Smrikva Bowl Tournament

Smrikva Bowl Library

Smrikve, July 2009 - June 2022

In 2009 we started the building of the Smrikva Bowl library. Each Smrikva Bowl player is requested to bring with him a cultural book that will remember his stay in Smrikve and will represent his culture of origin that one day guests of Smrikve will be able to consult, enjoy and discover.

Smrikva Bowl Ambassadors are today spread in 98 countries and all the continents. Historically their task was to search the talented kids in their countries of origin and invite them to play the Smrikva Bowl but from this year they are also our Cultural Ambassadors.

The old olive tree Smrikva Bowl Ambassadors plant every year is a symbol of friendship and intergenerational responsibility and Smrikva Bowl’s idea of children, sport, music and culture that are able to pass all frontiers are incorporated in the creation of this Smrikva Bowl Library.

I used to write in my first book on European Union and Cosmopolitan Democracy that we are those who represent the current civilization.

This is an important concept. Today people live an average of about 80 years. What we call civilization is mostly made up of the human knowledge we have accumulated until today, which our institutions pass onto future generations.

The books represent the greatest human memory that can help us understand what we see combined with cumulated personal experience of our daily lives. But given the fragility of the circle of life it is very easy for people to ignore these facts and lose sight of our human knowledge. It takes just a few generations to lose this great heritage.

We have gotten used to rapid technological progress, but social and civil progress is slower and more complex. Humans learn throughout their whole lifetime, from books and schools, but we also mostly learn from our personal experiences.

Smrikva Bowl mission is to develop and spread cosmopolitan values. Love, friendship and empathy are cosmopolitan values per excellence for people and humanity…

Thanks to all Smrikva Bowl players and todays Ambassadors that are helping to build the Smrikva Bowl library.

Miodrag Bozovic

NOTE FOR THE FUTURE SMRIKVA BOWL PLAYERS: Smrikva Bowl library today contains over 1200 books from 76 countries...

...the list of donated books by the Smrikva Bowl players split by countries as follows...

You are kindkly asked to check the following list if the book you are planing to bring to your Smrikva Bowl has already been donated by anther player from your town or country.


WALLACE DAVID FOSTER, Il tennis come esperienza religiosa, Einaudi, Torino, 2012. (donated by Juan Pablo Perissutti in 2013)


360 AUSTRALIA, Monaco Books, Munich, 2015. (donated by Milana Dejanović in 2017)

BUGNER JOE with MULLINS STUART, My Story, New Holland Publishers, Sydney, 2013. (donated by Andrea Kristo in 2015)

COURT MARGARET with Barbara Oldfield, Winning faith, the Margaret Court story, Strand Publishing Sydney, 2000. (donated by Elena Micic in 2014).

DAHL ROALD, Matilda, Puffin, London, 1988. (donated by Alana Subasic in 2017)

GOOLAGONG CAWLEY EVONNE & JARRATT PHIL, HOME!, The Evonne Goolagong story, Simon & Schuster, Australia, 1993. (donated by Mudiwa Munyimani in 2016)

HUSSEY MICHAEL, Underneath the Southern Cross, Hardie Grant Books, Melbourne - London, 2013. (donated by Alexandra Djurovic in 2014)

JOHNSON MITCHELL, Resilient, ABC Books, Sydney, 2016. (donated by Gloria Jovic in 2017)

LAVER ROD with BUD COLLINS, The Education of a Tennis Player, New Chapter Press, 2009. (donated by Andjela Micic in 2013)

LISSON DEBORAH, Fremantle prison break, Scholastic, Omnibus Books, Grosford, 2013. (donated by Novak Jacimovic in 2019)

PARISH STEVE, Dangerous Australia – A Steve Parish Souvenir, Steve Parish Publishing Pty Ltd, Archerfield. (donated by Alexei and Anthony Popyrin in 2009)

PARISH STEVE, Koals Australia – A Little Australian Gift Book, Steve Parish Publishing Pty Ltd, Archerfield. (donated by Alexei and Anthony Popyrin in 2009)

PARISH STEVE and CURREY KYLIE, Learning to be a Koala, Steve Parish Publishing Pty Ltd, Archerfield. (donated by Alexei and Anthony Popyrin in 2009)

QUINN ANN, How to be an extraordinary athlete, the secrets to sporting success, Quintessential, Melbourne, 2012. (donated by Mia Princip in 2019)

RYAN JUDITH, Aboriginal and torres strait islander art, in the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria, 2015. (donated by Roisin Gilheany in 2015)

WATSON JESSICA, True Spirit, the Aussie girl who too on the World, Hachette Australia, 2010. (donated by Charlotte Kempenaers-Pocz in 2014)

TONY WILSON, The selwood boys, Battle royale, ABC Books, Harper Collins Children Books, Sydney 2016. (donated by Novak Jacimovic in 2019)


ANZENBERGER TONI and ENGELE ROBERT, Graz - a city in pictures, Styria Verlag, Graz-Wine, 2005. (donated by Filip Misolic in 2011)

ARTHUR ROBERT, Die drei??? und das Gespensterscholoss, Kosmos, Stuttgart, 2021. (donated by Lorenz Dietl in 2022)

BRANDSTETTER ALOIS, HORVATH MANFRED, Ober Osterreich, das unvergleichliche land, Residenz Verlag, St. Polten - Salzburg, 2008. (donated by Laura Dukic in 2014)

BRESNIK GUNTER, Die Dominic Thiem Methode, Efolg gegen jede Regel, Seifert Verlag GmbH, Wien, 2016. (donated by Isabel Markovic in 2017)

EBENBERGER ELISABETH and GASSNER ANDREAS, Lebensraum Alvier, Bucher Verlag, Hohenems, 2008. (donated by Emily Meyer in 2011)

EKKER ERNST A. and EISENBURGER DORIS, W:A: Mozart, Ein musikalisches Bilderbuch, Annette Betz Verlag, Vien-Munchen, 1998 (donated by Moritz Lesjak in 2015)

GERHARTL GERTRUD, Wiener Neustadt in alten Ansichten, Europaische Bibliothek, Zaltbommel/Niederlande, 1980. (donated by Moritz Thiem in 2009)

HARTL WOLFGANG, FRIEDL ERIKA, Asagan, Nene Geschichte(n), Atelier Am Stein, Kirchbert am Wechsel, 2016. (donated by Hartmut Fiedler in 2017)

KALAMAR JANOS and KRESSE DODO, Reise durch Wien, Sturtz, 2009. (donated by Anita Gavran in 2011)

KOLLER MARCEL, Die kunst des siegens, der menschenformer im gesprach mit hubert patterer, Kleine Zeitung, Graz, 2015. (donated by Julian Platzer in 2016)

LANZ PETER, Falco, Die Biografie, Ueberreuter, Wien, 2013. (donated by Adam Filagić in 2013)

MAIER HERMANN mit OKRESEK KNUT, Das rennen meines lebens, Autobiografie, Ullstein, Wien, 2009. (donated by Jelena Ristić in 2013)

MUSTER THOMAS, aufschlag, mein leben, mein erfolg, Edition Tau, Bad Sauerbrunn, 1995. (donated by Nico Schmalzl in 2011)

MUSTER THOMAS, aufschlag, mein leben, mein erfolg, Edition Tau, Bad Sauerbrunn, 1995. (donated by Lilah Havel in 2017)

MUSTER THOMAS, Spitzen Tennis, Mit Spezial Trainings programm, Orac, Wien, 1990. (donated by Manuel Lazić in 2015)

MY AUSTRIA,, Hallwag International, Schonbuhl-Berne, 2011. (donated by Nina Geissler in 2011)

OSTERREICH, Verlag C.Bauer GmbH, Wien, 2005. (donated by Radina Rakic in 2009)

POSCH ERICH M., Alles, was Sie uber Osterreich wissen mussen, Ueberreuter, Wien, 2008. (donated by Nicki Stoiber in 2013)

PURKARTHOFER BETTINA, Steier Mark, eine reise ins grune herz osterreichs, Styria, Graz, 2004. (donated by Marion Leski in 2012)

RAND HARRY, Hundertwasser, Tachen GmbH, Koln, 2007. (donated by Mia Čajkovsky in 2010)

SEILAND ALFRED, Osterreich, Verlag ChirstianBranstatter, Wien, 1995. (donated by Paul Brammen in 2019).

STEINACHER FRED, Hohepunkte des tiroler sports, Jahrbuch 2014. Haymon Verlag, Innsbruck-Wien, 2015. (donated by Daniel Zimmerman in 2015)

TENNIS HAND BUCH 2016. (donated by Nico Hipfl in 2016)

TENNIS WIEN - mannschaftsmeisterschaft 2012. (donated by Anastasia Dimitrijević in 2012)

TOMAN ROLF, Wien, kunst und architektur, h.f.ullmann, Tandem Verlag, Wien, 2010. (donated by Valentina Čavić in 2011)

UNTERREINER KATRIN, Die Habsburger, Mythos & Wahrheit, Styria Premium, Wien, 2011. (donated by Romy Bitorajac in 2011)

WIEN, Kompass – Karten Gmbh, Rum/Innsbruck, 2004. (donated by Radina Rakic in 2009)




RUNDELL KATHERINE, The explorer, Bloomsbury, London, 2017. (donated by Sophia Bader in 2022)

PALACIO R.J., Wonder, Corgi Books, London, 2014. (donated by Fatima Al Baajari in 2022)


BOLT USAIN with ALLEN MATT, Fasterthan lightning, my autobiography, Harper Sport, London, 2013. (donated by Given Roach in 2015)


GOMEL, "Sož", Gomel, 2008 (donated by Mikolai Bankou in 2015)

MEDVED ALEKSANDR, Vsja žizn - borba, Mastackaja litaratura, Minsk, 2012. (donated by Alena Falei in 2013)

MINSK, The heart of Belarus, Minsk "Belarus", 2013. (donated by Aliona Falei in 2014)

MINSKIJI MEŽDUNARODNI MARATON, Izdavateljstvo "četire četverti", Minsk, 2018. (donated by Katsiaryna Dubik in 2019)

RUBLEVSKAJA LJUDMILA, Ricari i dami Belarusi, Minsk, Mastackaja litaratura, 2013. (donated by Kosikava Katsiarina in 2014)

TUREHANOVA ZAURE, Naš ljubimi gorod, Almati, Almatikitap Vaspasi, Almati, 2016. (donated by Michshenko Mikhail in 2019)

VASILEV RUSLAN, Elena Belova, Koroleva pobed, Mastackaja litaratura, Minsk, 2012. (donated by Timofey Stepanov in 2013)


CANTOS FELIPE, El diccionario magico, CBH Books, Lawrence, 2006. (donated by Irina Cantos Simers in 2010)

DEWULF FILIP and DE JONG WILFRIED, Kim Clijesters, Le livre officiel, renaissance du livre, 2012. (donated by Ema Kovačević in 2016)

SCHUITEN FRANCOIS et COSTE CHRISTINE, Bruxelles Itineraires, Editions Casterman SA, 2010. (donated by Irina Cantos Simers in 2010)


HALL LIANA and WANKLYN ALICIA, The Little Cottage, Hall of life publishing, Bermuda, December 2014. (donated by Daniel Phillips in 2015)


BOLIVAR, Del Renacimiento al Centenario, Gestion 2008-2011. (donated by Matias Peñaranda Escobari in 2017)

FBF, El salto al futuro, Gestion 1992-1994. (donated by Matias Peñaranda Escobari in 2017)


ALISPAHIĆ FATMIR, TUZLAND - Knjiga o Tuzli, Printcom d.o.o., Tuzla 2000. (donated by Alen Mujanović in 2010)

ANDRIĆ IVO, Romani, Travnička hronika, Na Drini ćuprija, Gospođica, Prokleta avlija, Svi romani u jednoj knjizi!, Laguna, Beograd, 2014. (donated by Marko Maksimović in 2016)

ARAMBAŠIĆ - ŽIVANOVIĆ TIJANA, Modriča, Turistička organizacija opštine Modriča. (donated by Žaneta Malinović in 2011)

BAURS KRIS, Sportski lider Novak Đoković i uspon Srbije, Laguna, 2014. (donated by Lana Petković in 2017)

BIJELJINA, The Municipality of Bijeljina. (donated by Snežana Stević in 2011)

BLAŽEVIĆ VELIMIR i BOČINOVIĆ IVICA, LJUBAV SVE NADVLADAVA, Ivan Pavao II. u Banjoj Luci, 2003. -22.lipnja - 2013., Biskupski ordinarijat Banja Luka i Franjevački samostan Petrićevac, 2012. (donated by Ivan Simić in 2016)

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, SARAJEVO, the tourist-historic guide, Sejtarija, Sarajevo 2007. (donated by Leo Puljić in 2012)

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, SARAJEVO, the tourist-historic guide, Sejtarija, Sarajevo 2007. (donated by Suana Tucaković in 2014)

BOSNIĆ AHMED, KLJUIĆ STJEPAN, MILIĆ GORAN, Ono najbolje – Bosna & Hercegovina, SAK Trade d.o.o., Sarajevo 2004. (donated by Amina Bajramovic in 2009)

BRČKO DISTRIKT, Poslovni vodič, Business Boulevard doo, Brčko, 2008. (donated by Anja Lujić in 2011)

ČENGIĆ ENES, Branko Ćopić, Treba sanjati, Vrijeme, Zenica, 2008. (donated by Ahmed Hurtić in 2013)

DE SENT_EGZIPERI ANTOAN, Mali Princ, Pirot, 2008. (donated by Jovana Tričković in 2012)

DIZDAR MAJO, Mak Dizdar, Vrijeme, Zenica, 2007. (donated by Ahmed Hurtić in 2013)

DUJMOVIĆ JOSIP , U inat godinama, Indexi, romansirana biografija, Quattro media, Sarajevo, 2006. (donated by Kan Ahić in 2022)

ĐOKOVIC NOVAK, Serviraj za pobedu, četrnaestodnevni plan bezglutenske ishrane za vrhunska fizička dostignuća i mentalnu snagu, Laguna - Novosti, Beograd, 2013. (donated by Sofia Stanković in 2015)

ĐOKOVIC NOVAK, Serviraj za pobedu, četrnaestodnevni plan bezglutenske ishrane za vrhunska fizička dostignuća i mentalnu snagu, Laguna - Novosti, Beograd, 2013. (donated by Matej Đokić in 2016)

DJUKANOVIC MILENKO and VOJO STJEPANOVIC, Doboj - monografija, "Press", Doboj, 2006. (donated by Luka Đurđević in 2011)

DJUKANOVIC MILENKO and VOJO STJEPANOVIC, Doboj - monografija, "Press", Doboj, 2006. (donated by Ivana Stanković in 2013)

ĐOKOVIC NOVAK, Serviraj za pobedu, četrnaestodnevni plan bezglutenske ishrane za vrhunska fizička dostignuća i mentalnu snagu, Laguna - Novosti, Beograd, 2013. (donated by Nikola Zekić in 2014)

JALIMAM SALIH, Vranduk, Vrijeme, Zenica, 2004. (donated by Lara Husagić in 2010)

JOVANOVIĆ ĐOKO, ĆOSIĆ MILKA, DRAGOJLOVIĆ NEBOJŠA, Muzej u Doboju, Doboj, 2009. (donated by Luka Đurđević in 2011)

LAGERCRANTZ DAVID, Ja sam Zlatan Ibrahimović, Biblioteka Ljudi i događaji, Sarajevo, 2012. (donated by Anja Lujić in 2012)

LAUŠ RADMILA, Moj zavičaj, zavičajni priručnik za treći razred osnovne škole, Hercegovačko-Neretvanska županija, ALFA, Mostar, 2009. (donated by Ena Rako in 2012)

LAZAREVIĆ KOVAČEVIĆ NEDEŽDA, K'o lepi san, zlatno doba građanske Banjaluke 1929-1941.,Beseda, Banja Luka, 2014. (donated by Anastasija Ignjatić in 2016)

MAHIĆ MIRSAD, ŠOŠE MUSTAFA, KLARIĆ HAKIJA, Neretva i njene obale u Mostaru, Solvej, 2007. (donated by Ajdin Muharemović in 2012)

MARIĆ TOMO, Bio jednom jedan šampion, Put kojim idu odabrani, Grafid, Banja Luka, 2014. (donated by Nina Mišić in 2014)

MLINARIĆ AMNA i MIDŽIĆ SAFETA, Koraci za budućnost - fotopriča na način zenički, Chi studio - vizuelne komunikacije Zenica, Zenica, 2009. (donated by Lara Husagić in 2010)

MOSTAR, turistička monografija, sa detaljnom kartom grada, Udruženje građana "Centar za omladnisko poduzetništvo", Mostar, 2009. (donated by Emina Husković in 2012)

MUJEZINOVIĆ ISMET, Serija likovne monografije, galerija jugoslovenskog portreta Tuzla, Tiskarna mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana, 1985. (donated by Emir Mujezinović in 2018)

MUJEZINOVIĆ ISMET, Serija likovne monografije, galerija jugoslovenskog portreta Tuzla, Tiskarna mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana, 1985. (donated by Elena Stjepić in 2018)

MUTAPČIĆ EDIN, Srebrenik, otvoreni grad umjetnosti, JU centar za kulutur i informisanje Srebrenik, Srebrenik 2006. (donated by Adela Joldić in 2010)

MUTEVELIĆ IHSAN ICO, Mostar, From its beginnings to 1992, Mutevelić, prva književna komuna 1982, Mostar. (donated by Maria Ivanković in 2016)

HASKOVIĆ RIFET, Tuzla, Bosnia ARS, Tuzla 2007. (donated by Armina Izić in 2010)

HUSEINOVIĆ ISMET and BABIĆ DŽEMALUDIN, Svjetlost Evrope u Bosni i Hercegovini, Buybook, Sarajevo, 2004. (donated by Mia Jelić in 2012)

ISAKOVIĆ ZEHRUDIN, Kulin Ban, Skice o dobrom vladaru Bosne, Vrijeme, Zenica, 2007. (donated by Ahmed Hurtić in 2013)

KOČIĆ PETAR, Izabrane pripovjetke & Jazavac pred sudom, Zadužbina Petar Kočić, Banja Luka - Beograd, 2011. (donated by Jovan Sinadinović in 2013)

MILEJSNIĆ SLOBODAN, Vodič kroz manastire Srbije, MST Gajić, Beograd, 2006. (donated by Aleksa Marđonović)

NEIDHARDT TATJANA, Sarajevo through time, DK, 2004. (donated by Danim Šaćiragić in 2019)

NIKOLIĆ ZORAN LJ., Grad tajni, Laguna, Beograd, 2012. (donated by Nađa Nonković in 2012)

NIKOLIĆ ZORAN LJ., GOLUBOVIĆ VIDOJE D., Beograd ispod Beograda, Glasnik, Beograd, 2011. (donated by Iva Divac in 2012)

NUŠIĆ BRANISLAV, Put oko sveta, Euro Blic Biblioteka, Ringier Axel Springer doo, Beograd, 2013. (donated by Sofia Stanković in 2015)

OLDFILD TOM i MET, Najbolji fudbaleri sveta, Ronaldo, od igrališta do svetskih stadiona, Vulkančić, Beograd 2019. (donated by Adian Kurtćehajić in 2022)

PAVIĆ MILORAD, Kutija za pisanje, Dereta, Beograd, 2001. (donated by Milan Macura in 2012)

PEJAŠINOVIĆ ZORAN, Banja Luka - boulevards of past and present - a guide, Banja Luka. (donated by Andrej Đurić in 2010)

PEJAŠINOVIĆ ZORAN, Banja Luka - alejama prošlosti i sadašnjosti - vodič, Banja Luka. (donated by Fedor Popović in 2012)

PETROVIĆ OBREN, SULJKANOVIĆ ENES and PETKOVIĆ ALEN, Doboj - Evropska prijestonica rukometa 1965-2010., Međunarodni rukometni TV turnir šampiona u Doboju, Doboj, 2010. (donated by Luka Đurđević in 2011)

PIRIĆ JADRANKO, Tenis, kretanje i rad nogu, Harfo-graf, Tuzla, 2009. (donated by Ivana Stanković in 2013)

PIRIĆ JADRANKO, Tenis, kretanje i rad nogu, Harfo-graf, Tuzla, 2009. (donated by Filip Đokić in 2019)

PIRIĆ JADRANKO, Tenis klub planiranje, od tenis škole do takmičara, Printcom Tuzla, Tuzla. (donated by Amar Kolić in 2015)

PIRIĆ JADRANKO, Tenis, proizvodnja udaraca, "PrintCom" doo, Tuzla, 2011. (donated by Nejla Selimanović in 2017)

PIRIĆ JADRANKO, Tenis tim, roditelj trener igrač, krenimo na put od 10.000 sati, "PrintCom" doo, Tuzla, 2016. (donated by Filip Đokić in 2019)

PRIVREDNO-TURISTIČKI VODIČ GRADA SOLI, City Line d.o.o., Tuzla. (donated by Irma Ustavdić in 2010)

PUTOVANJA, Lepa Srbija, 2002. (donated by Teodora Vujičić in 2012)

RADOVANOV ZORAN, STEVANOVIĆ SRĐAN, Šampioni - The Champions, Dejvis kup/Davis Cup, 2010, Studio "Bečkerek" 2011, Beograd. (donated by Staša Vasić in 2012)

RAVLIĆ ALEKSANDAR ACO,Town of Banjaluka, "Bina", Banja Luka, 2005. (donated by Ognjan Dragosavljević in 2014)

REFIK AHMED, Mehmed - Paša Sokolović, Saputnik sreće i blagostanja, Vrijeme, Zanica/Tuzla, 2010. (donated by Ahmed Hurtić in 2013)

RIBAR BRANISLAV, Kad sam ja jednom razmišlj'o, SPKD "Prosvjeta" Brčko, 2006. (donated by Anja Lujić in 2011)

RUIS DON MIGUEL, Moć ljubavi, Knjiga mudrosti starih Tolteka, umetnost stvaranja međuljudskih odnosa, Mono & Manana, Beograd, 2009. (donated by Rania Musić in 2015)

SANČANIN M. NEDELJKO, U službi istini i čovjeku, Grafomark, Prnjavor, 2012. (donated by Dražen Petrović in 2012)

SARAJEVO MOJ GRAD, knjiga 2. (Sarajevski velikani, I), Rabic, Sarajevo, 2014. (donated by Tarik Bajrović in 2014)

SELIMOVIĆ MEŠA, Derviš i smrt, Nova knjiga, 2016. (donated by Ian Boloban in 2018)

STEVENSON ROBERT LOUIS, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (donated by Tarik Redžić in 2013)

STEVIĆ PANTO, Moja Banjaluka, Biblioteka Baština, Banja Luka, 2011. (donated by Vanja Dobrnjac in 2011)

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TOMAS MARKO, Ivica Osim, The Game of His Life - biography, vrijeme, Zenica, 2014. (donated by Ahmed Hurtić in 2014)

TOMAŠ MARKO, Ivica Osim, Utakmice života - biografija, vrijeme, Zenica, 2014. (donated by Kanita Selimanović in 2014)

TOMAŠ MARKO, Ivica Osim, Utakmice života - biografija, vrijeme, Zenica, 2014. (donated by Evin Musabegović and Zlatan Kadrić in 2015)

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TOPČIĆ ZLATKO, Safet Sušić, Pape, Romansirana biografija Safeta Sušića, Zenica, 2007. (donated by Ahmed Hurtić in 2013)

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50 Lugares espectaculares BRASIL, paisagens fascinantes, lazer e diversao, historia e cultura, Volume 1. Editoria Europa, Sao Paulo, 2016. (donated by Matilde Dall'Antonia in 2019)

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Children book in Japanese. (donated by Tisato Kanemaki in 2016)

Children origami book in Japanese. (donated by Miku Kitaoka in 2019)

Children sushi book in Japanese. (donated by Momoko Nakajima in 2019)

Children book on Snoopy in Japanese. (donated by Miko Matsuo in 2022)

Children book on Sumo in Japanese. (donated by Taiju Yamamoto in 2022)

Children book in Japanese (donated by Yusei Yamamoto in 2022)

Children book in Japanese (donated by Chiyori Sasaki in 2022)

JAPAN, Shiho. (donated by Taiyo Ozeki in 2017)

JAPANESE CULTURE BOOK, Kon-No-Hoshi Sha, Tokyo, 2018. (donated by Ryuto Suzuki in 2018)

JAPANESE CULTURE BOOK, Takahashi Shoten, Japan, 2018. (donated by Riki Imai in 2018)

JAPANESE TEMPLES, 2007. (donated by Rimpei Kawakami in 2010)

JAPANESE TRADITIONAL ARCHITECTURE, Yasuhiro Nishigaya, Gentarou Kagawa, 2009. (donated by Rimpei Kawakami in 2009)

MATSUMARU SATOMI, The Kei Nishikori Story, IBC Publishing Inc. 2016. (donated by Taichi Wakamatsu in 2016)

NISHIKORI KEI, Gakken. (donated by Mai Goto in 2017)

OSBORNE MARY POPE, Twister on Tuesday, Earthquake in the early morning, Random House Children's Books, New York - Tokyo, 2001. (donated by Himari Sato and Ryotaro Koshiba in 2012)

OSBORNE MARY POPE, Tigers at twilight, Dingoes at dinnertime, Random House Children's Books, New York - Tokyo, 1999 - 2000. (donated by Himari Sato and Ryotaro Koshiba in 2012)

Prehistory book of Japan in Japanese. (donated by Aoi Miyosi in 2019)

SAKADE FLORENCE, Folk tales from Japan, fables, myths and fairy tales for children, Tuttle Publishing, Tokyo, 2020. (donated by Sakuta Aizawa in 2022)

SOUL OF JAPAN, IBC Publishing, Tokyo, 2017. (donated by Ippei Matsushima in 2018)

Tennis book in Japanese. (donated by Haruto Suzuki in 2019)

WIDE STEVE and MACKINTOSH MICHELLE, ONSEN OF JAPAN, Japan's best host springs and bathhouses, hardie grant travel, Melbourn, 2018. (donated by Akihiro Toyoda in 2019)

YOH SHOMEI, Open your heart. (donated by Riko Nakanishi in 2022)

A Japanese book on conditional training. (donated by Ogawa Ageha in 2022)


KAZAK HANDARI, Kazakh Khans, Mid XV-th century-the beginning of the XVIII-th century, Almaty, 2015. (donated by Karina Jumazhanova in 2016)


FRIEDRICH JOACHIM, 4 ½ Shoke, Pegi, Tirane, 2005. (donated by Dasar Ymeri in 2018)

GJAKOVA CITY & VALBON VALLEY, Tourist Guide, 2010. (donated by Leonit Nushi in 2015)


KHALID AL MASSAD, Illustrated History of Kuwait, 2012. (donated by Aryan Joe Vurghese in 2015)


DE FREIGE NAYLA and SAAD MARIA, Illustrated history of the Lebanon, Messageries du Moyen-Orient, de la presse et du Livre S.A.L.. (donated by Karim Najia in 2010)

GIBRAN KAHLIL, The Prophet, Vintage Books, A Division of Penguin Random House LLC, New York, July 2015. (donated by Freddy Stephan in 2016)


BIMBA VYTAUTAS, Kaunas, 2002. (donated by Patricija Paukstyte in 2014)

KAIRIENE AUDRA, Lithuania – History, Nature, Culture, Cities, R.Paknjio leidykla, Vilnius, 2008. (donated by Gerda Zykute in 2009)

LEGEND OF THE VICTORY, FIBA World Championship 2010, Turkey, Lava, Vilnius, 2010. (donated by Vilius Gaubas in 2014)


ANDONOVSKI VENKO, The Eye of Macedonia - a biography of the Macedonian light, Zenica, Skopje, 2009. (donated by Marija Elenova in 2010)

BALABANOV KOSTA, Skopje and Skopje's old bazaar, Jugoreklam, Skopje, 2012. (donated by Mia Stoilkovska in 2017)

FRANGOVSKA JASNA i ANDREEVSKI SERGEJ, Patot na Potegot, od Japonija do Škotska, Art Point - Gumno, Skopje, Juli 2006. (donated by Borjan Nikolovski in 2015)

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HALIMI SHKELZEN, Mentaz Allajbegu, Nje jete me mundjen, Klubi i Mundjes "Liria", Shkup, 2013. (donated by Mal Gushi in 2014)

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KOCEVSKI DANILO, Skopski legendi, Direkcija za kultura i umetnost, Skopje, 2017. (donated by Samuil Chestovaliev in 2018).

KORNAKOV DIMITAR, Pearls of the Macedonian woodcarving royal doors, Matica, Skopje, 2009. (donated by Erina Popova in 2014)

KUTMANOVSKI RISTO, Ohrid and its trasures Ohrid, 2003. (donated by Monika Temkova in 2013)

LAZAR KIRIL, Sedum, 2013. (donated by Sara Sinadinovska in 2013)

MARKO POLO, Ratnik i istraživač, Prosvetno delo, Skopje, 2016. (donated by Mila Gugučevska in 2018)

MEMORIAL HOUSE TODOR PROESKI - Kruševo, 2012. (donated by Kristijan Selchanec in 2012)

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LOCKHEAD IAN C., The Siege of Malta, Matteo Perez d'Aleccio's frescoes in the Grand Masters' Palace 1565, Valletta, Miller House, Charles Cini SDB, Malta, 2009. (donated by Francesca Curmi in 2012)

LOCKHEAD IAN C., The Siege of Malta, Matteo Perez d'Aleccio's frescoes in the Grand Masters' Palace, Valletta, Miller House, Charles Cini SDB, Malta, 2009. (donated by Hellen Pellicano in 2011)

MALTA AND GOZO, A pictorial guide to the Islands' history, palaces, temples, cities, traditions, art and leisure, Miranda books, Sliema, 2005. (donated by Benjamin Farrugia in 2010)

MALTA AND GOZO, A pictorial guide to the Islands' history, palaces, temples, cities, traditions, art and leisure, Miranda books, Sliema, 2005. (donated by Kayleigh Busuttil Fitzpatrick in 2019)

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SOLER WILLIAM, San Anton Palace 360, Miranda Publishers, 2018. (donated by Kayleigh Busuttil Fitzpatrick in 2019)


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ČILIKOV ALEKSANDAR, Icons in Montenegro, National Museum of Montenegro, CID, Podgorica. (donated by Tea Nikčević in 2015)

GOŠOVIĆ-PEROVIĆ JELENA, Bijeg iz vrzinog kola, Pobjeda, Podgorica, 2013. (donated by Matija Samardžić in 2014)

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LUBARDA PETAR (1907-1974), Galerija Tiodorović, Podgorica, 2004. (donated by Danilo Raičević in 2013)

LUTOVAC MAKSIM, Bar - grad Feniks, Kulturni centar Bar, Cetinje. (donated by Iva Nišavić in 2012)

NIKOLIĆ VITOMIR, Rekvijem za skitača, Obodsko slovo grafo Crna Gora, Podgorica, 2009. (donated by Aleksa Krivokapić in 2013)

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