SB 2014, #1783 ATP (Sep 2022)
William JANSEN (GBR), 19th SB 2014, #1023 ATP (Dec 2023)
Matija SAMARDZIC (MNE), 19th SB 2014, #1702 ATP (May 2022)
Ivan SODAN (CRO), 19th SB 2014, #1871 ATP doubles (Aug 2022)
Nikola ZEKIC (SRB), 19th SB 2014, #2055 ATP doubles (Feb 2023)
Dragomir DRAGANOV (BLG), 19th SB 2014, #2063 ATP doubles (Aug 2022)

Linda FRUHVIRTOVA (CZE), 19th SB 2014 semif., #49 WTA (Jun 2023)
Lucija CIRIC BAGARIC (CRO), 19th SB 2014, #290 WTA (Sep 2023)
Aliona FALEI (BLR), 19th SB 2014 runner up, #357 WTA (Sep 2023)
Denislava GLUSHKOVA (BGR), 19th SB 2014, #457 WTA (Aug 2023)
Joelle STEUR (GER), 19th SB 2014, #484 WTA (Nov 2022)
Charlotte KEMPENAERS POCZ (AUS), 19th SB 2014, #760 (Nov 2022)
Carolina GOMEZ (ESP), 19th SB 2014, #907 WTA (Jun 2023)
Patricija PAUKSTYTE (LTU), 19th SB 2014, #934 WTA (Sep 2023)
Petja DRAME (SLO), 19th SB 2014, #1314 WTA (Jul 2023)
Sarah MUELLER (GER), 19th SB 2014, #1333 WTA (Jul 2023)
Tea LUKIC (SRB), 19th SB 2014 winner, #842 WTA doubles (Jul 2023)
Suana TUCAKOVIC (BIH), 19th SB 2014 semif., #1019 WTA doubles (Jul 2023)


2015 – 20th Smrikva Bowl

Dino PRIZMIC (CRO), 20th SB 2015 quarterf., #168 ATP (Sep 2023)
Matej DODIG (CRO), 20th SB 2015, #558 ATP (Aug 2023)
Marc MAJDANDZIC (GER), 20th SB 2015 semif., #1008 ATP (Sep 2023)
Ofek SHIMANOV (ISR), 20th SB 2015, #1013 ATP (Sep 2023)
Branko DJURIC (MNE), 20th SB 2015 winner, #1114 ATP (Dec 2022)
Federico BONDIOLI (ITA), 20th SB 2015, #1156 ATP (Aug 2023)
Aleksa PISARIC (SRB), 20th SB 2015, #1683 ATP (Sep 2023)
Filippo ROMANO (ITA) , 20th SB 2015, #674 ATP doubles (Jul 2023)
Kristian TUMBAS KAJGO (CRO), 20th SB 2015, #1492 ATP doubles (Aug 2023)
Matic KRIZNIK (SVN), 20th SB 2015, #1834 ATP doubles (Jun 2023)

Kevin EDENGREN (SWE), 20th SB 2015, not yet ranked on ATP
Mikalai BANKOU (BLR), 20th SB 2015, not yet ranked on ATP
Giacomo NOSEI (ITA), 20th SB 2015, not yet ranked on ATP
Matthias UWE KASK (CAN), 20th SB 2015, not yet ranked on ATP
Andrea MEDURI (ITA), 20th SB 2015, not yet ranked on ATP
Iker SEVILLA (ESP), 20th SB 2015 runner up , not yet ranked on ATP
Jose Alessandro HERNANDEZ (ESP), 20th SB 2015 semif., not yet ranked on ATP

Linda FRUHVIRTOVA (CZE), 20th SB 2015 semif., #49 WTA (Jun 2023)
Petra MARCINKO (CRO), 20th SB 2015, #161 WTA (Mar 2023)
Alexandra EALA (PHI), 20th SB 2015 , #195 WTA (Aug 2023)
Lola RADIVOJEVIC (SRB), 20th SB 2015, #252 WTA (Sep 2023)
Mao MUSHIKA (JPN), 20th SB 2015, #682 WTA (Jun 2023)
Mio MUSHIKA (JPN), 20th SB 2015, #725 WTA (Sep 2023)
Ariana GEERLINGS (ESP), 20th SB 2015, #901 WTA (Sep 2023)
Anastasia GRECHKINA (RUS), 20th SB 2015, #1268 WTA (Sep 2023)
Lara STOJANOVSKI (SRB), 20th SB 2015, #1316 WTA (Jul 2023)
June BJORK (SWE), 20th SB 2015, #1262 WTA doubles (Sep 2023)
Malwina ROWINSKA (POL), 20th SB 2015, #880 WTA doubles (Sep 2023)
Jaquelyn OGUNWALE (UK), 20th SB 2015, #974 WTA doubles (Sep 2023)
Mara GAE (ROU), 20th SB 2015 semif. ,#1337 WTA doubles (Jul 2023)

Vanesa DANKO (HUN), 20th SB 2015, not yet ranked on WTA
Leticia TAROCCO (CRO), 20th SB 2015, not yet ranked on WTA
Anastasia NIKOLOVA (BGR), 20th SB 2015, not yet ranked on WTA
Klio Maria IOANNOU (CYP), 20th SB 2015, not yet ranked on WTA


2016 – 21st Smrikva Bowl

Martin LANDALUCE (ESP), 21st SB 2016, #661 ATP (Sep 2023)
Daniele RAPAGNETTA (ITA), 21st SB 2016, #1298 ATP (Aug 2023)
Tomasz BERKIETA (POL), 21st SB 2016, #1363 ATP (Jun 2023)
Meecah BIGUN (USA), 21st SB 2016 semif., #1373 ATP (Aug 2022)
Kaylan BIGUN (USA), 21st SB 2016 winner, #1419 ATP (Apr 2023)
Petr BRUNCLIK (CZE), 21st SB 2016 semif., #1463 ATP (Jun 2023)
Marko MAKSIMOVIC (BiH), 21st SB 2016, #1850 ATP (Jul 2023)

Max STENZER (GER), 21st SB 2016, #103 ITF
Antonio VOLJAVEC (CRO), 21st SB 2016, #193 ITF
Georgi GEORGIEV (BGR), 21st SB 2016, #195 ITF
Andreas TIMINI (CYP), 21st SB 2016, #199 ITF
Rafael SEGADO ESTEVE (ESP) , 21st SB 2016, #223 ITF
Nico HIPFL (AUS), 21st SB 2016, #230 ITF
Nikolai BARSUKOV (GER), 21st SB 2016, #240 ITF
Mika PETKOVIC (GER) , 21st SB 2016, #268 ITF
Luis Garcia PAEZ (ESP), 21st SB 2016 runner up, #346 ITF
Ziga SVEC (PVN), 21st SB 2016, #430 ITF
Chris SPYROU (GRE), 21st SB 2016, #554 ITF
Fran RAKONIC (CRO), 21st SB 2016, #897 ITF
Pavel MARINOV (BGR), 21st SB 2016, #920 ITF
Bora CANKAYA (TUR), 21st SB 2016, #1439 ITF
Viktor KIROV (BGR), 21st SB 2016, #1358 ITF
Rares Andrei GOLESCU (ROU), 21st SB 2016, #1441 ITF

Mia RISTIC (SRB), 21st SB 2016 semif., #317 WTA (Sep 2023)
Yufei REN (CHN), 21st SB 2016 semif. , #595 WTA (Sep 2023)
Ela Nala MILIC (SVN), 21st SB 2016 winner, #1004 WTA (Jun 2023)
Dunja MARIC (SRB), 21st SB 2016, #1201 WTA doubles (Sep 2023)
Rose Marie NIJKAMP (NLD), 21st SB 2016, #1281 WTA doubles (Sep 2023)

Monika STANKIEWICZ (POL), 21st SB 2016 , #35 ITF
Jovana GRUJIC (SRB), 21st SB 2016 CD winner, #224 ITF
Barbora MICHALKOVA (CZE) , 21st SB 2016, #246 ITF
Ann Akasha CEUCA (GER), 21st SB 2016, #252 ITF (Mar 2022)
Karina JUMAZHANOVA (KAZ), 21st SB 2016 , #351 ITF (Jan 2021)
Camilia SAMEL DRUZ (FRA), 21st SB 2016 runner up, #436 ITF
Aleksandra GABROVSKA (BGR), 21st SB 2016, #475 ITF
Ema KOVACEVIC (BEL), 21st SB 2016, #532 ITF
Chiara JEROLIMOV (CRO), 21st SB 2016, #579 ITF
Anastasija IGNJATIC (BiH), 21st SB 2016, #627 ITF (Jan 2023)
Ece GENCER (TUR), 21st SB 2016 winner, #773 ITF
Luna DINOTO FERNANDEZ (ESP), 21st SB 2016 , #753 ITF (Jan 2022)
Nera TESANKIC (CRO), 21st SB 2016 , #938 ITF
Valeriia TROITCKAIA (RUS), 21st SB 2016 , #1787 ITF (Jan 2022)
Tara MIHALJEVIC (SRB) , 21st SB 2016, #2077 ITF


2017 – 22nd Smrikva Bowl

Mees ROTTGERING (NDL), 22nd SB 2017, #1405 ATP (Aug 2023)
Timofei DEREPASKO (RUS), 22nd SB 2017, #1656 ATP (May 2023)
Alexander VASILEV (BGR) , 22nd SB 2017, #1706 ATP (Jun 2023)
Federico CINA (ITA), 22nd SB 2017, #863 ATP doubles (Jun 2023)

Oliver BONDING (UK), 22nd SB 2017, #46 ITF
William REJCHTMAN VINCIGUERRA (SWE), 22nd SB 2017 runner up, #118 ITF
Benjamin GUSIC WAN (UK), 22nd SB 2017, #144 ITF
Ognjen MILIC (SRB), 22nd SB 2017, #175 ITF
Duje MARKOVINA (CRO), 22nd SB 2017 semif., #216 ITF
Filip KOSINSKI (POL), 22nd SB 2017, #399 ITF
Maximilian CARRIER (UK), 22nd SB 2017, #494 ITF
Štepan SKLENIČKA (CZE), 22nd SB 2017 semif., #498 ITF
Roben GAVANI (BGR), 22nd SB 2017 winner, #583 ITF
Jacob Kailiang SHEN (HKG), 22nd SB 2017, #656 ITF
Tim VAISMAN (ISR), 22nd SB 2017, #700 ITF
Michele MECARELLI (ITA), 22nd SB 2017, #1087 ITF
Ivaylo SIMEONOV (BGR), 22nd SB 2017, #2717 ITF
Jovan TOMOVIC (MNE), 22nd SB 2017, #3844 ITF

Tereza VALENTOVA (CZE) , 22nd SB 2017, #653 WTA (Aug 2023)
Rositsa DENCHEVA (BGR), 22nd SB 2017 winner, #1200 WTA (Aug 2023)
Dora MISKOVIC (CRO), 22nd SB 2017, #1225 WTA Doubles (Sep 2023)
Elizara YANEVA (BGR), 22nd SB 2017, #1244 WTA Doubles (Jul 2023)

Teodora KOSTOVIC (SRB) , 22nd SB 2017, #23 ITF
Hephzibah OLUWADARE, 22nd SB 2017, #95 ITF
Liya CHU (TWN), 22nd SB 2017 semif., #190 ITF
Petra KONJIKUSIC (SRB), 22nd SB 2017, #331 ITF
Antonina CZAJKA (POL) , 22nd SB 2017, #397 ITF
Lana PETKOVIC (BiH) , 22nd SB 2017, #440 ITF
Sapir COHEN (ISR), 22nd SB 2017, #428 ITF (Apr 2022)
Flora JOHNSON (GBR) , 22nd SB 2017, #523 ITF
Shanice ROIGNOT (FRA), 22nd SB 2017 runner up, #578 ITF
Aurora NOSEI (ITA) , 22nd SB 2017, #604 ITF
Africa BURILLO BEREZAK (ESP) , 22nd SB 2017, #719 ITF
Aleksandra STEVANOVIC (SRB), 22nd SB 2017, #978 ITF
Francesca DE MATTEO (ITA) , 22nd SB 2017, #1042 ITF
Greta RIZZETTO (ITA) , 22nd SB 2017, #1330 ITF
Eva CIKAJLO (SVN) , 22nd SB 2017, #1739 ITF
Julija BOGATIN (SVN), 22nd SB 2017, #2132 ITF
Mai GOTO (JPN), 22nd SB 2017 semif., #2544 ITF (Jan 2022)
Mia MILISAVLJEVIC (SRB) , 22nd SB 2017, #2706 ITF
Lucija RASTOCIC (CRO) , 22nd SB 2017, #3779 ITF


2018 – 23rd Smrikva Bowl

Vito DARDERI (ARG), 23rd SB 2018 winner, #281 ITF
Niels McDONALD (GER), 23rd SB 2018 runner up, #483 ITF
Thilo BEHRMANN (AUT), 23rd SB 2018, #518 ITF
Dimitar KISIMOV (BLG), 23rd SB 2018, #718 ITF
Victor RYDEN (SWE), 23rd SB 2018, #760 ITF
Žiga ŠEŠKO (SLO), 23rd SB 2018 semif., #842 ITF
Lenny PETIT (FRA), 23rd SB 2018 winner, #1047 ITF
Oliver MAJDANDZIC (GER), 23rd SB 2018, #1385 ITF
Marko DRAGOVIC (MNE), 23rd SB 2018, #1451 ITF
Wiktor JEZ (POL), 23rd SB 2018, #1475 ITF
Alex BERGOMI (SUI), 23rd SB 2018, #1640 ITF
Krystof KOMINEK (CZE), 23rd SB 2018, #2009 ITF
Marcell KOVACS (HUN), 23rd SB 2018, #2349 ITF
Pietro VERNO (ITA), 23rd SB 2018, #2396 ITF
Antoni KASPERSKI (POL), 23rd SB 2018, #2656 ITF
Skender *KATANA*(MNE), 23rd SB 2018, #3111 ITF
Maksim DESPOTOVIC (SVN), 23rd SB 2018, #3748 ITF
Luka NIKOLIC (FRA), 23rd SB 2018, 1376 ITF Doubles

Patrick-Valentin MOISE (GER), 23rd SB 2018, not ranked yet on ITF
Ryan ZUBERBUEHLER (CRO), 23rd SB 2018, not ranked yet on ITF
Ian BOLOBAN (BiH), 23rd SB 2018, not ranked yet on ITF
Viggo WAGENKNECHT (GER), 23rd SB 2018, not ranked yet on ITF
Vitorio STANKOV (BUL), 23rd SB 2018, not ranked yet on ITF
Thom GABELIC (SWE), 23rd SB 2018, not ranked yet on ITF
Samuil CHESTOVALIEV (MKD), 23rd SB 2018, not ranked yet on ITF
Riki IMAI (JPN), 23rd SB 2018 semif. not ranked yet on ITF

Alisa OKTIABREVA (RUS), 23rd SB 2018 winner, #31 ITF
Iva LAKIC (MNE), 23rd SB 2018 runner up, #215 ITF
Sarina SCHNYDER (SUI), 23rd SB 2018, #420 ITF
Eva KHRUSTALEVA (RUS), 23rd SB 2018, #721 ITF
Georgiana MITITELU (UK), 23rd SB 2018, #1100 ITF
Alja SENICA (SVN), 23rd SB 2018, #1094 ITF
Daria KORESHKOVA (RUS), 23rd SB 2018 semif., #1186 ITF
Amalia WIDDOWSON (UK), 23rd SB 2018, #1485 ITF
Lana VIRC (SRB), 23rd SB 2018, #1647 ITF
Marta DOBRIC (CRO), 23rd SB 2018, #1718 ITF
Eva ANDREEA MUNTEANU (ROU), 23rd SB 2018, #1816 ITF
Tatiana CANTOS SIEMERS (GER), 23rd SB 2018, #1953 ITF
Astrid JOHA-BILIC (CRO), 23rd SB 2018, #2259 ITF
Selena ROMERO CALVO (ESP), 23rd SB 2018, #2484 ITF

Zlatina ANGELOVA (BUL), 23rd SB 2018 semif., not ranked yet on ITF
Paola PIERAGOSTINI (ITA), 23rd SB 2018, not ranked yet on ITF


2019 – 24th Smrikva Bowl

Svit SULJIC (SVN), 24th SB 2019 winner, #788 ITF
Alexey FROLOV (RUS), 24th SB 2019, #1866 ITF
Mustafa EGE SIK (TUR), 24th SB 2019, #2188 ITF

Filip LADMAN (CZE), 24th SB 2019 semif., #10 U14
Carlo PACI (ITA), 24th SB 2019, #47 ETA U14
Aleksandar TOLEV (BLG), 24th SB 2019, #51 ETA U14
Mihailo TOPIC (SRB), 24th SB 2019, #65 ETA U14
Dario ZORICA (CRO), 24th SB 2019, #100 ETA U14
Filip DJOKIC (SRB), 24th SB 2019, #118 ETA U14
Dennis Ciprian SPIRCU (ROU), 24th SB 2019, #123 ETA U14
Novak JACIMOVIC (BiH), 24th SB 2019, #123 ETA U14
Ivan DUMBOVIC (CRO), 24th SB 2019, #149 ETA U14
Marko ERCEG (CRO), 24th SB 2019, #177 ETA U14
Filippo GARBERO (ITA), 24th SB 2019, #303 ETA U14
Juliusz STANCZYK (POL), 24th SB 2019 semif., #320 ETA U14
Ivan MARAKOVIC (CRO), 24th SB 2019, #329 ETA U14
Ivan USHAKOV (UKR), 24th SB 2019, #378 ETA U14
Murray WATTERS (GBR), 24th SB 2019, #659 ETA U14
Tadevos MIRIJANYAN (USA), 24th SB 2019 runner up

Ksenia EFREMOVA (RUS), 24th SB 2019 winner, #149 ITF
Angelica SARA (ITA), 24th SB 2019, #427 ITF
Lia BELIBOVA (MDA), 24th SB 2019 runner up, #596 ITF
Briyana IVANOVA (BGR), 24th SB 2019, #940 ITF
Eva ZHAROVA (RUS), 24th SB 2019, #1423 ITF
Zoja PETERNEL (SVN), 24th SB 2019, #1837 ITF
Lora KARDOS (HUN), 24th SB 2019, #1952 ITF
Katsiaryina DUBIK (BLR), 24th SB 2019, #2555 ITF
Eleonora TONEVA (BGR), 24th SB 2019, #2636 ITF
Andreya GLUSHKOVA (BGR), 24th SB 2019,#2883 ITF
Karolina JECMINKOVA (CZE), 24th SB 2019, #3354 ITF
Lola FEHER (HUN), 24th SB 2019, #3449 ITF
Mihaela BOBEVA (BGR), 24th SB 2019,#3485 ITF

Marta GAYOSO DE LOS RIOS (ESP), 24th SB 2019, #173 ETA U14
Varitsa YANEVA (SVN), 24th SB 2019, #180 ETA U14
Milana RASAN-BUHA (CRO), 24th SB 2019, #234 ETA U14
Nika CAKARUN (CRO), 24th SB 2019, #248 ETA U14
Daria BARSUKOV (GER), 24th SB 2019 semif. , #626 ETA U14
Evelin BORTSOVA (ISR), 24th SB 2019, not ranked on ETA
Veronika GUBASHEVA (RUS), 24th SB 2019 semif. not ranked on ETA




2022 – 27th Smrikva Bowl

Daniel GARDALITY (USA), 27th SB 2022 winner, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Luka MITROVIC (CRO), 27th SB 2022 runner up, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Philip DIANATI (DEN), 27th SB 2022 SF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Daniel STOYANOV (BGR), 27th SB 2022 SF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
David SCHWENK (GER), 27th SB 2022 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Pekko PFUNDSTEIN (GBR), 27th SB 2022 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Kaloyan GAYDADZHIEV (BGR), 27th SB 2022 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Nikola JOTIC (SRB), 27th SB 2022 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14

Arina FOMINA (RUS), 27th SB 2022 winner, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Beata MARESOVA (CZE), 27th SB 2022 runner up, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Nadia POZNICK (USA), 27th SB 2022 SF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Korana BARISIC (CRO), 27th SB 2022 SF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Nicole SCARPINO (ITA), 27th SB 2022 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Nađa KNEZEVIC (MNE), 27th SB 2022 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Ginny CHEN (GBR), 27th SB 2022 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Giulia LUCHETTI (SVK), 27th SB 2022 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14


2023 – 28th Smrikva Bowl

James BORCHARD (USA), 28th SB 2023 winner, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Kajetan KOSINSKI (POL), 28th SB 2023 Runner up, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Lennox KELLY (AUS), 28th SB 2023 SF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Matyas OPRCHAL (GBR), 28th SB 2023 SF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Stavros LADEROS (GRE), 28th SB 2023 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Adam ZIKMUND (CZE), 28th SB 2023 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Ian SULJIC (SVN), 28th SB 2023 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Luis CASTRO (ESP), 28th SB 2023 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14

Ana Marija REBIC (CRO), 28th SB 2023 winner, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Lyubov PRONENKO (RUS), 28th SB 2023 Runner up, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Mio OHTA (JPN), 28th SB 2023 SF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Nicole KURYLOVA (CZE), 28th SB 2023 SF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Amajla KADRIC (BIH), 28th SB 2023 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Arina PAVLOVA (TUR), 28th SB 2023 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Isuzu KAWAGUCHI (JPN), 28th SB 2023 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14
Karla BARZAKOVA (BGR), 28th SB 2023 QF, not yet ranked on ETA U14

Please visit www.smrikve.com to learn more about Smrikve, Istria from Smrikve, Smrikva Bowl, one of the most important under 10 tennis tournaments in the World, and Villa Smrikve, SMRIKVE LOUNGE, Villa TASTE, for your accommodation with swimming pool in Stinjan (Pula – Pola) if you decide to spent your holiday in Istria, Croatia.


18 Smrikva Bowl players are in the singles Main Draws of the Junior US OPEN 2023 - Mara Gae is the doubles winner, Tereza Valentova singles runner up and Federico Bondioli doubles runner up

Happy to recognize 18 Smrikva Bowl players in the singles Main Draws of the Junior US OPEN 2023.

Branko Djuric, Tomasz Berkieta, Federico Cina, Federico Bondioli, Kaylan Bigun, Kevin Edengren, Matic Kriznik, Oliver Bonding, Mees Rottgering

Ena Koike, Tereza Valentova, Teodora Kostovic, Mara Gae, Alisa Oktiabreva, Rositsa Dencheva, Monika Stankiewicz, Elizara Yaneva, Ela Nala Milic

Roisin Gilheany, Emma Ottavia Ghirardato, Hephzibah Oluwadare

Mara Gae is the Junior US OPEN doubles Champion!
Federico Bondioli is the junior US OPEN doubles runner up

The following are the results obtained in the singles Main Draws:


Federico CINA (Ita) – 22nd Smrikva Bowl 2017
1st round: Federico Cina – SeungminPark (Kor) 7:6,6:3
2nd round: Federico Cina – Kyle Kang (USA) 7:6,3:6,6:1
3rd round: Federico Cina – Yaroslav Demin (Rus) 6:3,3:6,7:6
Quarterfinals: Federico Cina – Yi Zhou (Chn) 6:2, 6:2
Semifinals: Federico Cina – Joao Fonseca (Bra) 4:6,6:3,4:6

Federico BONDIOLI (Ita) – 20th Smrikva Bowl 2015
1st round: Federico Bondioli – Jakub Filip (Cze) 3:6,6.3,6:2
2nd round: Federico Bondioli – Arthur Gea (Fra) 6:7,6:7

Kevin EDENGREN (Swe) – 20th Smrikva Bowl 2015
1st round: Kevin Edengren (Swe) – Oliver Ojakaar (Est) 3:6,6:7

Tomasz BERKIETA (Pol) – 21st Smrikva Bowl 2016
1st round: Tomasz Berkieta – N. Budkov Kjaer (Nor) 4:6,3:6

Kylan BIGUN (USA) – 21st Smrikva Bowl 2016 winner
1st round: Kylan Bigun – Arthur Gea (Fra) 0:6,4:6

Mees ROTTGERING – 22nd Smrikva Bowl 2017
1st round: Mees Rottgering – Joao Fonseca (Bra) 3:6,4:6

Matic KRIZNIK (Svn) – 20th Smrikva Bowl 2015
1st round: Matic Kriznik – MatthewForbes (USA) 3:6,2:6

Branko DJURIC (Srb) – 20th Smrikva Bowl 2015 winner
1st round: Branko Djuric – FabioDe Michele (Ita) 4:6,4:6

Oliver BONDING (UK) – 22nd Smrikva Bowl 2017
1st round: Oliver Bonding- Yaroslav Demin (Rus) 5:7,4:6


Tereza VALENTOVA (Cze) – 22nd Smrikva Bowl 2017
1st round: Tereza Valentova – Lily Taylor (AUS) 6:0,6:3
2nd round: Tereza Valentova – Anita Tu (USA) 6:0,6:2
3rd round: Tereza Valentova – K. Quevedo (USA) 2:6,6:3,6:2
Quarterfinals: Tereza Valentova – Sara Saito (Jpn) 6:2,6:4
Semifinals: Tereza *Valentova – Renata Jamrichova (Svk) 3:6,6:4,6:3
Finals: Tereza Valentova – Katherine Hui (USA) 4:6,4:6

Ena KOIKE (Jpn) – 21st Smrikva Bowl 2016
1st round: Ena Koike – Tyra Caterina Grant (USA) 7:5,6:3
2nd round: Ena Koike – Elizara Yaneva (Bul) 7:6,6:4
3rd round: Ena Koike – Aspen Schuman (USA) 6:7,6:3,6:2
Quarterfinals: Ena Koike – Katherine Hui (USA) 0:6,3:6

Ela Nala MILIC (SVN) – 21st Smrikva Bowl 2016 winner
1st round: Ela Nala Milic – Hayu Kinoshita (Jpn) 6:0,6:2
2nd round: Ela Nala Milic – Aya El Aouni (Mor) 6:3,6:4
3rd round: Ela Nala Milic – Laura Samsonova (Cze) 4:6,1:6

Teodora KOSTOVIC (Srb) – 22nd Smrikva Bowl 2017
1st round: Teodora Kostovic – Francesca Pace (Ita) 4:6,6:3,6:2
2nd round: Teodora Kostovic – Hannah Klugman (Uk) 4:6,4:6

Elizara YANEVA (Bul) – 22nd Smrikva Bowl 2017
1st round: Elizara Yaneva – Mia Slama (USA) 6:3,6:1
2nd round: Elizara Yaneva – Ena Koike (Jpn) 6:7,4:6

Rositsa DENCHEVA (Bul) – 22nd Smrikva Bowl 2017 winner
1st round: Rositsa Dencheva – A.Anazagasty-Pursoo (USA) 6:4,6:1
2nd round: Rositsa Dencheva – Sara Saito (Jpn) 1:6,2:6

Monika STANKIEWICZ – 21st Smrikva Bowl 2016
1st round: Monika Stankiewicz – Olivia Center (USA) 6:3,4:6,2:6

Alisa OKTIABREVA (Rus) – 23rd Smrikva Bowl 2018 winner
1st round: Alisa Oktiabreva – Aspen Schuman (USA) 4:6,1:6

Mara GAE (Rou) – 20th Smrikva Bowl 2015
1st round: Mara Gae – Alena Kovackova (Cze) 5:7,2:6

Please visit www.smrikve.com to learn more about Smrikve, Istria from Smrikve, Smrikva Bowl, one of the most important under 10 tennis tournaments in the World, and Villa Smrikve, for your accommodation with swimming pool in Stinjan (Pula – Pola) if you decide to spent your holiday in Istria, Croatia.


20 Smrikva Bowl players in New York for the US OPEN 2023 singles Main Draws - Carlo Alcaraz reached semifinals

15 years ago there were traditionally about 10 former Smrikva Bowl players at the beginning of the Junior Grand Slam Draws… now we have almost always over two times more players at the beginning of Senior Grand Slam Draws… this year there are 10 seeded players out of 64 seeded single players…

Since 2009 there are 34 Smrikva Bowl players holding 42 junior Grand Slam titles and 3 Grand Slam titles in total…

Smrikva Bowl Grand Slam Club members is formed by 34 players: Dominic Thiem, Borna Coric, Alex De Minaur, Tommy Paul, Alejandro Davidovich Fokina, Alexei Popyrin, Gianluigi Quinzi, Nicola Kuhn, Lorenzo Musetti, Holger Rune, Daniel Rincon, Marin Draganja, Dino Marcan, Yshai Oliel, Daniel Berta, Patrik Rikl, George Morgan, Robin Kern, Flavio Cobolli, Mili Poljicak Belinda Bencic, Ana Konjuh, Olga Danilovic, Claire Liu, Petra Marcinko, Alexandra Eala, Tereza Mihalikova, Ajla Tomljanovic, Viktoria Kuzmova, Paula Arias Manjon, Rose Marie Nijkamp, Martin Landaluce, Carlos Alcaraz, Dino Prizmic.

This year US OPEN will attend 55+ former Smrikva Bowl players including junior draws and doubles draws:

MAIN DRAWS (12+8):

Carlos Alcaraz, Holger Rune, Borna Coric, Tommy Paul, Alex de Minaur, Lorenzo Musetti,
Alejandro Davidovich Fokina, Miomir Kecmanovic, Laslo Djere, Alexei Popyrin, Lloyd Harris, Dominic Thiem,

Belinda Bencic, Martina Trevisan, Donna Vekic, Petra Martic, Claire Liu, Linda Fruhvirtova, Katie Boulter, Ajla Tomljanovic

DOUBLES (4): Tereza Mihalikova, Ingrid Neel, Maia Lumsden, William Blumberg


Tomas Machac, Flavio Cobolli, Hamad Medjedovic, Luca Nardi, Filip Misolic, Mattia Bellucci, Federico Gaio, Nerman Fatic

Olga Danilovic, Viktoria Kuzmova Hrunčakova, Maria Timofeeva, Petra Marcinko, Miriam Bulgaru, Irina Bara

Branko Djuric, Tomasz Berkieta, Federico Cina, Federico Bondioli, Kaylan Bigun, Kevin Edengren, Matic Kriznik, Oliver Bonding

Ena Koike, Tereza Valentova, Teodora Kostovic, Mara Gae, Alisa Oktiabreva, Rositsa Dencheva, Monika Stankiewicz, Elizara Yaneva

Mees Rottgering, Marc Majdandzic

Ela Nala Milic, Roisin Gilheany, Emma Ottavia Ghirardato, Hephzibah Oluwadare

The following are the results obtained in the singles Main Draws:

Carlos ALCARAZ, 18th Smrikva Bowl 2013 runner up, currently ranked #1 ATP, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Carlos Alcaraz – Dominik Koepfer (Ger) 6:2,3:2 ret.
2nd round: Carlos Alcaraz – Lloyd Harris (Rsa) 6:3,6:1,7:6
3rd round: Carlos Alcaraz – Daniel Evans (UK) 6:2,6:3,4:6,6:3
4th round: Carlos Alcaraz – Matteo Arnaldi (Ita) 6:3,6:3,6:4
Quarterfinals: Carlos Alcaraz – Alexander Zverev (Ger) 6:3,6:2,6:4
Semifinals: Carlos Alcaraz – Daniil Medvedev (Rus) 6:7,1:6,6:3,3:6

Players ranking:
Dominik Koepfer (Ger) – #78 ATP
Lloyd Harris (Rsa) – #178 ATP
Daniel Evans (UK) – #28 ATP
Matteo Arnaldi (Ita) – #61 ATP
Alexander Zverev (Ger) – #12 ATP
Daniil Medvedev (Rus) – #3 ATP

Alex DE MINAUR, 14th Smrikva Bowl 2009 QF, currently ranked #13 ATP, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Alex De Minaur – Timofey Skatov (Kaz) 6:2,3:6,6:1,7:5
2nd round: Alex De Minaur – Yibing Wu (Chn) 6:1,6:2,6:1
3rd round: Alex De Minaur – Nicolas Jarry (Chi) 6:1,6:3,6:2
4th round: Alex De Minaur – Daniil Medvedev (Rus) 6:2,4:6,1:6,2:6

Players ranking:
Timofey Skatov (Kaz) – #128 ATP
Yibing Wu (Chn) – #86 ATP
Nicolas Jarry (Chi) – #25 ATP
Daniil Medvedev (Rus) – #3 ATP

Tommy PAUL, “Little Mo”/Smrikva Bowl 2007, currently ranked #14 ATP, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Tommy Paul – Stefano Travaglia (Ita) 6:2,6:4,4:6,6:1
2nd round: Tommy Paul – Roman Safiullin (Rus) 3:6,2:6,6:2,6:4,6:3
3rd round: Tommy Paul – A.Davidovich (Esp) 6:1,6:0,3:6, 6:3
4th round: Tommy Paul – Ben Shelton (USA) 4:6,3:6,6:4,4:6

Players ranking:
Stefano Travaglia (Ita) – #234 ATP
Roman Safiullin (Rus) – #60 ATP
Alejandro Davidovich Fokina (Esp) – #21 ATP
Ben Shelton (USA) – #47 ATP

Alejandro DAVIDOVICH FOKINA, 14th Smrikva Bowl 2009 SF, currently ranked #21 ATP, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: A.Davidovich – Marcos Giron (USA) 6:4,6:4,6:2
2nd round: A.Davidovich – Juan Cerundolo (Arg) 6:1,6:4,6:3
3rd round: A.Davidovich – Tommy Paul (USA) 1:6,0:6,6:3,3:6

Players ranking:
Marcos Giron (USA) – #63 ATP
Juan Cerundolo (Arg) – #93 ATP
Tommy Paul (USA) – #14 ATP

Laslo DJERE, 10th Smrikva Bowl 2005 runner up, currently ranked #34 ATP, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Laslo Djere – Brandon Nakashima (USA) 7:5,6:4,6:4
2nd round: Laslo Djere – Hugo Gaston (Fra) 6:1,6:2,6:3
3rd round: Laslo Djere – Novak Djokovic (Srb) 6:4,6:4,1:6,1:6,3:6

Players ranking:
Brandon Nakashima (USA) – #72 ATP
Hugo Gaston (Fra) – #99 ATP
Novak Djokovic (Srb) – #2 ATP

Lloyd HARRIS, 12th Smrikva Bowl 2007 QF, currently ranked #178 ATP, at W 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Lloyd Harris – Guido Pella (Arg) 7:6,6:4,6:4
2nd round: Lloyd Harris – Carlos Alcaraz (Esp) 3:6,1:6,6:7

Players ranking:
Guido Pella (Arg) – #210 ATP
Carlos Alcaraz (Esp) – #1 ATP

Dominic THIEM, 8th Smrikva Bowl 2003 winner, currently ranked #82 ATP, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Dominic Thiem – Alexander Bublik (Kaz) 6:3,6:4,6:2
2nd round: Dominic Thiem – Ben Shelton (USA) 6:7,0:1 ret.

Players ranking:
Alexander Bublik (Kaz) – #27 ATP
Ben Shelton (USA) – #47 ATP

Alexei POPYRIN, 14th Smrikva Bowl 2009, currently ranked #40 ATP, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Alexei Popyrin – Dominic Stricker (Sui) 3:6,4:6,6:3,3:6

Players ranking:
Dominic Stricker (Sui) – #127 ATP

Lorenzo MUSETTI, 17th Smrikva Bowl 2012 QF, currently ranked #18 ATP, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Lorenzo Musetti – Titouan Droguet (Fra) 3:6,6:0,7:6,3:6, 2:6

Players ranking:
Titouan Droguet (Fra) – #172 ATP

Miomir KECMANOVIC, 14th Smrikva Bowl 2009, currently ranked #45 ATP, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Miomir Kecmanovic – Juan Pablo Varillas (Per) 6:1,5:7,5:7,4:6

Players ranking:
Juan Pablo Varillas (Per) – #74 ATP

Holger RUNE, 18th Smrikva Bowl 2013 QF, currently ranked #4 ATP, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Holger Rune – R. Carballes Baena (Esp) 3:6,6:4,3:6,2:6

Players ranking:
Roberto Carballes Baena (Esp) – #64 ATP

Borna CORIC, 10th Smrikva Bowl 2005, currently ranked #29 ATP, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Borna Coric – Sebastian Baez (Arg) 5:7,5:7,1:6

Players ranking:
Sebastian Baez (Arg) – #42 ATP

Belinda BENCIC, 11th Smrikva Bowl 2006, currently ranked #15 WTA, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw
1st round: Belinda Bencic – Kamilla Rakhimova (Rus) 6:2,6:4
2nd round: Belinda Bencic – Yuriko Miyazaki (UK) 6:3,6:3
3rd round: Belinda Bencic – Zhu Lin (Chn) 7:6,2:6,6:3
4th round: Belinda Bencic – Sorana Cirstea (Rom) 3:6,3:6

Players ranking:
Kamilla Rakhimova (Rus) – #78 WTA
Yuriko Miyazaki (UK) – #198 WTA
Zhu Lin (Chn) – #44 WTA
Sorana Cirstea (Rom) – #30 WTA

Katie BOULTER, 11th Smrikva Bowl 2006 player, currently ranked #60 WTA, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Katie Boulter – Diane Parry (Fra) 6:4,6:0
2nd round: Katie Boulter – Yafan Wang (Chn) 5:7,6:4,6:1
3rd round: Katie Boulter – Peyton Stearns (USA)

Players ranking:
Diane Parry (Fra) – #73 WTA
Yafan Wang (Chn) – #114 WTA
Peyton Stearns (USA) – #59 WTA

Martina TREVISAN, 8th Smrikva Bowl 2003, currently ranked #53 WTA, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Martina Trevisan – Yulia Putintseva (Kaz) 0:6,7:6,7:6
2nd round: Martina Trevisan – Marketa Vondrousova (Cze) 2:6,2:6

Players ranking:
Yulia Putintseva (Kaz) – #79 WTA
Marketa Vondrousova (Cze) – #9 WTA

Petra MARTIC, 6th Smrikva Bowl 2001 winner, currently ranked #36 WTA, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Petra Martic – Tatjana Maria (Ger) 6:2,6:1
2nd round: Petra Martic – Marie Bouzkova (Cze) 1:6,2:6

Players ranking:
Tatjana Maria (Ger) – #49 WTA
Marie Bouzkova (Cze) – #31 WTA

Ajla TOMLJANOVIC, 8th Smrikva Bowl 2003 SF, currently ranked #130 WTA, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Ajla Tomljanovic – Panna Udvardy (Hun) 3:6,6:2,6:4
2nd round: Ajla Tomljanovic – Elena Rybakina (Kaz) wo

Players ranking:
Panna Udvardy (Hun) – #124 WTA
Elena Rybakina (Kaz) – #4 WTA

Donna VEKIC, 10th Smrikva Bowl 2005 player, currently ranked #20 WTA, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Donna Vekic – Sachia Vickery (USA) 6:2,5:7,2:6

Players ranking:
Sachia Vickery (USA) – #203 WTA

Linda FRUHVIRTOVA, 20th Smrikva Bowl 2015 SF, currently ranked #55 WTA, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Linda Fruhvirtova – Danielle Collins (USA) 2:6,0:6

Players ranking:
Danielle Collins (USA) – #34 WTA

Claire LIU, LM/SB 2010, currently ranked #81 WTA, at US OPEN 2023:

Main Draw:
1st round: Claire Liu – Liudmila Samsonova (USA) 6:7,3:6

Players ranking:
Liudmila Samsonova (USA) – #14 WTA

Please visit www.smrikve.com to learn more about Smrikve, Istria from Smrikve, Smrikva Bowl, one of the most important under 10 tennis tournaments in the World, and Villa Smrikve, SMRIKVE LOUNGE, Villa TASTE, for your accommodation with swimming pool in Stinjan (Pula – Pola) if you decide to spent your holiday in Istria, Croatia.

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